Even if it seems logical that such a terrible occurrence happened, Nick Fury will undoubtedly be held liable because he is the current S.H.I.E.L.D. director. Nick Fury was not at all impacted by it in the original plot, and nobody even held him responsible for his carelessness.

It is evident that a sizable portion of the elite parties still supports Nick Fury.

Additionally, while being a unique American agency, S.H.I.E.L.D. is in charge of the whole World Security Council. Because of this, every movie narrative has Nick Fury facing off against the Security Council representatives of the five major powers.

During the meeting, the Hydra representatives were adamant on impeaching Nick Fury, but several senators said they would give him another chance to make amends. President Matthew made the choice during a tense standoff between the two parties.

“The United States has entered a state of war in response to this tragedy and is prepared to handle any unforeseen crisis at any time. Additionally, the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute was obliterated as a result of Nick Fury’s negligence of his duties. S.H.I.E.L.D. temporarily disqualified Nick Fury. Phil Coulson will serve as the interim director during the resignation period, and we have one week to find the Tesseract!”

The meeting will shortly be ended. One by one, the holographic representations of the top US government authorities vanished, leaving only Nick Fury seated by himself in the deserted conference room.

“Director, the next operation is still under your direction,” Agent Phil Coulson informed Nick Fury as soon as he noticed the high-ranking individuals leave.

Even though the decision to allow him to serve as the interim director came out of this discussion, Coulson was well aware that this was a compromise that backed Nick Fury’s officials. This will ensure that Nick Fury continues to be in charge of S.H.I.E.L.D. and will also silence the senators who are calling for his ouster.

Coulson received a quick pat on the shoulder from Nick Fury as he approached the door. “Phil, I’ve actually been wanting you to take over my role for some now. I will formally name you the bureau’s director after this crisis is over.”

This is not fully true because Nick Fury did indeed grant him the directorship in the Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. follow-up episode.

Without missing an opportunity, Phil Coulson promptly acknowledged his commitment and thanked Nick Fury for his cultivation. Nick Fury felt some solace in his anxious heart as he observed his talented subordinate.

After a few periods of silence, he added in a deep voice, “Phil, I feel that this experience is very out of the ordinary and that it was intended just for me. I was the target of an impeachment as soon as Loki stole the Tesseract…”

In this case, Rorschach made use of Loki’s assault on the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute by giving Sitwell the command to stop the Hydra forces from using the occasion to impeach Nick Fury.

Nick Fury was unable to predict this. After giving it some thought, he concluded that Loki must have used the mind scepter to manipulate the senior officials.

“The specter of Loki must be in play. We are going to be the only thing standing between him and his nefarious plot. So, it makes sense that Loki wants to disintegrate us. He cannot win against us…”

“Phil, quickly recall Natasha and instruct her to send Bruce Banner over. Phil, go to Tony Stark. I’m going to meet my two old friends,” commanded Nick Fury, who had an expression of seeing through everything.

Coulson is energized to carry out Nick Fury’s directive. The two instantly dispersed and started to put together the Avengers.


Sitwell immediately informed Rorschach of the outcomes of the high-level meeting of the United States at the same time.

“Honestly, Mr. Rorschach, I apologize. The assistance of President Matthew is given to Nick Fury. I can only put Nick Fury out of his duties momentarily. When The Tesseract was then retrieved by Nick Fury, he will be rehired as the director.”

Sitwell spoke with trembling as though he feared retribution for failing to carry out Rorschach’s instructions.

He hesitantly said, “Otherwise, let me arrange for someone to assassinate Nick Fury, and make sure it’s done neatly without leaving any signs,” looking up at Rorschach as he spoke.

He had to admit that Hydra had done a remarkable job of assassination. Of course, this is intended for non-extraordinary beings to be killed.

“The Dark Matter Energy Research Institute tragedy is just the start. Nick Fury will commit even more errors after getting the Tesseract. You’ll have sufficient justification then to take over S.H.I.E.L.D.” Says Rorschach to Sitwell.

Nick Fury’s power within S.H.I.E.L.D. makes it extremely difficult to remove him all at once.

The Dark Matter Energy Research Institute of S.H.I.E.L.D. and the S.H.I.E.L.D. Helicarrier were both destroyed in the movie’s plot because Loki caused internal tensions in the Avengers by using the spiritual scepter, and the Avengers raised a stink about it. Even Phil Coulson was killed by Loki at the Helicarrier scene when he attempted to stop him.

