Rorschach said seriously to Dr. Octavius, “Otto, you are in charge of disguising the researchers of S.H.I.E.L.D., and examine this wormhole generator here, but you have to be careful. This thing is closed now, if you activate it accidentally, a swarm of aliens will come.”

Rorschach gave the command to the Osborn Group special forces soldiers who were trailing behind him, “You guys, go find a hiding spot, and put on the clothing of S.H.I.E.L.D. agents to protect Otto’s safety,”


One by one, each member of the special forces complied with orders. Rorschach plans to wait for an enemy from this location. Loki will come here right away and turn on the wormhole generator when he interferes with S.H.I.E.L.D.’s Helicarrier and then Loki can be taken alive at that point.

Dr. Octavius said, “Mr. Rorschach, can I bring up my robotic arm and dismantle this apparatus? It’s impossible for me to understand the logic of this contraption just by looking at it.”

Rorschach has improved the sensor connection method on Dr. Octavius’ mechanical arm, which is then fed into the Riverie artificial intelligence system to make it into a freely wearable model.

Rorschach said, ” You will have time to study it later. I also recruited a colleague for you to aid you in the study of the Tesseract. He should be here shortly.”

Dr. Eric Selvig, who is in charge of assisting S.H.I.E.L.D. in studying the Tesseract in the original plot, is the partner in question. Dr. Selvig is still in this world’s western region, where he is collaborating with Jane Foster to find and examine about the nine realms.

After arranging for a private plane to bring up Jane Foster and Dr. Selvig, Rorschach instructed Norman to get in touch with them once Loki had arrived. They must respond quickly when Rorschach calls since they signed an employment contract with him.

Dr. Selvig can help with the Tesseract investigation. The female Thor, Jane Foster, can contribute in some ways to the forthcoming Chitauri army attack.

Rorschach does not mean to directly harm the wormhole generator. On the contrary, he even plans to turn it on at the appropriate moment and location to let the Chitauri invade the world.

The place where Rorschach plans to let the Chitauri fall is in the forest far distant from the city, which is a deviation from the original plot.

Rorschach informed Dr. Octopus about the issues and turned to face the sky. His eyes were fixed on the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier in the distance. A green person could be seen boarding a combat plane. He shattered the fighter jet with a wave of his palms.

The fighter plane detonated in the air, and the green figure lost support and plummeted to the ground from a great height. It’s Hulk.

“Otto, you stay here and don’t move around. I’ll do something and I’ll be back soon.”

As he moved nearer, Rorschach removed his suit, exposing the little nuclear fusion reactor on his chest. With the exception of the word “X” on Rorschach’s chest, this small nuclear fusion reactor is designed to resemble Superman.

The letter “X” also has an unlimited number of other meanings and is taken from the second initial of Rorschach’s name.

Pieces of black metal were unfolding and becoming entangled about Rorschach’s torso like a swimming dragon as he pressed the miniature nuclear fusion reactor against his chest and felt an energy surge cover his entire body.

This is the extensibility feature of the Destroyer armor’s magic side, not the usage of nanotechnology. Rorschach constructed his own armor using the pieces of the Destroyer armor. Rorschach maintained the durability and self-recovery of the Destroyer armor throughout the forging process.

He was already aware that the Destroyer Armor was a wearable armor that Odin had constructed for himself to combat the Celestials.

Rorschach reconstructed this piece of armor into a formidable suit of armor that was suitable for him to wear after giving it more energy and turning on its magical powers.

Dr. Octavius noticed Rorschach was dressed in a black armor and unconsciously made the connection between him and Iron Man. “Mr. Rorschach, what… what are you planning to do?” he asked.

It was believed that Rorschach had technology similar to the iron suit. However, compared to Iron Man, Rorschach’s armor features an additional black color.

Rorschach didn’t say anything. He simply went outside, leaped into the air, abruptly broke past the sound barrier, and soared in the direction the Hulk crashed.

Dr. Octavius watched Mr. Rorschach go from his line of vision with a look of amazement, “My God, why does Mr. Rorschach’s battle armor have no propellers and still yet fly? What sort of technology is this?”

New York, somewhere over a factory.

A large green figure descended from the sky and slammed into the factory. Another black figure struck the Hulk as he was about to slam through the factory ceiling when another struck the sky like lightning.


Before the Hulk could react, there was a muffled sound, and Rorschach immediately carried him and took off into the distance.

The Hulk, who was still under the sway of the mind scepter, yelled in a fury at this point. He then raised his fist and aimed it towards Rorschach’s head, slamming it down violently.

Boom Boom Boom!

The enraged Hulk raised his fist and repeatedly hit Rorschach. The Hulk’s fist stung and roared as Rorschach’s head did not move at all. Rorschach raised his head and turned to look at the enraged Hulk.

“Since you’re unable to calm down on your own, let me assist you.”

Rorschach punched Hulk in the face before he could complete his sentence.


The right side of the Hulk’s face and the center of Rorschach’s fist was surrounded by an unseen shock wave ring. Hulk’s body appeared to have defied gravity with a single punch and began to soar uncontrolled toward the sky, rising higher and higher.

Rorschach followed closely, got near to the Hulk again, and punched him out once more as his enormous bulk climbed to a great height and prepared to fall once more.


The right face of the Hulk has also been significantly disfigured as a result of the two punches. You must be aware that the Hulk has a very powerful physical resistance, even if an intercontinental missile strikes him head-on, he might not sustain any damage.

Rorschach truly appeared to have some fractured face bones after taking two punches to the face. Rorschach hit the Hulk, sending him flying upward. Rorschach was rising into the air below, his black cloak humming as he did so.


Hulk roared above the sky with increasing ferocity, his rage had reached its peak.

Facing Rorschach’s successive attacks, Hulk uttered a thunderous roar, clenched his hands above his head, facing Rorschach’s direction, and slammed down with all his strength.


In the sky, Rorschach’s right fist and Hulk’s hands collided heavily, and a strong wind swept across the world. The two sides seemed to be still, hovering in mid-air.

“As expected from Hulk, you can block a punch with 20% of my power, so I can increase my power to 50% without worry.”

Rorschach’s eyes flashed with excitement. Now 50% of the power is close to the peak combat power against Odin when the Kryptonian blood is not fully integrated.

Rorschach unlocked the complete Kryptonian bloodline, and with the help of controllable nuclear fusion technology, he created an environment for himself that was like continuously absorbing yellow sunlight. His power ushered in a new explosive period.

An inexplicable sense of oppression descended suddenly, Hulk’s angry eyes froze slightly, and a coldness shot straight from the tailbone to the sky. His heart trembled slightly, and most of the anger in his eyes was extinguished in an instant.

He observed the young man’s body dangling in the air in front of him, with his right fist slowly retracting, like a fully drawn bow and arrow poised for action.

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Published On: March 6, 2023

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