Osborn Group, high-level conference room.

Norman Osborn and his son, Peter Parker, Jane Foster, Dr. Octavius, Dr. Selvig, Bruce Banner, and Thor were seated on the left and right of Rorschach, who was seated immediately above the conference room.

Rorschach took advantage of the Chitauri army’s impending invasion to issue an official invitation to everyone to join the Emperor’s organization.

Rorschach gave a brief explanation of the Emperor Organization’s founding goals, which were to prevent any crises that would endanger the planet, and global power and provide the planet the capability of withstanding the might of extraterrestrial civilization.

Thor, the God of Thunder, has been added because he wants to use this as an opportunity to repair the earth or the bond between Asgard and Rorschach. He even permitted Rorschach and Asgard to form a cordial partnership.

The Emperor Organization still needs to deal with the problem that goes beyond Earth and might even have an impact on the entire multiverse, which is the primary distinction between the Illuminati and his group. Rorschach has not yet reached this level. Thus, it won’t be considered straight immediately.

On this side of the earth, being able to manage a third of the whole world is pretty good right now.

“The wormhole will open on the west coast of the United States in three days following the discussion by the United Nations.”

“In order to establish the first line of fire defense, the United Nations forces will be primarily armed with contemporary WMD, such as cruisers on the sea, fighter planes in the air, and tanks and missile vehicle phalanxes on the ground.”

“The long-range firepower silences the Chitauri army’s vanguard. The majority of the Chitauri army’s vanguard consists of a variety of warriors flying their own planes. The United Nations combined military might be sufficient to knock the Chitauri army to the ground.”

“The second group defense line will include Terminator robots and super soldiers from other nations in addition to current weapons. In this battle, Terminator robots will take the place of regular human soldiers.”

“The second group at the front of the battle must not only engage the Chitauri army head-on but also safeguard the output of our rear row. The work is really challenging. When the time comes, Peter and Harry will accompany Captain America and enlist in his super soldier legion, under the direction of General Ross.”

On this level of the battlefield, Peter would not be in too much danger because he is Spider-Man. The Osborn Group Special Forces provided complete protection for Harry. Peter and Harry continued to nod, showing signs of enthusiasm for a heated argument.

“The behemoth mechanical Leviathan, the Chitauri’s massive biological weapon, is the target of the third group. The Chitauri converted these enormous creatures into a transport vessels for carrying Chitauri soldiers. They are being given to Thor and Jane Foster because they are too aggressive, but the mechanical Leviathan’s massive body is enough to disperse any formation.” said Rorschach.

The most crucial action in every battle for a top combatant like Thor is to clear out the other soldiers, according to the movie’s premise.

He got rid of the extra soldiers during the Avengers 1 New York War, and he got rid of the extra soldiers again during the Avengers 2 facing Ultron. Clearing the soldiers was the first order of business when it came to the Avengers 3 War in Wakanda.

At the time of Avengers 4, Thor finally didn’t need to clean up the miscellaneous soldiers after he beheaded Thanos. Because of that, his body structure became different because he didn’t seek the thrill once Thanos was beheaded by him.

Of course, Jane Foster has no problem with Rorschach’s plan, and she also recently learned about Thor’s Hammer. She is no longer the frail female scientist she once was at this point. This Female Thor is likewise ecstatic to be on the battlefield for the first time.

Thor is very crucial. Because the army leader always leads the charge according to Asgardian custom. Thor wished he could throw his Stormbreaker into the Chitauri army right now and engage them in a three-hundred-round battle.

However, since he’s in Rorschach’s territory, He has to obey Rorschach’s orders, and he can’t let his own temper do it.

“The final line of defense is the fourth group. They are made up of regular human soldiers. To ensure that no Chitauri warriors can escape the encirclement alive, they would build an encirclement at the edge of the battlefield.”

Rorschach and the Ancient One, who is covertly watching, are actually the fifth line of defense. Rorschach won’t participate in the conflict. He will only put an end to it himself when the mothership of the Chitauri lands on Earth.

Regarding Rorschach’s plan, Dr. Banner hesitated before said, “Mr. Rorschach, if you need my help, I can also help on the battlefield.”

Dr. Banner’s intent was clear to Rorschach. Dr. Banner personally suggested to Rorschach that he join the fight after realizing that the Hulk may play a significant role in this kind of battlefield in the face of the Chitauri army invasion.

Rorschach smiled and politely declined, admiring Dr. Banner’s goodwill, “Dr. Banner, if you use the Hulk’s strength excessively, it will just strengthen the Hulk’s personality, and I need your knowledge more than your strength. In addition, I need Dr. Selvig and you to keep an eye on the wormhole remotely.”

The scientific research team led by Banner, Selvig, and Dr. Octavius has further enhanced Loki’s wormhole device.

The new wormhole generator is smaller in size and has direct control over the Tesseract’s energy, allowing it to independently open and close the wormhole and change its size. This is also a crucial element in winning the war.

“High-ranking officials from several nations still aim to keep the alien invasion incident a secret, but I don’t think this is a smart idea. The attack by the Chitauri is only the beginning. The planet will come into contact with additional aliens in the future. Not only alien civilization but a higher being…”

So, not only must this conflict be reported, but it must also be made known to the globe that a team of superheroes is defending them.

“Norman, I’ll hand this over to you to handle. Over the past few days, you can do further preliminary preparations. You can use Captain America to work with two Thor robots and a Terminator robot to produce a few short videos with war-related themes. But don’t say anything. Leave it to public speculation until the Chitauri army shows up. Let’s begin a live broadcast of the war!”

Rorschach expressed himself. Norman inhaled deeply.

Fighting against aliens while streaming it live?

“Do we need to dispatch a staff of cameramen to follow up on the situation and record it, Mr. Rorschach?”

“No, each Terminator robot’s electronic crystal eye is a camera. Real-time transmission of every battlefield recording was sent to Riverie’s database. You will edit it in-house and broadcast it to the general public when the time comes. Simply do that.”

There are too many Terminator robots and viewpoints to see the entire conflict, thus the battlefield must be examined to provide the viewer with the most realistic and thorough initial perspective.

“Are we conducting an exclusive live broadcast, Mr. Rorschach? Will there be international media coverage?” Norman asked again.

“It’s an exclusive live broadcast, but all nations have also organized for official media to follow the army to record. However, they are required to wait until the war is finished before revealing the real situation, claiming that they are concerned about spreading unneeded alarm,”

Rorschach shook his head and carried on playing “If you want me to say it, this brief sequence will elicit fear, and it will still do so. The general public won’t naturally worry as long as we decisively win the war.”

“Understood, I will make the preparations needed.” Excitedly, Norman concurred.

Exclusive live coverage of the alien invasion by Osborn Group. What a significant commercial potential. It may even work with large international media outlets so that viewers may follow the conflict on well-known networks.

By then, the Osborn Group will undoubtedly be well-known throughout the world due to its popularity. You might also put some advertisements for Osborn goods. Norman Osborn immediately started moving ecstatically.

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Published On: March 9, 2023

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