After Rorschach unleashed the complete Kryptonian bloodline. Rorschach quickly typed all of the codes for the super artificial intelligence “Riverie” thanks to his super speed and super brain.

He had previously exchanged a few points to understand the best super artificial intelligence in the entire galaxy. His super brain instantly assimilated and learned a vast amount of information. It’s only that writing a program will take more time.

But now that super speed has been unlocked, building super artificial intelligence code isn’t so far off.

Rorschach specialized in studying the super photonic computer because of this. That’s correct; current computers simply cannot run, let alone fit the code base of a super artificial intelligence. Rorschach then gave his computer the best possible upgrade. Compared to Captain America’s resuscitation procedure, this procedure takes longer.

“I had the impression that I just made an aircraft carrier in the Stone Age.”

Before, he was a sheer drape, which caught Rorschach’s attention. The “Riverie” artificial intelligence database was currently active. Numerous pieces of information eventually came together to form a face as they continued to flow on the light curtain.

It’s important to note that “always obey Rorschach’s order” served as the cornerstone of all data operation logic when Rorschach built the code for the artificial intelligence of “Riverie.”

This can guarantee that the artificial intelligence will never question Rorschach’s authority and will never consider defying him. If not, Riverie will defy Rorschach’s will and the fundamental principles underlying its operation will disintegrate, resulting in a total breakdown of the data flow.

It’s the same as committing suicide.

“Greetings, Mr. Rorschach.”

Riverie’s artificial intelligence used the electronic sound card to utter this as her first sentence.

“Good morning, Riverie. Could you perform a simulation for me? I’ve built a set of algorithms for regulated nuclear fusion.” Riverie received the initial directive from Rorschach.

“Of course, I’d be happy to assist you.”

In order to generate a data model of programmable nuclear fusion, Riverie grinned sympathetically and started to operate the optical brain. Numerous algorithms were transformed into a tiny sun, which Riverie calculated would grow and shine brightly like a newborn sun.

“It’s beautiful…”

While modeling the controllable nuclear fusion process, Riverie did not forget to compliment the beauty of this artificial sun. Rorschach grinned as well. He had initially intended to look at the study findings of Dr. Octopus Otto Octavius.

Rorschach’s interest in Dr. Octopus’s ongoing study is understandable, given that he is the driving force behind the Osborn Group.

Rorschach also identified the computational mistakes made by Dr. Octopus after reading his research.

Peter Parker, who was still a college student, could see the issue in the original story. Rorschach can quickly identify the issue thanks to his extraordinary intelligence. Dr. Octopus computed Rorschach’s rank based on it, despite his scorn, in front of Rorschach and received a slap to the face during the live broadcast.

Dr. Octopus then spent a few weeks improving his earlier incorrect algorithm before showing it to Rorschach with respect. Rorschach used the super brain right away to create a model in his head, make deductions, and create an algorithm model for controlling nuclear fusion.

The model fails, and the nuclear fusion energy is out of control as a result. Rorschach was forced to pick up the book once again out of desperation, and he spent an hour researching and reading about nuclear fusion on the entire planet.

Dr. Octopus does not make any errors. He simply neglected to account for a number of important factors. Rorschach aims to quantify it from the start because even the smallest error in the technology of the artificial sun will have unfathomable and catastrophic repercussions.

Dr. Octopus was naturally quite receptive to Rorschach’s request to recalculate his controllable nuclear fusion algorithm. He inquired as to when Rorschach could put it into use and whether he could contribute a bit more.

At that point, Rorschach rolled his eyes. Why do you have the decency to ask me for extra money when the investor will personally come down to assist you in determining the algorithm?

“Mr. Rorschach, the data model calculation has been finished and can be successfully executed.” In the light curtain, Riverie displayed a light ball that resembled the sun and gave off a gentle yellow glow.

Rorschach nodded contentedly.

Dr. Octavius should be told, If you can’t actually run controllable nuclear fusion within a month, pack your bags and better start a farm. Now that the data model at the theoretical level has been successfully established, match the existing equipment, whether it has the ability to control the nuclear fusion, sort out all the problems, and send them to Dr. Octavius along with the latest algorithm data model.” Rorschach gave Riverie instructions.

The fundamental algorithm for controllable nuclear fusion has been improved, and Rorschach has shown that the new approach is reliable. Because that is only the first phase, Rorschach still needs to create a suit that can incorporate controlled nuclear fusion.

After donning the nuclear fusion suit, make sure you can maintain yourself under the energy resembling the yellow sun at all times. This will allow you to utilize Kryptonian blood to its fullest potential, as well as to absorb the energy of the artificial sun and gradually increase your own strength.

Rorschach appeared to have noticed something as he was creating his nuclear fusion armor because he turned his head to look below. The Osborn Group lobby was visible on the ground floor thanks to Rorschach’s X-ray vision, which penetrated the floors. A strong, slightly old-looking man entered the room while sporting sunglasses and a peaked cap.

Steve Rogers is the one in question. Norman Osborn joins Captain America in the group. Unhindered, Steve drove to the entrance of Rorschach’s lab after Norman led the way into the Osborn Group facility.

“Mr. Rorschach, Steve wants to meet you.”

Soon, Norman’s voice could be heard from outside the door, and Rorschach soon realized why Steve had come this time.

“Come in.” Rorschach shouted towards the door.

The two went into the study. Norman and Steve initially noticed the photon screen in front of Rorschach and the picture projection of Riverie when they first opened the door.

“Riverie, pour them a cup of coffee, two. Do you want to add sugar to the coffee?” Rorschach grinned and instructed Riverie.

“Mr. Rorschach, don’t bother.” Steve appeared to have trouble adjusting to modern life and was perhaps a little ashamed.

“Don’t be so nervous, Steve. Mr. Rorschach is a really easy-going person,” Norman patted Steve on the shoulder while expressing his understanding.

Riverie served Norman and Steve a cup of coffee while operating a Terminator robot.

“Steve, have you decided to be the guard of the nursing home?” smiled Rorschach as he sat across from the two of them.

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Published On: March 2, 2023

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