People who don’t know the reality instantly closed the video due to the numerous warnings that were displayed on the screen.

Four or five whale-sized super giants appeared on the screen, swimming out of the wormhole, oblivious to the heavy firebombing, and repeatedly charging the area. Those super giants are undoubtedly the mechanical Leviathan, the monster of the Chitauri army.

These mechanical Leviathans serve as troop transport units, they lack armament, but their enormous size and formidable defenses enable them to rampage in the firepower of the earth’s armies, utilizing their enormous bodies to crush anything that stands in their way.

The initially one-sided battle scenario has significantly shifted with the appearance of the mechanical Leviathan.

The remaining Chitauri soldier within can still escape from a mechanical Leviathan’s corpse even if enough firepower is gathered to just barely destroy it. This is true as long as the mechanical Leviathan’s enormous body is not shattered by the blast.

The strain on the army commanders on the ground rose suddenly for a period. The audience started to fear as soon as they observed this scene. Some individuals tell themselves they are not true. Some individuals offer prayers asking for a savior to emerge.


Africa, Wakanda.

The youthful prince of Wakanda, T’Challa, was also perusing the international news when he unintentionally came upon the news of the Chitauri army’s assault while he was in a magnificent palace that was concealed by a massive energy barrier.

T’Challa instantly proceeded to his father’s bedroom, which was in front of the ailing monarch of Wakanda, T’Chaka, after establishing the veracity of the news.

“Father, I noticed that aliens are encroaching on American soil. Even though it seems impossible, the news should be accurate. In order to thwart the extraterrestrial invasion, the United Nations have also sent coalition forces. Are troops needed to sustain it for them?”

Wakanda is not as developed as the rest of the world perceives it to be. Wakanda used vibranium to create technology that was ahead of its time while maintaining the impression of poverty. The technology that is ahead of the times is commonly used in the field of weapons. Wakanda’s Vibranium weapon force is formidable enough to crush any modern army.

King T’Chaka considered the issue for a while, then he gave the following order, “Prepare yourself for the army, T’Challa. Help the aliens as soon as they manage to escape the United Nations army’s encirclement.”

T’Chaka was afraid that disclosing the situation in Wakanda might start a war, thus they didn’t want to do it. King T’Chaka will not remain silent in the face of an alien invasion that puts the entire planet in danger.

T’Challa bowed in response to his father’s command, “Understood, father. I’ll be ready!”


Stark Industries.

Tony Stark was also exposed to the Osborn Group’s live footage via the mainstream media. Tony Stark previously joined the Avengers, especially after S.H.I.E.L.D. imprisoned Loki, therefore Tony was aware that an alien force was scouting the planet.

Tony recognized this picture as the coming of the Chitauri that Loki had been referring to as soon as he saw it.

“I’m a special advisor for S.H.I.E.L.D., so how come they didn’t even tell me of this kind of thing? Damn it, S.H.I.E.L.D. actually put me aside!”

Tony felt a little irritated. While in charge, Nick Fury was constantly flattering himself and pleading with him to join the Avengers. S.H.I.E.L.D. has lost its identity since Nick Fury was fired as director.

Jarvis, acquire the Mark 7 for me.

Tony left a sentence on the video barrage as soon as he witnessed the mechanical Leviathan storming past the earth army with a smile on his face.

“In five minutes, your savior will show there at the battleground!”

After finishing his speech, Tony strapped on the Mark 7 steel suit and flew as quickly as possible towards the west coast, where the Chitauri annihilation battle was taking place.

On the front lines. More and more heavily-armed Chitauri soldiers were deployed into the battlefield as mechanical Leviathans continued to appear. The battlefield situation deteriorated. Upon viewing this scene, the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier, a representative of the United Nations, quickly reprimanded Sitwell.

“See what you did there? We erred in estimating the size of the extraterrestrial army; shut the wormhole right away, or we’ll deploy nuclear weapons!”

“Whoever enabled the Osborn Group to release the war footage has now sparked terror among the populace and promptly ordered them to shut down all live videos,”

“I’ve said this individual is unqualified to be the director for a long time. Nick Fury should take the lead. Keep him in charge as director, and he will ruin the earth sooner or later!”

Sitwell’s expression was unaltered while he listened to the council representatives chastise him. Since Sitwell experienced Rorschach’s oppression, Sitwell is completely unconcerned about the accountability and victimization of these regular people.

“I said, we will win this battle. It’s just the beginning,” he even yawned. “Did this brief scene terrify you to death?”

The several directors who just spoke shivered fiercely in response to Sitwell’s mockery, but in order to cover their inner dread, they started to threaten the use of nuclear weapons to terminate the conflict.

Sitwell guffawed.

These so-called senior officials and human elites appear to rely excessively on nuclear weapons to resolve issues and don’t even give a damn about the lives of soldiers currently engaged in combat on the front lines.

It is true that once a nuclear weapon is fired, all adversaries on the earth’s battlefield can be eliminated, but at the same time, every soldier in the earth’s army will perish.

When the Chitauri conquered New York in the original narrative, all military communication was destroyed. The highest-ranking US officials were unwilling to send even a fighter jet to support it short of a nuclear weapon.

Thor has been impatient on the S.H.I.E.L.D. sky carrier’s deck for a while.

“It’s time for you to play, Thor, Dr. Foster!” Rorschach believed that the moment was ideal.

People who are following this conflict on a global scale as well as certain high-ranking politicians have now overcome their initial excitement at crushing aliens.

The Chitauri are not soft persimmons, despite the fact that the Earth force first waited for work at leisure and surprised the enemy.

The Chitauri have advantages since they can develop into a well-known, aggressive race throughout the cosmos. It was the greatest time for the two Thors to salvage the field when morale was at its lowest point.

“I’ve been waiting impatiently for a while!”

When Thor roared, ominous clouds appeared out of nowhere. He swung the Stormbreaker in his grasp and shot out like a flash of brilliant blue lightning straight for the combat.

Thor’s Hammer was also conjured by Jane Foster. Thor’s Hammer instantly imbued her with the might of Thor, transforming her into Female Thor. The scarlet cloak behind him has been imprinted with the Osborn Group emblem, and Thor’s war outfit has been added.

Jane Foster waved goodbye to Rorschach before tossing Thor’s Hammer in the direction of the conflict. She did this by mimicking Thor’s appearance. She arrived at the battleground thanks to a lot of inertia.

The phalanx of super troops was suddenly attacked by a massive mechanical Leviathan. The myriad super troops that hit it turned their backs as its enormous head wobbled. Its objective is to take out the missile vehicle phalanx at the back.

The output of the earth’s military’s air-to-air firepower will be significantly reduced after the tank phalanx and missile vehicle phalanx beyond the battle circle are destroyed.

More mechanical Leviathans will appear at that time, carrying tens of thousands of Chitauri soldiers, piercing the bombing range of the sky, and landing on the planet.

In front of this mechanical Leviathan monster, Captain America is the only one present, holding a vibranium shield. He assumed a bearing posture as if he wished to use his own strength to deflect this enormous beast.

“What are you doing, Captain? That monster is heading straight towards you!” With the aid of a spider’s thread, Peter swung in front of Captain America and stared at him in shock.

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Published On: March 10, 2023

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