Sitwell quickly sent the Helicarrier back to S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters for extensive repairs after seizing possession of it. Senators who back Nick Fury are eagerly awaiting Sitwell’s appearance to learn how he may change the course of events and win back the Tesseract.

However, Sitwell announced to the upper management that he had successfully apprehended Loki and recovered the Tesseract on the second day after taking office.

Prior to Sitwell’s presentation of the Osborn Group Special Forces’ raid on the Stark Industrial Building to arrest Loki, high-ranking U.S. government officials had trouble believing it.

“My agents discovered that Loki had placed a wormhole-opening gadget on the roof of the Stark Industrial Building. The Tesseract serves as the main energy source for that apparatus.”

The senators who backed Nick Fury all appeared awful as they listened to Sitwell’s report, and even President Matthew shook his head helplessly. Everyone is aware that the guy in front of him will soon assume the role of official director of S.H.I.E.L.D. due to his successes in capturing Loki without suffering any losses and obtaining the Tesseract.

“Good job, Sitwell. You did a good job.” President Matthew applauded and announced his intention to leave the United States’ high-level gathering.

Sitwell stopped him mid-sentence. “Thank you for praising my efforts, Mr. President, but I need to talk to you about something else.”

President Matthew and the senators, who were going to close the hologram after hearing that Sitwell still had something to say, halted and turned to face Sitwell.

Sitwell appreciated the sensation of being in the high-level US official eyes very much. He puffed himself up and yelled, “Even though Loki was apprehended and the Tesseract was found, there is still a great danger. That is the Chitauri army.”

“In a specific region of the universe, there is a race of alien civilizations with cutting-edge technology and a sizable, well-organized army. Mr. President, fellow senators, and generals. They are watching the earth. If the threat posed by the sword hanging over your head is not removed for a day, can you actually eat and sleep without worrying?”

General Ross scowled and asked in response to Sitwell’s rhetorical question, “Sitwell, do you really want to go to war with an alien civilization?”

“The Chitauri army wants to invade our Earth. I don’t want to fight with alien civilizations. Can you ensure that there won’t be another Loki even if we stop him from opening the portal?”

“They’ll do whatever it takes to reach Earth. If Loki doesn’t create the wormhole gateway for them, the Chitauri space fleet will arrive on Earth in a few months or a year. Maybe they’re already on their way now.”

Sitwell countered, “The threat to the earth comes from the Chitauri army. The earth won’t be a safe place for everyone if the Chitauri army is not destroyed!”

The senators on the Hydra side rose to speak in Sitwell’s place since the senior US officials there were engaged in extensive conversation.

The phrase “Since the alien civilization has already set its sights on the earth, this fight will be fought sooner or later, and we must be prepared” is repeated incessantly, along the lines of “How can we not know this?”

“The most crucial fact is that, according to the knowledge I learned from Loki, the technical might of the Chitauri is greater than that we have on the earth. According to the S.H.I.E.L.D. scientists and economists’ calculations, if we succeed in winning this conflict, all the advantages their weaponry and technology can provide will be hundreds or even thousands of times greater than what it costs to engage in conflict!” Sitwell dropped a huge fact.

Americans are more open to discussing the benefits of war than they are about threats and hostilities. Capital will take risks when there is a 50% possibility of success. When there is a 100% probability of success, capital will breach all restrictions.

The advantages of this war will be hundreds or even thousands of times greater than the advantages. All of the current senators and generals started to flinch.

General Ross, however, shook his head, “You added that the technical might of the Chitauri was greater than we have on the earth. We have no prospect of winning this war if this is true.”

“There could be a possibility to win. First, S.H.I.E.L.D. has mastered the Tesseract and is able to welcome the Chitauri army at any time by opening wormholes. In other words, we have control over the timing and location of this war.”

“Second, we’re not on our own. Loki has been taken by the people of Asgard. With Asgard, S.H.I.E.L.D. has initially developed a cordial and friendly relationship. Asgard will help us in this battle.”

“Thirdly, the physical-enhancement drugs developed by the Osborn Group and the Terminator robot will serve as our main weapons in taking down the Chitauri army. “

“And fourth…”

Sitwell spoke persuasively as he enumerated more than a dozen benefits on the earth side, drawing numerous nods from the American officials.

“As of this now, earthly technology is still unable to go outside of our solar system. In the coming decades, if we rely on Chitauri civilization technology and develop intergalactic travel capabilities, we will be able to find other worlds with resources and expand our horizons. The chapter has abruptly entered the age of the vast universe, having originated on a lowly civilized, primordial planet.”

S.H.I.E.L.D. has been doing covert research on corresponding techniques, such as the second stage of the Tesseract, the weapon of mass destruction, since President Matthew was aware of the Skrull and Kree invasion in the previous century. He has a keen interest in the technologies of the Chitauri.

He will rank as the best president in American history if he can drive out the alien invaders and seize extraterrestrial technology during his presidency.

“Sitwell is correct. The Chitauri wants to conquer the earth. This is an unchangeable fact. To confront this enemy, all we can do is rally our soldiers.”

President Matthew continued after briefly coughing, “However, in a conflict with extraterrestrial civilizations, it is utterly impossible to sidestep the UN. We are aggressively preparing for the battle and expanding our investment in initiatives involving Terminator robots and medications for physical enhancement drugs. We must be in control of the war’s direction!”

In a conflict, taking the initiative entails taking the initiative to divide the victory cake. War and American economic growth are inextricably linked. Sitwell heard President Matthew’s intention to raise funding for physical enhancement drugs and Terminator robot programs.

He grinned. Sitwell is unsure if this conflict will be able to restart American growth, but he is confident that the Osborn Group will have a sharp surge following it.

“Mr. President, let me handle the United Nations. The Director of S.H.I.E.L.D. is also in charge of this.” Sitwell gave his word.

President Matthew expressed his satisfaction and urged Sitwell to make thorough preparations before the conflict to ensure everything went according to plan. The senators on Hydra’s side expressed their willingness to work with S.H.I.E.L.D. A number of military generals then immediately added their perspectives.

Sitwell appeared assured as he elevated his head and chest. There is absolutely no need for Sitwell to worry about the pre-war preparations. He simply complies with Rorschach’s requests and will carries out his instructions.

Sitwell is so certain Rorschach that he must be correct about this plan. Sitwell finally put an end to the discussion by stating that he still needed to persuade the United Nations.

Director Sitwell reconnected with the United Nations representatives and warned them of the impending Chitauri invasion that the planet is about to confront after the United States officials shut off the holographic projection.

As soon as they were made aware of the situation, UN representatives immediately informed the top officials of the various nations. The top management of the entire planet learned about the invasion by the Chitauri army in a night.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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