Any official could not defend themselves after such severe losses one after the other, with the exception of Nick Fury. Sitwell’s dumb little skull suddenly got stuck when he overheard Rorschach suggest that Nick Fury will still make blunders.

“Mr. Rorschach, is it possible that you and Loki are in the same group?”

Rorschach was initially taken aback by what he had just said. However, after a little period of coldness, he resumed his silent gaze on the short, bald man in front of him.

When Sitwell sensed the malevolent gaze of Rorschach, he hurried to explain, “You are a god on this planet, Master Rorschach, and Loki is the one who calls himself the god of mischief. You both are… gods.”

“Do you really believe that I will decide to work with Loki to conquer the world as a team?” Rorschach responded with a question.

Sitwell nodded swiftly. Since Rorschach is aware of every action that Loki takes, he assumes that there must be some relationship with Loki.

People in the modern society have steadily lost confidence in God. The existence of gods naturally deters the world, religion is propagated, the world submits to gods, and the world accepts the worship of all eras.

Additionally, this is consistent with Hydra’s approach to development. Rorschach gave him a slap across the face. Sitwell might believe that if he works with Loki, the entire world is virtually in our possession.

He felt the need to point out how deceptive that way of thinking is.

First off, Loki is currently merely Thanos’s running dog. Even if Loki is successful in luring the Chitauri army to Earth, he will still be the guard for Thanos at best and just a regular God and commander at worst. You might as well approach Thanos directly if you plan to team up with something of this nature.

“Remember, I’m not with Loki, Sitwell.”

“Tell me, what is the purpose of Hydra?” Rorschach said as he gently touched Sitwell’s bald head.

“The founding tenet of Hydra is that humans are incapable of mastering their own freedom. Behind the scenes, we start conflicts and start wars. We are dedicated to making the world chaotic. People will voluntarily give up their freedom for security. It’s Hydra. The hierarchy that the serpent seeks to create.” Speaking of Hydra, Sitwell made a direct statement.

When he heard this, Rorschach straightened his head, “Small in size, both physically and structurally, a forceful takeover can only meet with enduring resistance. The entirety of the world will be your enemy if you seek to rule it.”

Why did Hydra fail? One can even question why a universe ruler with Thanos’ level of power would fail? Can you definitively state that Thanos’ assertions are false?

In Rorschach’s opinion, randomly erasing half of all life in the cosmos was Thanos’ biggest error. Additionally, this implies that the remaining life in the other half of the cosmos will despise Thanos for murdering their loved ones.

The Avengers successfully restored the half of life that Thanos had destroyed by traveling through the timeline to retrieve six limitless gems, according to the plot of Avengers Endgame. Thanos came to the realization that only some people can remember the past at that point. They won’t voluntarily accept such a future and will keep fighting against what has already transpired.

If Thanos selectively wipes out half of the universe’s life, the remaining half of the population won’t even be aware that a bloodbath that spread to half the cosmos just took place. If so, will the Avengers continue to battle Thanos indefinitely and exact revenge after everything they’ve been through?

“Sitwell, Hydra’s goal ought to be to create a better world. Your old, closed-minded, decrepit views must be cast aside in favor of fresh, progressive ones that are brimming with life. Establish the proper principles and view on life in order to thrive in the new era with ambitions and aspirations!”

“The entire globe has never been our enemy. Instead, it is our responsibility to empower people, ignite their will to fight, and win their affection and support. Let the new era’s advanced Hydra concept permeate the entire world. even the entire universe and the world! Let the great ocean of humanity swallow up our true enemy.”

Sitwell was ecstatic when he heard Rorschach’s word was flying everywhere.

“I know what you mean, Lord Rorschach. You want to argue that we should brainwash everyone and make them one of us.”

Hydra is known for going above and above and is the master of brainwashing. Even when facing the most formidable foe, Hydra may gradually infiltrate, brainwash, and ultimately destroy the foe’s belief and will.

In this way, each and every one of our adversaries have the potential to be an ally or collaborator as well as a Hydra. If you remove one head, two, three, or even hundreds more will emerge in its place. Thousands of Hydras will stand up after one falls.

This is Hydra’s highest ideal in the modern era.

“I’ve got it, Lord Rorschach!” Sitwell exclaimed.

‘What kind of enterprise-level comprehension is this?’ Rorschach’s mouth twitched. The Hydra organization is, in fact, absolutely hopeless.

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Published On: March 5, 2023

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