Nick Fury hurried to the site on a special plane as soon as he became aware of the crisis at the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute, taking his assistant Agent Hill with him.

A sizable metal instrument is located in the middle of this subterranean experimentation chamber. The Tesseract is placed on the circular instrument’s center. A specialist is attempting to make touch with the Tesseract using some sort of device.

“Director Fury, the Tesseract seems to be activated by some kind of energy, and it seems to have consciousness,” the specialist said as soon as he saw Nick Fury bring someone over.

“Have you attempted turning the power off?” A ridiculous question from Nick Fury.

The so-called restarting of the computer doesn’t work. Restarting a computer is reported to be able to solve more than 90% of issues.

“Sir, the Tesseract itself is energy, therefore even if we cut off the electricity, it will still be switched on automatically,” the expert said helplessly while grinning bitterly.

After a brief exchange of words, the Tesseract abruptly erupted into blue energy sparks. Everyone present was left speechless by the unexpected shifts as the enormous energy pulses continued to explode. A strong energy vortex formed out of nowhere in an instant.

The Tesseract emitted a horizontal blue beam of light, accompanied by the brilliant light flickering ceaselessly. A few meters away, the light beam struck a void, gradually creating a little space wormhole as if the presence at the other end of the space had created a gateway.

The wormhole rapidly vanished, and in the middle of the hallway, a person holding a scepter could be seen. Loki himself is the one who is doing this.

Nick Fury and others are unaware of Loki and aren’t even aware that Thor and the Asgardians exist.

Loki easily defeated the agents present while using the scepter. “I thought the people of Midgard were extraordinary, but they were really just a bunch of weak, stupid bugs, hehehe.”

Loki was feeling quite joyful at this time.

He made an effort to assault the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents a little more vehemently, especially in light of what had happened before. He intended to terrorize the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents in order to release the guilt that Rorschach and Peter Parker had caused him.

After killing everyone in front of S.H.I.E.L.D., Loki experienced an unfathomably sour sensation across his entire body. He appears to have reclaimed his respectability as the Master of trickery.

Not all S.H.I.E.L.D. agents were slain by Loki. He wasn’t simply here to slay bugs, after all. He had higher ambitions. The mind scepter was afterward utilized by Loki to manipulate numerous agents, including Hawkeye, as well as specialists who had examined the Tesseract.

He then removed the Tesseract while controlling those agents and specialists.

Soon after, the hall’s dispersed space energy started to become more riotous, and the gateway Loki had just made started to crumble. The entire Dark Matter Energy Research Institute would be destroyed in a matter of minutes.

The Dark Matter Energy Research Institute started to fall apart after Nick Fury suffered a minor injury in the fight with Loki. Nick Fury was going to be buried alive when Hill, thankfully, arrived just in time and snatched him up and onto the aircraft.

An extraordinary energy shock burst from the lab as soon as the helicopter lifted off. The explosion was as powerful as a nuclear weapon, and the surrounding area was completely destroyed. The Dark Energy Research Institute, on which SHIELD had spent virtually incalculable sums of money, vanished in an instant.

Nick Fury, who was feeling incredibly heavy, turned to stare at the destroyed Dark Matter Energy Research Institute. Loki grabbed the Tesseract, and the expensive research facility was burned to the ground.

“Do you recognize the individual who introduces themselves as Loki, director?” After the catastrophe, Agent Hill asked.

“No matter who that Loki is, he is declaring war on us, and we must get ready for war,” Nick Fury said with a dejected expression.


Recently, Nick Fury visited the S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters. He was getting ready to recruit every member of the Avengers when Nick Fury was abruptly called in by top administrators. The five main powers’ representative in the past, Nick Fury was called to a high-level meeting of the United States this time.

Nick Fury observed the leader, Matthew Ellis, who is the current president of the United States, in the holographic projection’s meeting room. Senators and other high-ranking officials were seated on the left and right of President Matthew, who was seated directly above the meeting chamber. Several military generals were also there.

When Nick Fury observed this conflict, his head instantly grew to the size of a bull. Both those who ought to and those who ought not to have come have done so. The presence of so many influential people cannot but give Nick Fury the impression that they are waiting for him already.

The Dark Matter Energy Research Institute was obliterated less than two hours ago. How was it possible for this group to learn the news so quickly? Is there a traitor working for S.H.I.E.L.D. or the research institute?

A middle-aged official was mad before he could respond, “Nick Fury, please explain everything that happened at the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute tonight.”

“It was Loki, a guy named Loki. He opened the Tesseract and attacked us.” Nick Fury explained.

“Where is the Tesseract now?”

“Snatched by Loki,” he said.

“You’ve been mentioning this name since the beginning. Who is this person?”

“He declares himself to be Loki, the God of Mischief and the King of Asgard.”

Nick Fury called up the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute’s final monitoring screen since he realized his speech was a tad flimsy.

Loki, seen in the image with a mind scepter, is seen indiscriminately killing the S.H.I.E.L.D. operatives. President Matthew’s expression at the top darkened upon seeing this image.

A military representative jumped out right away, “I’ve advocated for the military to receive the Tesseract for a long time. You won’t be kidnapped by a clown in a costume today if you deliver it to us sooner!”

In response to the military representative, Nick Fury rolled his eyes.

Additionally, Loki is capable of mind-controlling individuals. Even if the military has boosted its soldiers, the results will only be worse if Loki is also in control of those stronger soldiers.

The current circumstance is more stable than others. After all, Nick Fury can’t say much because the Tesseract was taken from him. One of the Hydra senators coughed faintly when he noticed that the environment was almost ready.

“Okay, Nick, cut the nonsense and first tell me about today’s incident.”

Nick Fury has long been displeased with the Hydra senator. This is a great chance, especially now that Sitwell, the head of Hydra, has ordered Nick Fury to be impeached.

Nick Fury rejected after hearing the senator’s remarks, yet he still sighed helplessly. He provided a quick estimate of agent losses and casualties.

Fortunately, he requested Cole to set up the evacuation of employees ahead of time, so this time there weren’t as many casualties, and the most of the casualties were during the battle with Loki.

The Dark Matter Energy Research Institute, which cost millions to construct, as well as several apparatus and equipment seem to be the most obvious losses.

“Please allow me to retrieve the Tesseract before I accept full responsibility for this incident.” Nick Fury stated.

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Published On: March 4, 2023

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