“I must keep that beast from breaching this line of defense.” After saying this, Captain America cast a hard forward gaze, confident that he would prevail despite the presence of thousands of people.

It is impossible to stop such a tonnage of the behemoth, even if it is a super soldier, using the power of the pinnacle of human beings in conjunction with the vibranium shield and the thrusters of the individual tactical backpack.

The small spider was greatly influenced by Captain America’s bold spirit as she saw his upright expression. In his heart, there was even a desire to follow him.

But he is aware of Rorschach’s strategy. There are two Thors to deal with these giants.

Just as the mechanical Leviathan accelerated its approach to them. As it fell from the sky, a meteor-like bolt of lightning streaked across the sky before slamming severely into the mechanical Leviathan’s head.

The mechanical Leviathan’s skull was directly pierced by the Stormbreaker’s incredibly powerful thunder.

The Leviathan perished there and then, yet its massive body continued to move forward due to inertia. Section by section, the whale-like body was raised before being slowly smashed in the direction of Captain America and Peter.

But in the following instant, Thor’s figure touched down on the mechanical Leviathan’s tail.

The enormous mechanical Leviathan tail was closely grasped by his open hands before he attempted to forcefully shake it and even forcibly tossed it into the air in a manner that defied the laws of physics. Colliding with the other mechanical Leviathan overhead.

It hasn’t awaited the separation of the two mechanical Leviathans.

Another lightning strike struck the sky, and Jane Foster—clad in Thor’s armor—rushed headlong into the bodies of the two mechanical Leviathans. The two mechanical Leviathans were torn apart by the rapid eruption of Thor’s power and the tremendous thunder.

It was like a blood rain of metal and flesh fragments. As soon as the two Thors appeared on the battlefield, they instantly killed two Leviathans. The two of them flew up again without stopping at all, and flew towards the wormhole.

Captain America recognized Thor from below. He asked, giving Peter a serious look, “You knew they would come?”

“Yes, the main defense against those large creatures is Mr. Thor and Ms. Foster.” Peter spoke truthfully.

“Well done!”

After grinning with relief, Captain America clutched his vibranium shield fiercely and lunged toward the Chitauri soldier standing behind him. The conflict goes on.

During the live broadcast, when the public was still in a state of utter terror due to the mechanical Leviathan’s terrifying power, two thunderbolts struck and two massive behemoths appeared in an instant.

“What is that?

“A plane? Or Iron Man, maybe?”

“Director, could you maybe enlarge the shot a bit more? I want to see what killed those two enormous monsters!”

On the screen, it appeared like the amazement of the audience was audible. The video showed Jane Foster, the Goddess of Thor, and Thor up close. Many of the cloaks, especially those behind the two of them, bore a large Osborn Group symbol.

“I give this wave of commercials full marks.”

“The Osborn Group? Are you crazy for remembering to promote yourself this time?”

“Osborn Group, provide me all the details about these two people within the next five minutes!”


The two Thors gave everyone in the crowd hope for success. But other individuals are still adamant that none of this is genuine, especially when the two superheroes appear, and they declare that this is just a scriptless, lousy superhero flick.

Rorschach paid no attention to what people thought. The threat posed by the mechanical Leviathan was eliminated when the two Thors entered the battlefield, tipping the scales of victory in favor of the Earth Army.

Rorschach pulled out the communicator and ordered the remote-control wormhole generator operated by Dr. Banner of the Osborn Group, “Get ready to enlarge the wormhole and allow the hostile mothership to come in.”

The communicator soon emitted Dr. Banner’s voice, who said, “The wormhole’s parameters are all normal, and it is expanding.”

The wormhole generator was remotely controlled by Dr. Banner, who gradually increased the energy output.

The wormhole that had been stable suddenly stretched back toward its surroundings as the space ripples above the sky got more powerful. A massive spaceship that resembles a demon with four wings stretched out and a large maw is vaguely visible from the ground up.

That is the Thanos’ spaceship. The Chitauri vanguard has nearly been wiped out in the battles that have been waged thus far.

In front of the Chitauri commander appeared a guy with a peculiar long-handled knife and a dark cowl. Lord Thanos is exceedingly disappointed in you, “A bunch of rubbish, even the little earth can’t be conquered!”

It was none other than Corvus Glaive, one of the Children of Thanos.

Even though Corvus Glaive’s posture is a little slumped, a single glance from him was enough to silence all of the Chitauri commanders on the bridge.

After some time, a senior Chitauri commander shook his head and said, “Honorable Corvus Glaive, it was Loki who betrayed your lord, and according to the battle reports from the front, Thor from Asgard also participated in the battle.”

“Thor, I’ll track him down!” Corvus waved the gun he was holding.

That is the unmatched blade that Thanos gave him. This weapon has the potential to split atoms and even interfere with self-healing.

Additionally, Corvus bound his soul to this weapon. He may be revived indefinitely as long as the weapon is undamaged. The Chitauri commander pilots the mothership as the wormhole widens, getting ready to enter it and descend to Earth.

On the edge of the battlefield. The Sorcerer Supreme, with her hands behind her back, kept an eye on the approaching conflict. Different from the Battle of New York’s original plot.

The Ancient One eliminated the Chitauri troops that had been posted on the Sanctuary of New York’s towering buildings in the original plot, preventing the Sanctuary of New York from being destroyed by the Chitauri army.

There is no need for The Ancient One to intervene in this world because the earth’s military is ready and has powerful weapons. Furthermore, the battleground is now located distant from the sanctuary in an open region. Naturally, The Ancient One will not lead the super troops into battle.

After all, the Ancient One’s primary responsibility is to guard the sanctuary and stop the entry of forces from other dimensions.

“The Ancient One.” Rorschach appeared behind The Sorcerer Supreme.

Instead of hiding herself in the mirror dimension, she chose to stand directly on a high ground and observe the impending battle from a distance. He quickly learned about The Sorcerer Supreme’s existence thanks to Rorschach’s super vision.

She was rather surprised by how casually the person emerged outside of the battlefield, even if she knew that the Chitauri invasion would help them a little.

The Ancient One may have purposefully appeared behind Rorschach to draw him over, but eventually, they would come into contact and Rorschach would just appear near her.

The Ancient One slowly turned around, staring up and down at Rorschach. She eventually asked, “Do you know me?”

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