Following Rorschach’s explanation, Steve couldn’t help but twitch the corner of his mouth and glare more warily and suspiciously at Rorschach. Rorschach was aware of Steve’s thoughts.

The first superhero of the United States, he is a respectable supersoldier whose fighting prowess rivals that of superhumans. He probably thinks it’s funny that he ended up in a nursing home.

“Don’t be upset, Mr. Rogers. Your force value is insignificant in today’s world, or it hasn’t been a special thing to this day. I took engaged in the study and creation of a physical augmentation drug. Today, a lot of troops and even regular people can have a variety of strengths. It lacks any negative consequences and is weaker than your strength.”

“Harry, Peter, you two come in,” shouted Rorschach from outside the door, knowing that Steve didn’t believe it.

Harry and Peter crammed into the room as the door opened, but the crowd outside the entrance remained oblivious to their presence and continued to watch the activity inside.

“You can shake hands with Mr. Rogers, Harry and Peter.” Rorschach grinned as he addressed the two.

Harry and the others have been listening in on the conversation between Captain America and Rorschach since it just started, so they naturally know why Rorschach called them in. By shaking hands, they are demonstrating their strength to Captain America.

Steve Rogers was shocked to discover that the youngster in front of him genuinely had power equal to his when they only shook hands. Peter Parker will then get his chance.

“I love you, Captain. I grew up hearing your tales. One of the people I most admire is you.”

Steve and Peter exchanged warm handshakes. He applied such a tight squeeze to Captain America’s feeble hand that he nearly made him smile through agony. Peter Parker has power that is far above that of Captain America, who at best holds the might of humanity at its height.

“Can I ask the captain to sign something for me?” Peter asked.

“I’m going to take a picture with you later because, My God, Captain, your muscles are so cool. Can I post it on my circle of friends?”

Peter chattered happily as he shook Steve’s hand. The latter’s face was nearly suffocated, and the pain was so excruciating that he nearly shattered his hand.

This youngster is a monster.

Using incredible determination, Steve yelled without feeling any pain. Without noticing, Peter even mimicked one of Captain America’s catchphrases, “Captain, you are so wonderful. I feel like I can shake hands with you like this all day long!”

“Enough, Peter.”

As soon as Rorschach scolded Peter Parker for talking too much, Parker quickly removed his hand in apology. Steve secretly stroked his hands while maintaining his cool demeanor.

Steve struggled to smile, and for a split second, his confidence as a super soldier took a serious damage.

This era is very frightening.

“Mr. Rogers, in my opinion, you have contributed too much to this nation. The time has come to live the life you want. There will be fierce competition among many departments after your return. Since Captain America still has significance today, you can always find me if you want to lead a regular life.”

Rorschach got to his feet because he didn’t anticipate Steve making a choice soon away. Because Steve Rogers still appears to be very confused.

Rorschach intends to end this show because he has other things to do “These two kids are extremely content, Steve; you can either stay here or travel to a new continent. Thrilled to be your leader.”

Rorschach was about to depart when Steve Rogers interrupted him and said, “I want to meet Peggy, is that okay?”

“You two accompany Mr. Rogers to the Osborn Welfare Nursing Home, of course, Peter. Don’t forget to put on some shades on him. Otherwise, the reporters outside won’t let you go without a fight.” Following his talk, Rorschach walked out of the room.

The newly awakened Steve Rogers then exited the theatrical stage built for him by the Osborn Group under the guidance of Peter and Harry. Steve grew increasingly quiet and disoriented as they traveled due to the high-rise structures of the modern period, but that changed once they reached the nursing home and spotted Peggy Carter with her gray hair.

“I’ve been waiting for you for a while, you’re still alive and you’re back.”

Peggy Carter, who had gray hair, struggled to utter a syllable as she lay in bed in the hospital. She finally met the one she had yearned for after seventy years. She still had regrets, but her wish had come true.

The tears in Steve Rogers’ eyes suggested that he had only recently said goodbye to his darling and that when he awoke, the sea had changed and the brave Peggy Carter had grown old.

The two high school students watching were moved to tears by this moment, which was more than 70 years overdue. Peggy was overflowing with things to say to Steve after waiting for seventy years. Like before, Steve listened intently while maintaining an incredibly kind gaze.

The two had a lengthy conversation before Peggy eventually nodded off softly and with a smile on her face. Steve tightened his grip on Peggy as he continued to consider the two recommendations Rorschach had given him.


Numerous stories about Captain America have been published throughout this time, but few people outside of the United States are aware that he has awoken and is currently caring for Peggy Carter at the Osborn Welfare Nursing Home.

In the primary plot, it takes Captain America a while to adjust to the new period after he wakes up. At the time, Nick Fury wasn’t much of a help either.

He claimed he wouldn’t impede Captain America’s freedom, but in reality, he just wanted to watch him. He sent a few operatives to keep an eye on him while he wasn’t needed. He kept recruiting Captain America, telling him the country needed him when he was required.

Every successive battle puts Captain America on the verge of death. He was still within the capabilities of humans even after receiving the super soldier serum injection. He was just at the height of human strength.

Utilize a mortal’s body to battle the gods. The only individuals who can finally convince Steve to live the life he wants are those who genuinely care about him, like Tony Stark. They took the initiative in locating Captain America for the Osborn Group.

In an effort to coerce the Osborn Group into turning over Captain America to the nation, Nick Fury repeatedly approached the military. However, Norman Osborn expertly disregarded each of them.

The military is not interested in claiming possession of Captain America because it already possesses strong super troops made possible by physical enhancement drugs. After continually hitting a brick wall, Nick Fury finally had to take a break and concentrate on influencing other targets for the time being.

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