“Those aliens are coming!” Many Chitauri soldiers could be seen charging down from the sky, as seen by Captain America.

They naturally would not allow the alien soldiers to get past the Earth Alliance Army’s defensive line, so they charged toward them as the ground commander had instructed.


Captain America took the initiative to advance to the front once Commander gave the command while keeping his shield solidly in place.

Peter was still anticipating a rallying cry from Captain America. Because of this, Captain America had already run many hundred meters, and he had no intention of shouting a slogan, which made Peter feel quite dull.

“Mr. Rogers, so you rejected Mr. Osborn’s proposal?” Peter grumbled and started to sprint with all of his might.

He has a body that is above average for humans, after all. Despite being several hundred meters ahead of Captain America, Peter quickly caught up with him and moved to the front of the phalanx of super soldiers within a matter of seconds.

Peter raised his hands as he was about to come into contact with the Chitauri troops, and two spider strands emerged. He leaped up and leaped into the sky, using the circling airplane as a fulcrum.

Peter’s dexterity and spider senses were put to great use as the Chitauri soldiers flew all over the sky, and he shot down multiple aircraft in a single encounter. Captain America, Harry Osborn, and other super troops activated their own tactical backpacks in the back.

The soldiers in the first-row-wielding shields faced the intense firepower of the Chitauri soldiers, slammed into them like armored vehicles traveling at great speed, and immediately tore the Chitauri army apart one by one. The propellers of the individual tactical backpacks accelerated suddenly.

The long-range weapons being held by the super troops in the back are completely fired, and the flames shooting forth from them are like locusts swarming through the air, crushing the approaching enemy.

The war quickly turned fierce.

The Terminator robots are guarding the fleet at the back of the water area while rushing to the front of the sky warfare without fear of dying.

“These robots are more maneuverable and effective in battle than human soldiers. The fact that they may surge forward until every robot is killed and lack fear is what matters most.”

“When this conflict is ended, we’ll also release this type of robot and set up a similar production line for Terminator robots.”

High-ranking officials from several nations are witnessing the first conflict between humans and extraterrestrial civilizations in the holographic conference room of the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

Numerous other nations want to use the Terminator robot’s technology now that they have seen its strength. The most powerful nations in the world think in this way. They must possess what others do.


Osborn Group.

Countless actual photos were sent to Riverie Artificial Intelligence by the Terminator robots’ electronic camera eyes in the first several minutes of the Chitauri war. These photos were quickly processed by Riverie.

To ensure the seamless content of the screen, as if you were on the scene and experiencing the war firsthand, all the screen footage shown before to the final live broadcast will be processed and edited by professionals. On the self-media network platform developed by the Osborn Group, the Chitauri War footage was first shown.

As soon as it was transmitted, the entire network exploded. Initially, the public believed that the Osborn Group had joined the film and television industries and had requested Captain America to take part in productions with a military theme.

Captain America today enjoys the same level of popularity and influence as the well-known first-line actors. In American history, Captain America is the country’s first superhero. Generations have been inspired by his bravery. It can be claimed that the majority of individuals were exposed to Captain America’s story as children.

These days, the boyhood hero returns, and he even seems to have taken part in a superhero film with a military theme. This has caused numerous individuals to anticipate witnessing Captain America’s heroism eagerly.

Even many senior film critics publicly asserted that as long as Captain America’s character serves as the main character, everyone can adhere to the script, regardless of the fact that an elementary school student in third grade wrote it.

However, today saw the launch of the eagerly awaited “movie” on the self-media network platform of the Osborne Group. Many others were waiting for the start of the “movie” online this morning as they sat in front of their laptops.

The sky was torn open in the image, though, and a scene of innumerable alien soldiers charging onto earth’s land was visible through it. Everyone at once understood that this was a movie about aliens being fought.

Seventy years ago, Captain America fought Hydra.

Seventy years later, Captain America fights aliens.

People watching the live stream became immediately fascinated when aliens appeared. Fighting aliens is Captain America. This movie’s theme is alright. The concert seems interesting, and the popcorn is ready.

As the video proceeds, there are more and more alien soldiers, and a missile from the east suddenly starts this war’s prelude.

The sky was suddenly engulfed in flames as shooting erupted. Chitauri’s forces had already breached the fire coverage circle and dispersed in all directions before the spectators had time to adjust to the indiscriminate barrage of contemporary artillery fire.

Both a voice-over and narration are absent. The super soldier phalanx and the Terminator Legion charged head-on towards the Chitauri army attack.

“Is this a new movie mode, by the way? Why doesn’t the narrative include any background information, and even the most crucial question, Where is Captain America?”

“That’s right. I’m here to watch Captain America fight aliens. Can the director show Captain America a little more? Thank you!”

“I saw Spider-Man, the Queens-born Spider-Man! He wasn’t supposed to be in this movie, which surprised me. I only mentioned how little I’ve seen him.”

Instantly the video swiped over the screen, and then a remark with several likes scrolled by.

“Is it feasible that this isn’t a movie?”

“This is not a movie, come on. It might be a video game animation. Hey, even without that, it’s actually feasible. The Osborn Group is working on a game CG that appears to be real like reality. Those aliens are undoubtedly special effects from a war game.”

Due to high traffic, the self-media platform of Osborn Group needed more servers. Other media hurriedly broadcast it as well, and some mainstream media joined in as well.

In contrast to the general public, who are unaware of the reality, individuals in the official media are aware that this war was a true extraterrestrial invasion that took place on the west coast of the United States and is not even remotely an animated video game.

The war of today will fundamentally alter the planet. As a result of government and major media outlets broadcasting in succession. The populace started to notice that there was a problem.

“Why does the official media support it if it’s only computer-generated imagery for a movie or video game?”

“I reside in a tiny community close to the west coast. Two days ago, the entire community was evacuated. I observed numerous soldiers and tanks were coming to the area.”

“It cannot actually be a war! with aliens? No way…”

“Is it possible that we can go to the west coast to check on them? I genuinely don’t think there are aliens out in the open.”

Many others simply stopped viewing the movie and began chatting with other users online as it filled the entire screen. Rows of subtitles started to scroll on the screen abruptly.

“Shoot them down!”

“Close the area quickly!”

“The big monster is approaching!”

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Published On: March 10, 2023

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