“I don’t even need this amazing super soldier serum, therefore it’s a shame.”

Rorschach sighed. He didn’t require it at all because of his “steel body” traits, and it was challenging for him to administer other serums to himself. You can train your soldiers with the ideal super soldier serum if you have your own power.

He persisted with scrolling. As more technology started to arrive in the system mall after seeing the latter section, For instance, the complete set of armor design designs for Iron Man, from Mark 1 to Mark 85.

“Amazing, Tony Stark, the creator of Iron Man, has only recently begun to build the Mark 5 suitcase armor according to the present timeframe, right?”

Rorschach had a particularly cruel thought. What would Tony Stark’s expression be if he flew up in front of him while wearing a Mark 85 nano suit?

Unfortunately, just for the concept drawings, Mark 85 Iron Man armor costs more than 600,000 points.

Let alone buying Mark 85 with Rorschach’s present points. Only the fourth-generation design is exchangeable for 40,000 points, but even with Rorschach’s exchange for the fourth-generation iron suit, he doesn’t have sufficient equipment to do so.

Regarding the possibility of making money via the blueprint sales, Rorschach currently has plenty of cash in hand. Directly exchanging points for gold is more practical and quick than selling the steel suit’s design drawings.

Rorschach kept staring down when he at once noticed advanced technology.

[Controllable fusion reactor, 180,000 points required for an exchange!]

Rorschach recalled that Doctor Octopus had investigated the technology of a controllable fusion reactor in the Spider-Man story, but it ultimately failed.

Fusion reactor technology itself is nothing, but if Rorschach has obtained a complete Kryptonian bloodline, then this technology will be too useful for him.

You must be aware that the sun’s energy comes from a nuclear fusion reaction. The result will be the same as when Superman takes daily sun baths if Rorschach is able to manipulate nuclear fusion technology and simulate it as the energy of the yellow sun.

“To gain the entire Kryptonian bloodline, the unique assignment must still be completed as soon as feasible.”

As Rorschach strolled around the system mall, he suddenly had the impression that while he could purchase the items he could, they were all trivial in comparison to what he needed.

“I want to do something, I need more mission points!” Rorschach lamented.


The following day Early in the morning, Rorschach began a fresh day of training exercises. 100 push-ups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, plus ten kilometers of running. Another day full of enthusiasm and the morning workout is over.

He arrived at the school in his own large Benz, but Rorschach noticed a black Rolls Royce parked just in front of him.

“Hey, Mr. Rorschach, it was such a coincidence that we crossed paths.”

A middle-aged man with a tailored suit and curly hair. He was about to board the Rolls-Royce when he decided to stop and talk after spotting Rorschach. At first glance, Rorschach recognized the middle-aged man.

Norman Osborn is the chairman of the Osborn Group, one of New York’s top ten corporations. Naturally, this middle-aged man also has a secret identity, and that is Spider-Man’s archenemy or more specifically, the Green Goblin.

“Are you here to see Harry off, Mr. Osborn?” Rorschach was aware of this student’s activities at school.

Peter and Harry Osborne, the son of Norman Osborn, who attends the same school, remain close friends.

In the original plot, Harry, the second-generation Green Goblin, pledged to kill Spider-Man in order to avenge the death of his father, the old Green Goblin, who tragically took his own life during the battle with Spider-Man.

But the truth is that the new Green Goblin was astonished to learn that his enemy Spider-Man was actually his good friend Peter. He then painfully decided to let Peter go, despite his repeated assurances that he would never forgive him and that he had assisted Peter in the future. Harry adores his pal dearly.

“Yes, I sent Harry to school today since I was free. Mr. Rorschach, those two studies you published in the journals are simply incredible. With all due respect, this is something you cannot do at this institution with your talent. It is shameful to work as a high school teacher.”

“Of course, I didn’t want to denigrate high school instructors, but if you can join the Osborn Group, I will offer you a wider platform to exhibit your intelligence and wisdom,” Norman Osborn added.

This elderly man gave the impression that he acted in your best interests. Rorschach merely gave him this expression, but he was secretly wondering if he might earn a mission point by simply killing the elderly man and stopping the Green Goblin from arriving.

Although Rorschach has examined his own mission scheme, it ought to be possible. “Intervene in the progress of the world” is an everyday task. Helping Spider-Man murder the Green Goblin is technically an intervention.

There is unquestionably less involvement in the former than in the latter. The reward for assisting Spider-Man in eliminating the Green Goblin ought to be equal to that for averting the appearance of Dr. Lizard.

But what if he assisted the Green Goblin in murdering Spider-Man? This intervention’s scope is unquestionably much greater than the earlier one. Of course, it’s not always required by the game’s rules to murder and kill. What if you could become the Osborn Group the top biotechnology and military-industrial group in the world by aiding it in defeating the Stark Group?

Or do you just seize control of the Osborn Group and gradually take over the world?

It is obvious that destroying a Green Goblin or a Spider-Man requires much less effort than conquering the entire world. It will be unexpected to get mission points with this approach.

Rorschach drooped his head in contemplation. When Norman Osborn concluded that his speech had been effective, he pulled out a business card and placed it in Rorschach’s hand.

“I’m very grateful for your talent, teacher Rorschach. I’m willing to pay anything you want as long as you are willing to work for my firm.”

With his trademark smile, Norman Osborn added, “I think you’ll make the right decision.”

After that, Norman Osborn stopped talking, patted Rorschach on the shoulder, got into his Rolls-Royce, and drove away. Rorschach glanced at the business card in his hand and shook it.

Will pay whatever I want? It doesn’t really much of a thing for Rorschach.

He is not short of money. Compared with some technology, the gold in the system mall is the least valuable thing. Rorschach can exchange a few hundred points for money that ordinary people can’t earn in a few lifetimes.

Controlling the entire Osborn Group is something that Rorschach felt more interested in doing. Ignoring these things, Rorschach walked towards the school.

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