The five major nations have mixed reactions to the news that the Chitauri are ready to invade. There are those who are more upbeat and those who are more negative.

Regardless of their response, it is preferable to inform the world’s elite of the existence of the alien invasion civilization now compared to the original plot.

The officials of the US had no time to react and could only quickly as the Chitauri army invaded suddenly. The choice was made to detonate a nuclear bomb. This is both a sign of the US government’s incompetence and its high-level irresponsibility to the people.

A world is probably doomed if it must solely rely on a band of superheroes to preserve it while no one else takes any action. Rorschach is attempting to avoid this.


Osborn Group.

The orders for the Osborn Group’s physical enhancement drugs and Terminator robots have again increased after Sitwell received President Matthew’s approval. There are too many products to produce on all of the production lines in time.

As a result, the US government approved helping the Osborn Group expand its production line once further in order to prepare for the impending war.

Rorschach was seated in his office, but his eyes were scanning the entire Osborn Group manufacturing process. Each constructed Terminator robot will be a part of the Riverie artificial system’s intelligent network, which will be produced on lines that run continuously for 24 hours at maximum speed.

The powerful artificial intelligence known as Riverie is significantly superior to anything currently available.

Only the Kree civilization’s supreme intelligence can rival Rorschach’s Riverie artificial intelligence system in the entirety of the interplanetary society.

relating to the Tesseract. Sitwell took the Tesseract on loan, gave it to the President, and then gave it back to Rorschach so that he may keep researching the Tesseract.

The Tesseract Research Center at the Osborn Group. A team of highly brilliant researchers was assembled under the direction of Dr. Selvig, Banner, and Octavius to examine the universe’s Tesseract mysteries from every angle.

Additionally, it gives Rorschach a theoretical foundation on which to build future Infinity Stone weaponry.

Rorschach carefully observes the energy emitted by the mind scepter while holding the scepter in his hand. The mind scepter is a product of a magical weaponry. Rorschach examines the mind scepter from a scientific standpoint despite the fact that it is a magic object.

Both of them can be thought of as converters for the energy of Infinity Stones, whether it is the Infinity Gloves on the magic side or Iron Man’s Nano Gloves on the technological side.

Rorschach examined the mind scepter he was holding. Rorschach’s mind used the scepter as a conduit to connect with the mind stone and tap into its strength the minute he tightened his grip on the scepter.

Even Loki did not fully comprehend the presence of the mind scepter and only wielded it superficially. Through the scepter, a great deal of knowledge surged into Rorschach’s consciousness, breaking a bank like a torrent.

Rorschach can easily process such a massive amount of information thanks to his super brain.

“In reality, magic is the expression of objective truth using a different paradigm from science.”

“Spells and magic runes, like scientific terms.”

Rorschach made an effort to comprehend and examine how the mind scepter changed the energy of the mind stone.

However, Rorschach has only a cursory understanding of how to utilize the mind scepter and is unaware of the tremendous significance of the magical runes concealed within the scepter.

“Maybe I should study magic methodically. Magic has always been a weakness of Kryptonians compared to the physical resistance of Kryptonian blood. If I can master magic, I might be able to make up for this deficiency.” Rorschach was thinking about the feasibility of this idea.

Many magicians in the Marvel universe draw their strength from a particular object. The Ancient One stole the power from Dormammu’s dark dimension. The Book of Vishanti is the source of magic used by Doctor Strange. Even Scarlet Witch takes advantage of the Darkhold to get some sinister magical abilities.

So, the question is, can the magic be drawn from the infinity stones?

There is no need to be concerned about the issue of backlash because the power of infinity stones is limitless. It may not be difficult to use the infinity stones as a source of magic, given that the weaponry on the magic side can change the energy of the stones.

Of course, this form differs greatly from weapons like the Infinity Gauntlet in that it draws its magic from the might of the infinity stones. The purpose of the Infinity Gauntlet is to aid the user in harnessing the power of the Infinity Stone.

Rorschach wants to perform countless of magic spells using the infinity stones’ boundless energy.

“Learning magic… It appears that I must carve out time to visit Kamar Taj or travel to Asgard in search of Queen Frigga.”

To learn magic, you need to have a talent.

Rorschach doesn’t know if he has magical talents, but even if he doesn’t, if he can study how magic works, he might be able to develop a system of translators between technology logic and magic runes.

Once this concept is recognized, it is possible to understand magic’s power scientifically. Even those without special magical abilities can use magic and technology to create magical technology.


After a period of time, the United States ushered in a brief peace.

In contrast to the never-ending big news of the past, recent news headlines only mention that a specific bank was robbed and that the friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, assisted the police in apprehending the robber, or that a terrorist group suddenly appeared in a specific area and that Iron Man simply eliminated the threat on his own.

On this calm day, someone noted that the entire globe appeared to be enveloped in a depressing mood. Military drills have been ongoing in the near future under the direction of the United Nations, and many communities are practicing air defense and shelter procedures.

Many people started to wonder whether a war would break out.

The United Nations armed forces are all prepared to enter the conflict at any time, according to a report that Sitwell gave to Rorschach.

It offers the most accurate details on the Chitauri army based on Rorschach’s comprehension of the plan and Loki’s influence over the mind scepter.

There is a rumour that a close friend of Thanos secretly led the Chitauri army. Nonetheless, the Chitauri army that appeared in the Battle of New York in the original plot was only the vanguard of their total force.

It’s natural to wonder how Thanos could have put all his faith in the spaceship with the Chitauri. Whoever that person is, Rorschach will personally take action on them.

You can entirely hand up the Leviathan creature and the other errant soldiers to the Earth’s Alliance, along with any superheroes like Thor.

The Terminator robot production line has produced enough soldiers for this conflict after 24 hours of nonstop operation during this time.

Furthermore, several other significant nations have arrived to put orders for physical improvement drugs and Terminator robots in addition to the United States.

In order to save transportation costs, President Matthew took the lead in building a Terminator robot manufacturing plant. For this reason, Rorschach specially returned to the motherland to discuss this matter with the responsible leaders and give the greatest discount.

The pre-war preparations for the United Nations are ready. This is the first war with an alien civilization in human history. Naturally, the people on Earth must unite and show the demeanor of the earth.

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Published On: March 9, 2023

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