No man’s land is on the west coast of the United States.

The American military sent out numerous troops as early as a few days ago to drive away regular beachgoers there for a vacation, and they established a lengthy cordon to keep Americans who keep accidentally visiting this location.

Sunlight is present. Sea breeze gusts that smelled of the ocean were blowing in our direction. Large and small naval battleships are evenly spaced across the undulating ocean’s surface, their muzzles all pointed upward like ready-to-flying swords.

A large nation’s aircraft carrier is situated in the last row of the battleship formation, and the fighter jets positioned there are also ready to take off at any moment.

Numerous Terminator robots are positioned in the foreground, like a petrified sculpture, waiting for the start of battle as tanks and missile trucks are dispersed throughout the coastline.

There will be individual tactical backpacks for each of the super troops from different nations, and there will be fire supply stations every few hundred meters. Everyone is patiently waiting for the wormhole to open.

“The wormhole generator is prepared and ready to use.”

An officer-level Terminator robot controlled remotely by Dr. Banner transported a modified wormhole generator, unfolded it, and fixed it in the middle of the earth’s encirclement in the center of the battle formation.

The Tesseract inside the wormhole generator emits a weak blue light, as though it will suddenly erupt with destructive energy. with the overwhelming approval of the various nation’s UN delegates. The command to activate the wormhole was given to Dr. Banner.

Then, from the middle of the encirclement, a white beam of light erupted. The white light abruptly pierced through a gap at a height of tens of thousands of meters.

It was like a water column pouring over the surface of the water, generating ripples, as that portion of space broke like a mirror. The space waves keep growing and creating a gigantic hole in the sky. Everyone may see the expansive starry sky outside the hole through this enormous one.

A brilliant star from outside the universe, that.

Rorschach stood aboard the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier who was hundreds of kilometers distant and observed the wormhole as it was opened. A wave of invisible energy was launched in the direction of the wormhole as he raised the mind scepter in his palm.

This is the attack signal that Loki and the Chitauri have agreed upon. Loki told everything after Rorschach used the mind scepter to control him, including launching an assault after the wormhole has been unlocked.

The Chitauri mothership will attack right away after getting this signal.

Immediately after the attack signal was broadcast, a large number of tiny aircraft started to emerge from the wormhole. Rushing out of the wormhole in great numbers, the scene was like poking a few hornet’s nests.

With a driver in the front and two or three soldiers wielding long-range guns in the back, the aircraft resemble carriages in certain ways. Everyone’s nerves unconsciously stiffened as soon as they noticed the extraterrestrial army encroaching on the planet.

Peter inhaled deeply while feeling anxious as he wore the steel spider suit that Rorschach had created.

“When should we act now that aliens are on their way? Should we stand straight up or yell a war cry when a fight starts?”

Peter wondered as he turned to gaze at Harry dancing next to him, “For instance, the Justice League… Assemble, or, Super Heroes…attack, or something like that?”

When he remembered Rorschach’s statement that the Emperor Organization is a secretive group that only communicates with its own members and is unable to reveal any information to the public, he decided against shouting “Emperor Organization, attack.”

He joined a highly-responsible secret group, but ultimately he had to constantly remind himself not to reveal his words. Even his girlfriend, who is aware of his Spider-Man identity, is in the dark about it.

Harry gave his close pal a stern look. On certain significant occasions, this man would consistently ruin the mood.

“Captain America is our captain, and he is the one who says those words. Why don’t you talk to him about it before the fight begins?” Harry proposed.

“Good idea, I’ll try that immediately.” Peter said, patting his leg.

After finishing his speech, Peter made a strong effort to push the Osborn Special Forces operatives who were guarding them aside and moved towards Captain America, who was pushing the team forward.

The Chitauri army that is emerging from the wormhole is growing. The commander had warned the soldiers that they would see a long line of big cities as they descended to Earth, but they did not.

The earth coalition forces, which are made up of men on the ground and contemporary weapons, are present in an open area where the ocean and the land converge.

“Loki was betraying us?” The Chitauri Commander witnessed the situation and returned to the mothership.

The rate of the Chitauri attack, even if Loki betrayed them or was tortured and gave them information about it, could not be slowed down. Because that person planned this war.

This fight must be won for the Chitauri army to avoid suffering the wrath of that lord if they fail to effectively seize the world.

A missile from the east tore through the sky first and flew directly for the region surrounding the wormhole as the Chitauri army was assembling more and more soldiers.

Following that, thousands of pieces of artillery fire. Tank guns, anti-air missiles, and battleship artillery were all fired at the Chitauri army. You can constantly hear the sound of missile rounds piercing the air. The sky quickly burst into flames with the first missile’s blast.

Boom! Boom!

The super soldier phalanx of the United States was at the back.

Peter and Captain America are really debating a rallying cry.

“Norman insisted that I utter the motto ‘Osborne Special Forces… Attack,’ and there would be cameras facing me,” Captain America said after harshly criticizing Peter’s behavior.

Peter wanted to ask Captain America if he would refuse, but the explosion overhead was hurting his ears. He automatically assumed a combat stance and turned to face the sky.

Numerous soldiers injured by the missile explosion, together with their flying chariots, were destroyed on the sky that was engulfed in flames.

Numerous soldiers’ corpses plummeted from the sky like raindrops, and when they eventually touched down on the ground after being heavily shelled, there was nothing left of them. However, there are too many of them.

More soldiers will travel through the wormhole and charge towards the ground forces without fear of dying even if the vanguard troops are destroyed by heavy weaponry.

Many infantries have already started to engage the circling fighter jets in aerial combat after breaking through the thick fire suppression. Some of our fighter jets were shot down when the Chitauri army breached the fire suppression circle because they were less maneuverable than the Chitauri’s aircraft.

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Published On: March 10, 2023

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