Rorschach attacked Hulk after erupting with 50% of his strength. Even the furious Hulk instantly gave up assaulting when he sensed Rorschach’s strong oppressive force, but he crossed his hands anyway to defy the punch from Rorschach.


One blow landed. The Hulk’s crossed arms took a hard strike from Rorschach’s fist, which struck them like a little meteor. There was only a clear popping sound, or “click.” The Hulk’s heavy arms gave way, and his bones broke.

Rorschach’s punch broke the bones of the Hulk’s arms as they were in midair. He had recently regained some vision and was once more overcome by uncontrollable rage. Even the ferocious, drum-like hammering of the Hulk’s heart was audible to Rorschach.

The Hulk immediately began to expand and his shattered arms began to sprout veins all over his body. The bones instantly shifted back to their normal locations and continued to recover.

Rorschach glanced at the falling Hulk and said, “It seems that the MCU has always weakened you. The actual Hulk is significantly more powerful than what is presented in the movie.”

Rorschach is momentarily hesitant about whether the Hulk in front of him will be like the scenario in the comics, where the angrier the stronger, and there is no limit. Anger will indeed continue to increase his strength.

You must be aware that the likelihood of the Hulk becoming a catastrophe is much higher than that of becoming a hero in the myriad alternate realities. such as the Hulks from other realms, such the Dark Hulk, World War Hulk, Devil Hulk, and others.

The MCU version of the Hulk, in comparison, is the present Hulk, who is merely a helpless little sheep.

“The Hulk’s existence is an unfortunate.”

Rorschach swooped down on Hulk. At this time, keeping Banner in the gamma lab for 18 months is the safest way to deal with the Hulk and allow the two personalities of Banner and Hulk to merge completely.

It’s a blend of strength and intelligence.

Dr. Banner on the side of scientific investigation is what Rorschach wishes to obtain in contrast to the strength of ambiguous variables like Hulk. Rorschach considered this and decided to put a swift end to this charade. Loki has departed the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier and is currently heading for Stark Tower.

The wormhole generator will be turned on by Loki, who will also call forth the Chitauri army. It’s time to apprehend Loki.

Rorschach immediately moved toward Hulk. Hulk lost control due to the fact that he was still at a high altitude, continued to plummet, and his body was covered with exploding veins of rage. He also continued to yell in a horrifying manner.

“Big man, you should go to bed!”

Rorschach reached out, grabbed the Hulk’s enormous palm, and violently pulled it over before he could finish. Rorschach once again swung his right fist and hit the Hulk in the head as he approached with great inertia.


He struck the Hulk in the head with a powerful fist, briefly blinding him. Rorschach had already delivered another blow before he could summon his rage.


Boom! Boom!

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Rorschach delivered forceful punches one after the other, keeping the enormous Hulk in place against his will. Every hushed sound caused the Hulk’s form to swing violently from side to side, and his body would droop significantly.

One final strike. Rorschach threw an elbow at the back of the Hulk’s neck after transforming his fist into an elbow.


The elbow caused the Hulk to instantly lose both of his eyesight and the sound of the contact quickly halted. Unwillingly closing his eyes caused his body to tumble downward and even continue to contract while it did so.

Rorschach rushed over and grabbed Dr. Banner just before he crashed to the ground after resuming his natural human shape.

Dr. Banner did not have any wounds at this time, although he did drift off to sleep. Dr. Banner’s garments were destroyed during his transformation into the Hulk, leaving him completely naked even after returning to his regular human form.

Rorschach believed that allowing Bruce Banner to follow him was a better option than turning him over to S.H.I.E.L.D. Rorschach can assist Hulk in physically calming down when Hulk loses control and, at least, won’t mistreat Hulk like S.H.I.E.L.D., which would otherwise cause Hulk’s personality to take over.

Rorschach left after a short while but temporarily placed Dr. Banner by the Osborn Group. Rorschach used super speed once more after finishing everything to move near the Stark Industrial Building.


The roof of the Stark Industrial Building.

Loki initially made an appearance on the roof of the Stark Industrial Building while riding a Quinjet fighter after departing from the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier.

“Don’t say there’s a problem now. If I don’t see the Chitauri army in 10 minutes, I’ll murder you. Why haven’t you activated the wormhole yet?”

Loki exited the Quinjet fighter and made his way over to Dr. Octavius, who was posing as a S.H.I.E.L.D. researcher.

Dr. Octavius is currently in a panic. He still has more faith in his mechanical arm than the Osborn Group’s special forces men who are around him to defend him. Unfortunately, Rorschach refused to let Dr. Octavius raise his robotic arm so he might appear to be a researcher for S.H.I.E.L.D.

“Tell me immediately, how long would it take to open the wormhole?” Loki roared angrily, raising his voice a few notches upon realizing that the ‘Researcher’ had not responded to his comments.

However, a power grid engulfed Loki’s head before the words could be said. A number of flash bombs and shock bombs were launched in all directions, just as Loki was about to use magic after realizing something was wrong with the situation.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

These flash and shock bombs were created specifically for the Asgardian being’s body. Even the eyes of the ice giant Loki can get blinded by the flash bombs’ intense light.

He briefly lost his hearing and sense of direction as a result of the high-frequency blast bomb, just like a blind and deaf crippled person losing their ability to move.

A strong electric current then rushed through Loki’s body, causing him to twitch and foam at the lips. This happened as soon as the electrical grid covering his body was activated.

“The anesthetic bomb is launched, the target has been taken!”

One by one, the Osborn Group special forces men arrived. The shield group protected the rear attack group as it continued to move toward Loki. The team members with sniper rifles then opened fire with a significant number of anesthetic bombs.

Identical to a stun grenade. They also use specially formulated anesthetic bombs, of which one-tenth of the size may stun ten elephants.

Hundreds of anesthetic bullets with needles were shot in rapid succession in an instant. Special anesthetic bullets were fired into Loki’s face, arms, and body. Loki insisted on holding out against being put into a coma despite receiving repeated electric shocks and blindness.

“You group of…damn… bugs, actually conspired against…”

Loki abruptly collapsed onto his back and the mind scepter in his hand hit the ground before he could finish speaking. Dr. Octavius gently turned around and removed the specialized sound-proof cotton put in Loki’s ears before he lost all ability to resist.

Dr. Octavius looked up at the slowly descending figure in the sky, and questioned,

“Mr. Rorschach, is this it? Didn’t you say that he is a god? How can there be such a weak god?”

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Published On: March 6, 2023

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