Uncle Ben eventually stepped forward startled. He only witnessed Rorschach punch the gunman to the ground; he did not witness the shooting scene.

“You only needed one punch to put this man out, teacher Rorschach? What was your method?”

Uncle Ben nearly believed that Rorschach had killed the gangster with a single punch had he not noticed the slight ups and downs in the gangster’s chest.

The most incredible aspect of Rorschach’s appearance is how well-balanced he is. He is of the sort that figure when he wears his clothes looks thin but it looks completely different when he removes his clothes.

Uncle Ben finds it difficult to believe that Rorschach possesses such strength because he is not the type of muscular man typically seen in the United States.

“Of course, it’s because I perform 100 pushups, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 10 kilometers of running every day.”

Rorschach demonstrated his strength by rolling up his sleeves and bending his arms in the direction of Uncle Ben. He then observed the muscle lines of Rorschach.

After hearing the news, the police on patrol in the area quickly arrived. They found all the physical evidence on the spot, and as long as no one was dead, the case could be handled like any other robbery.

Simply carry out the steps. A downcast Peter Parker made his way to his house through the frantic mob.

He argued with Uncle Ben this afternoon about a few issues. He intended to play an illegal game tonight in order to get some cash so he could get a car and drive Mary-Jane. Ben was depressed because the organizer purposefully took his appearance fee away. Peter became even angrier.

Even when a robber with a gun robbed the organizer at that time, Peter didn’t care about it. Instead, he glared at them and replied, “I missed the part where that’s my problem.”

Peter glanced at the gathering in front of him as he drew near and immediately recognized two recognizable figures. They are Teacher Rorschach and Uncle Ben.

“What happened, Mr. Rorschach and Uncle Ben?” Peter approached the two after pushing through the mob.

“Thank God, Peter, I almost thought I would never see you again,” Uncle Ben exclaimed as he held the young Peter.

“Uncle Ben, calm down. Can you explain what happened?” Uncle Ben’s statement left Peter perplexed.

Rorschach explained what had happened to Peter by pointing to the gunman who was being restrained to the police car by the New York police.

At first glimpse, Peter recognized the mobster he had purposefully let go of. Peter had conflicting emotions at this point, especially after learning that the shooter nearly killed Uncle Ben.

“Thank you, Mr. Rorschach. I truly don’t know what would happen if you weren’t here.”

Peter gave Uncle Ben another hug after saying “thanks” to Rorschach. He spoke while feeling some fear, “I’m sorry, Uncle Ben, for saying that to you at lunchtime. You show me more affection than any other father, despite the fact that you are not my biological father!”

“It’s okay, Peter. The person to whom you should apologize for the most in this family is your Aunt May,” said Uncle Ben remarked while kissing Peter on the forehead.

Peter nodded, “I will, Uncle Ben.”

Rorschach felt incredibly content in his heart as he viewed the adorable photograph of Uncle Ben and the tiny spider. Rorschach still favors the version of Peter who can grow up carefree and cheerful rather than the bitterness and hatred in the original story.

“I truly don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Rorschach. You saved my life,” Uncle Ben said after giving Peter a long embrace.

“Just doing what I must do, that’s all. Anybody with a sense of justice will do the same as I did.”

Rorschach smiled in response. “Peter, your uncle Ben was terribly afraid today, you should spend time with him tonight,” he said, turning to face Peter.

“Okay, Mr. Rorschach.” Peter agreed.

“Get home quickly, it’s getting late.” Rorschach made a hand motion.

After the police completed a series of steps, Rorschach and the others are free to leave normally. After saying goodbye to Little Peter and Uncle Ben, Rorschach made a hasty retreat to the Chinese eatery on West Street, but sadly, the female teacher was no longer present.

Rorschach went home after finishing the training exercises for the day and moving the first level of the exclusive work forward by one day without thinking about the female teacher.

Rorschach evidently felt a little more powerful after finishing the training mission. He took a shower, then lay on the bed as his consciousness entered the interface of the system.

Character attributes:

Name: Rorschach

Strength: D

Spirit: E

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skill: Man of Steel (can be upgraded to full Kryptonian bloodline, default Kryptonian bloodline template: El Family.)

Mission points: 40180

Looking at the huge task points of more than 40,000, Rorschach felt unprecedented satisfaction.

He will only receive a few dozen points for the routinely performed modest jobs. Rorschach accumulated points for a whole year in order to redeem two publications in natural science journals. Today’s reward of 40,000 points in a single day is the best feeling ever.

The system interface is controlled by Rorschach’s thoughts as the image in front of him flashes by and innumerable items neatly materialize in his line of sight. The system mall is separated into a number of sections, practically all of which are comprised of items for daily use.

Except for living things, the majority of the items that may be observed in daily life will be sold in the system mall, and the required mission points are not excessive. Examples include mobile phones, laptops, sports cars, gold, rifles, and other weaponry

It rarely costs more than 1,000 and a few dozen.

The main section of the mall is primarily based on science and technology. The two publications by Rorschach that were published in journals of natural sciences were redeemed in this section.

Ordinary science and technology can be exchanged for a low number of task points, some of which are equivalent to expensive super soldier serum formulas. Rorschach takes a look.

[To exchange the low-end version of the super soldier serum formula, the required mission points are 50,000 points, to exchange the perfect level super soldier serum formula, the required mission points are 70,000 points.]

“Perfect super soldier serum can considerably tap the potential of the human body without causing any side effects, allowing the user’s strength, speed, and ability to approach the limit of humans.”

Super soldier serum, as we are all aware, has several drawbacks, one of which is that it can intensify inner urges. Simply explained, a good person who receives the super soldier serum will become even more good, like Captain America.

On the other hand, if a person who harbors bad thoughts gets injected, those thoughts will grow stronger and he would turn into a supervillain. The Red Skull is the emblematic figure.

This issue is not present in the system’s perfect-level super soldier serum. This super soldier serum only unlocks the physical potential of the person who receives it and has bad side effects.

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