Steve glanced towards Norman as he thought over Rorschach’s suggestion. Norman has recently taken care of Steve’s basic needs, and through various routes, Steve has also learned of the Osborn Group.

Steve was perplexed by the fact that Norman Osborn, the Osborn Group’s president, appeared to have to follow the young man in front of him.

Despite his doubt, Steve respectfully ask, “Can you make Peggy young again if I agree to be the security guard? You previously mentioned that to me, right?”

“One of many choices is the security guard. Have you brought up this issue with Peggy, by the way?” Rorschach enquired.

“Peggy told me after we talked about it that she would be happy if she could see me again. She only wants me to be able to live freely and happily, but to me, this is a weird world. Everything around me and I seems so out of place, and Peggy is the one person who makes me feel somewhat…real.”

“I know you are a superb scientist. If you can restore Peggy’s youth, as long as I can do it, I will do it without a doubt,” Steve said after taking a big breath.

Steve believes that there won’t be any pies in the sky. Rorschach is eager to assist Peggy Carter in regaining his youth, but he must make a comparable return.

Rorschach gave his words some thought before saying, “It’s not hard to make Peggy young again. Regarding you, Mr. Rogers, my suggestion is that we enter into a five-year work agreement. The particular task content is your choice. The assumption is that you are qualified for that position. There are no requirements that must be met.”

“I can select my job? This is a new thing for me.” Rorschach appeared to be making jokes with Steve.

“Now that you’ve been hired, Mr. Rogers, if you have no other questions, please give me a blood sample from Peggy, and I swear to you, within a half-year, I’ll make her young again.” Rorschach intended to leave in a car.

Steve’s commercial value was examined by Norman, and Rorschach received all the points that Rorschach was due. As for Bucky, Rorschach intends to wait until Hydra has served its purpose completely before deciding how to handle him.

Now, constructing a nuclear fusion armor as soon as feasible is crucial. Because Rorschach has previously stated that he will be granted complete authority to manage Captain America’s affairs, Norman is very clear about what Rorschach is thinking. Of course, it’s still Rorschach’s job to make Peggy Carter young again.

After all, it is still not possible to rejuvenate humans with present medical technology.

“Steve, let’s not bother Mr. Rorschach. I’ll set up the particulars for you. We guarantee you will receive welfare payments.”

Norman made no effort to present the Osborn Group as a business with a strong moral compass in front of Steve Rogers. He thoroughly displayed the story-telling and big-cake-drawing skills of the capitalist.

The story of Steve Rogers’ reemergence as Captain America was first reported by The Osborn Group. Nick Fury is still determined to be successful. He wants to kick Captain America out of the Osborn Group and has often maintained that the superhero is a soldier. But Norman is adamant about this.

The battle has long since ended, and since Captain America is now free, no one can compel him to do anything. He is not a commodity.

Norman handled everything for the military as well because of his connections.

The Osborn Group is currently the military’s top vendor, particularly for the two projects involving Terminator robots and physical enhancement drugs. There is a technological monopoly held by The Osborn Group.


About half a year has passed by quickly.

Tony Stark, the Iron Man, was ultimately recruited by Nick Fury, nearly breaking Stark Industries’ financial ceiling. Even going so far as to claim that he and Howard are sworn brothers and talking about seeing Tony mature were all displays of emotion.

Naturally, Tony didn’t buy into this drivel, but he was helpless against Nick Fury’s sentimentality. Tony also volunteered to join the Avengers and act as a consultant after learning about S.H.I.E.L.D and the Avengers project because he was intrigued by the amazing power of this universe.

In order to celebrate, Nick Fury invited the last remaining three Avengers to crack open a bottle of well-preserved champagne. Just as Nick Fury was prepared to attack the following objective, he felt as though he had made another significant stride toward success.

Coulson brought some bad news this evening.

“Director, in the Institute of Dark Matter Energy, the Tesseract has a very erratic energy pulse, and as time passes, the energy pulse it produces grows steadily larger.”

Since World War II, Howard Stark’s search and rescue team had recovered the Tesseract from the sea when Captain America crashed a Hydra aircraft into a glacier. Strategic Scientific Reserve, the forerunner of S.H.I.E.L.D., started researching the Tesseract at that point.

S.H.I.E.L.D. founded the Dark Matter Energy Research Institute in recent years. This research institute has complete internal facilities and a sizable footprint. It is the premier energy research facility in the world and was expensively constructed by S.H.I.E.L.D.

This research center says it is looking at cosmic rays, studying spacecraft accelerators, and working on other things.

In actuality, S.H.I.E.L.D is working behind the scenes to construct super energy weapons using the Tesseract’s limitless destructive energy. Though not precisely the same, this kind of activity is extremely close to what Hydra was known for doing in the past.

The Tesseract has recently started to release exceedingly erratic energy pulses, and there is a propensity for this to increase steadily. The scientists at the institute reported the issue as soon as it emerged.

“How critical is the situation?” Nick Fury was unable to stop thinking about it.

“Sorry, Director, we don’t know anything about it, but if the Tesseract’s energy pulse keeps rising, a disaster will almost certainly occur soon.” Coulson disclosed.

The specialists at the Institute of Dark Matter Energy concurred with this statement. Dr. Eric Selvig is primarily in charge of the Institute of Dark Matter Energy in the original storyline.

In contrast, Rorschach has caused Dr. Selvig to follow Jane Foster in order to research the motion of celestial stars, which is the ensuing Nine Realms event. Dr. Selvig was not hired by S.H.I.E.L.D. Hence the Tesseract study is currently being overseen by another S.H.I.E.L.D. energy field expert.

“Be ready for the worst. I’ll be there right away. Coulson, you’ll be in charge of the evacuation first.” Unexpectedly, Nick Fury felt a bad omen in his heart.

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