“Of course, I should be able to assist you in taming that huge green guy if he makes any trouble.” said Thor.

Despite his belief that the Hulk could lack the confidence to confront him after seeing him, Rorschach nodded. The two traveled all the way to the medical floor, where they discovered Bruce Banner inside a  room dressed in a huge hospital gown.

A Terminator robot is being confronted by Bruce Banner to let him escape. The Osborn Group’s whole fleet of Terminator robots is managed by artificial intelligence. It is obviously impossible for Riverie to let Dr. Banner roam free because she views Rorschach’s directive to protect Banner as having the utmost importance.

“Dr. Bruce Banner, it seems like you don’t like it here.” Rorschach grinned as he addressed Dr. Banner.

When the door to the little room opened, Dr. Banner first spotted Rorschach before realizing that Thor was behind him.

“Why are you here, Thor? Where are Tony and Captain? I seem to recall that once the Hulk emerged, I passed out.”

Dr. Banner was making illogical statements. Thor significantly lowered his guard after observing that Dr. Banner didn’t exhibit any signs of mutating into the Hulk. The robot next to Rorschach was instructed to bring Dr. Banner some clothing.

He extended his hand in Dr. Banner’s direction “Let’s talk, Dr. Banner. Rorschach is how I go by.”

Dr. Banner gave Rorschach a wide-eyed look as he appeared to have recognized him from Hulk’s memories.

Dr. Banner appeared to have engaged in combat with the young man in front of him when he transformed into the Hulk, but his appearance in a suit contrasted sharply with the Destroyer Armor he was wearing. Dr. Banner was unable to make a fair judgment from the standpoint of the Hulk.

“I’m Bruce Banner. Glad to meet you, Mr. Rorschach. I think you’d better let me get out of here, or your place will suffer a lot of damage.” He continued, holding out his hand.

No matter how he dealt with this Mr. Rorschach in front of him, he would unavoidably make a huge mess if he turned into the Hulk once more.

“Are you referencing the Hulk? I don’t believe you’ll quickly turn into the Hulk, at least not with me by your side.”

Dr. Banner had no faith in it at all. “It’s impossible. The moment I become emotional, the Hulk will materialize and wreak havoc everywhere.”

When Rorschach noticed that Dr. Banner didn’t think it was true, he ordered Thor, “Shock him for me.”

“Are you certain?” Thor enquired hesitantly.

Rorschach gave a strong nod. Thor inhaled deeply before pressing his hand down on Dr. Banner’s chest as an arc flashed between his five fingers as he stretched it out.

Dr. Banner was compelled to try to halt Thor’s actions, but he couldn’t because he had only been a mortal before his change. Thor’s electromagnetic hand pressed into Dr. Banner’s chest as a result.


The electric shock caused Dr. Banner to scream. His heart began to beat rapidly as a result of the electric shock, and a weird green energy returned to his body.

“Damn it, here comes the Hulk. Hurry, please!”

When Dr. Banner saw Rorschach, the green vision that had been creeping into his pupils as he started to go insane immediately halted.

Even his racing heart calmed down by a half-beat, and the weird green energy that had just been about to emerge immediately vanished as if he had just witnessed something terrible.

“I’ve never experienced a situation like that before. How did you do it?”

Dr. Banner, now back to normal, stared in shock at his hands. This time, none of the green turned into the Hulk as it faded away completely. He must be dreaming.

Dr. Banner suddenly gave Rorschach a startled glance. Dr. Banner was certain that it was the person battling the Hulk in front of him this time. Thor exhaled a sigh of relief as well, smiling foolishly as if he were about to engage in battle with the large green man once more.

“Nothing is impossible. I’ve done a little research on gamma rays, by chance. I might be able to assist you with that problem.” Rorschach turned the subject to gamma rays without mentioning the Hulk.

Rorschach has recently studied a little and utilized his super brain to discover all there is to know about gamma rays.

Dr. Banner was amazed, “Sorry, but you appear to be extremely young. I find it very difficult to think that you can fix my situation. Could you please elaborate?”

Rorschach didn’t spew nonsense. Instead, he grabbed a pen and scribbled a list of equations right on the wall of one room. This is how Dr. Banner may combine the primary personality with the Hulk personality using the gamma-ray balancing rate method.

Strength and wisdom are the ideal combinations.

As he studied the formula on the wall, Dr. Banner gradually lost himself in thought. He recognized the meaning that he was attempting to convey.

Dr. Banner has been considering ways to subdue the Hulk for a while, but he has never considered using gamma rays to combine the Hulk’s personality with his own main personality.

Thor also took a glance at the equations written on the wall before turning to face the thoughtful and mindful Dr. Banner. He found it quite difficult to appreciate the beauty of this row of odd symbols.

Could it be a magic spell?

Dr. Banner finally managed to open his mouth and say, “Mr. Rorschach, I’m not sure if this formula is truly possible. Hulk and I are extremely likely to be refused entry if there are any errors in our calculations and instead… evolve into an even scarier monster.”

“We should do more research, Dr. Banner. Would you like to join my team?” Rorschach gave him a prompt invitation.

Dr. Banner hesitated for a moment.

Rorschach acknowledged his worries and added, “Dr. Banner, you can be sure that I won’t subject you to torturous biological experiments or make you turn into the Hulk in order to fight because I need more of you. Not a mindless wrecking beast, but a bright mind.”

Dr. Banner was a little affected by Rorschach’s assurance, but not overly so. |Are you truly going to assist me in resolving the Hulk’s issue?”

With a nod, Rorschach retorted, “Of course, you can absolutely trust me because… I am Rorschach.”

“So, what should I do now? In addition, I was invited to assist in locating the Tesseract by a group known as S.H.I.E.L.D and Thor is here. Do your Osborn Group employees also work for S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Rorschach?” Dr. Banner was conscious of his promise to S.H.I.E.L.D.

“The Osborn Group is not under the supervision of S.H.I.E.L.D., The Tesseract was returned to me by Loki after I had captured him, and it mainly produced gamma rays. With our staff, you can study it if you’re interested.” Rorschach said with a smirk.

“Is there no issue with not returning the Tesseract to S.H.I.E.L.D., Mr. Rorschach? I mean, according to Nick Fury, S.H.I.E.L.D. is the rightful owner of the Tesseract.” Asked Dr. Banner.

“We have been given complete power by S.H.I.E.L.D. to investigate the Tesseract. After all, the Osborn Group employs the world’s finest qualified staff.”

Dr. Banner is persuaded by Rorschach’s response, especially considering that their crew is the best qualified. Dr. Banner only needs to look at the formula Rorschach scribbled on the wall to understand his work on gamma rays.

The Terminator robot then delivered a set of clothing to Dr. Banner. Rorschach transformed into them and brought Dr. Banner and Thor to the Osborn Group to temporarily calm them down.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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