New York City.

Thor, the God of thunder, was holding the Stormbreaker while he scanned the surroundings. Loki tricked him into the Helicarrier’s cell, where he was later dumped from a great height.

Thor successfully escaped from the prison by splitting it in half with the Stormbreaker as the cell was about to tumble to the ground. Thor looked about as he stepped out of the Helicarrier.

He failed to notice the Helicarrier’s shadow as he peered up towards the sky. Since all of Thor’s talent points are devoted to strength and he doesn’t learn enough magic to see through illusions, as the Helicarrier may be invisible.

Thinking for a while, Thor slapped his clever little head and shouted loudly to the sky, “Heimdall!”

He wants Heimdall to teleport him to Loki’s side. However, a figure crossed the sky.

“Hey Thor, it’s been a while.”

When Thor heard someone mention his name, he quickly recognized Rorschach, who was donning a black Destroyer Armor and bearing a ‘X’ mark on his chest.

“Hey, Rorschach, I finally found you. Listen to me, now Midgard is in trouble, I can seem to find where Loki is and a Chitauri army is coming to invade Midgard, and if we band together can we stop Loki’s plan!” said Thor, who was thrilled to see Rorschach.

Rorschach listened patiently to Thor, and then replied with a smile, “I’ve caught Loki.”

“Loki also has a magic wand that can control people’s mind.”

“The magic wand is also on my side now. Don’t worry Thor, Loki is on my side, he can’t play any tricks.”

Thor heaved a sigh of relief as soon as he heard this. He approached Rorschach and gave him a foolish smile before patting him on the shoulder.

“I’ve said it before, but this kind of situation still requires a God to provide handle it. I met a black, bald man with one eye. He boasted that he could manage Loki while not even being aware that Midgard had a God. Simply foolish…”

“My father gave me a bigger one, but now I don’t totally rely on weaponry, but rather, I rely more on my own might,” Thor replied, raising the Stormbreaker in front of Rorschach.

In an effort to emphasize that he is the God of Thor and not the God of Hammer or the God of Axe, Thor opened his hand and played a few thunderbolts on the palm of his hand as he spoke.

“I know, I know, I can see that you have grown a lot, and you are no longer the person I met back then.”

Rorschach stroked Thor’s hair a few times. Rorschach confirmed the latter, brightening his smile and causing the Thunder in his hand to play more joyously.

Rorschach brought Thor back to the Osborn Group after locating him.

Loki is held captive in a high-tech jail. Riverie will constantly keep an eye on Loki. When Riverie discovers Loki making an attempt to flee, Riverie will use a high-intensity electric current to shock him.

Additionally, Rorschach delivered Loki’s wormhole device to Dr. Octopus for investigation before returning it to the Osborn Group.

Upon Norman’s return with Dr. Selvig. Both of them can manage the Tesseract research project with ease. Rorschach did not get involved in this situation too much as a result.

“Rorschach, may I now bring Loki back to Asgard? Asgard will punish Loki appropriately, I can assure you of that.” Thor felt a little terrible in his heart as he stared at Loki, who was physically and mentally tortured in the prison and received a powerful electric charge.

Thor has a good heart and never truly despised Loki, despite the fact that Loki had deceived him numerous times.

Rorschach advised him to maintain his composure, “Thor, this situation is far from resolved. I’m still going to lead the Chitauri army here and open the wormhole.”

Thor seemed incredulous when he heard this, “Why do you want to do that, Rorschach? Are you not the earth’s mightiest savior? Why would you want those intruders to arrive?”

“This is referred to as hitting the dog and shutting the door. Outside the planet, a bunch of invaders exists. We cannot shut the door and hope that the intruders will depart on their own. The best course of action would be to let them in before eliminating them.” Rorschach elucidated.

Rorschach also failed to give a further justification, namely his intention to receive the Chitauri mothership. That is the spaceship of Thanos.

In the original plot, Tony Stark detonated the spaceship with a nuclear bomb before it touched down on the planet. It is impossible that a nuclear weapon could destroy a respectable spaceship.

The Chitauri may not have had enough time to raise the energy barrier at the time, according to one theory. The tiny spacecraft piloted by Star-Lord has an energy shield. There is no justification for the original Mothership not to have one.

Rorschach doesn’t want that spaceship to be destroyed for no cause, whatever the motive. It would be fantastic if he could use it as his mothership.

Rorschach surprised them with their own Mothership when Thanos forced the other Mothership to invade the Earth.

Thor gave it some thought and concluded that what Rorschach stated made sense “I know what you’re thinking, Rorschach, but the Chitauri is well-known intergalactic invaders. They have a lot of strength. Midgard’s existing military might be insufficient to defeat the Chitauri army. I am willing to fight for you if you need me, even though I am unable to speak for Asgard.”

“I’m glad you’re here because I really need you.” Rorschach nodded appreciatively. Thor is like a big brother who can be counted on.

It is true that the Chitauri army cannot be resisted with the current level of scientific and technical development on Earth, but thanks to Rorschach and the Ancient One, the invasion of the Chitauri army is doomed to fail even before it starts.

However, Loki overheard the dialogue between Rorschach and Thor and found it amusing.

“You don’t even understand the kind of enemy you are facing. You foolish mortals.”

Loki is currently stern and has a look on his face that suggests he can see how the situation might develop.

Obviously, Rorschach could not be used or manipulated simply, “We’re up against Thanos, the tyrant who claims to be the king of the universe. Do you honestly believe Thanos is that good? No way, no way. He truly should be asked if he has the courage to visit Earth right now.”

Currently, the Ancient One is still alive, Odin is still alive, and there is also a Rorschach. He challenges Thanos to visit Earth before he has more than three Infinity Stone.

Loki’s attitude abruptly changed as he heard Rorschach utter Thanos’ name in a direct manner. He believed Thanos to be his greatest asset, but he had no idea that this asset had been exposed frequently. Thor’s face darkened as he heard the name Thanos.

“Loki, you did work with that person after all. Don’t you realize that person is a demon? He did enter one of the Nine Realms, and bring catastrophes to the surrounding realm.”

Thanos has a highly poor reputation throughout the universe because he slaughtered half of the civilization’s inhabitants at every opportunity.

Before Loki could respond to Rorschach’s scorn and Thor’s allegation, Riverie noticed that Loki’s physical energy had gone insane and was about to emerge. A shock current of extreme intensity was sent to him.

Riverie’s voice resounded as Loki was electrocuted, saying, “Mr. Rorschach, Bruce Banner has awakened, and he is a little emotional now.”

The Riverie artificial intelligence system extends to every Terminator robot and includes the whole Osborn Group.

Thor clutched his Stormbreaker unconsciously when he heard Bruce Banner’s name, he scowled, “Bruce Banner, the enormous green guy?”

“Yes, that’s him. Do you want to come over and take a look? “

Loki was no longer the focus of Rorschach’s attention. Loki was unable to flee while being observed by Riverie.

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Published On: March 8, 2023

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