The media must move quickly to catch up on this breaking news after The Osborn Group announced the Captain America news, which caused numerous individuals to stay up all night eating food. The media also received overtime notices.

Rorschach stood on top of the Statue of Liberty, looking down. The sun has barely risen, although it’s already four in the morning. People continue to flow in and out of the city streets below. Some people are chasing their aspirations on the basketball court in the face of the rising sun, while others have just woken up from slumber.

On Rorschach’s face, the reflection of a sunbeam shined. He raised his head to observe the sun above. At four in the morning, the sun has set.

[Ding, congrats to the host for finishing the third step of the special mission, “X-ray vision,” whereby the host’s eyes have developed the capacity to perceive through materials like X-rays!]

Rorschach eventually acquired the seventh Kryptonian ability after hearing the prompt tone from the system, and with these seven abilities, he can be upgraded to have a full Kryptonian bloodline.

Rorschach consciousness enters the system interface.

Character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain, Overspeed ​​Flight, Thermal Vision, Freezing Breath, X-Ray Vision (Have obtained seven Kryptonian abilities, can be upgraded to full Kryptonian blood. Note: The default Kryptonian bloodline template: El family.]

Mission Points: 251632

[Ding, the host, has amassed seven special Kryptonian abilities that can be upgraded to a full Kryptonian lineage. Do you desire an upgrade?


Obeying the commands in Rorschach’s mind. His numerous senses appeared to have been amplified innumerable times in a single instant. Rorschach has the ability to see through every building, every room, and even the heartbeat of every individual in New York City in a single glance.

Rorschach’s mind was inundated with countless voices and information. As distant as the noise of airplanes arriving and passing across the sky, and as near as the sound of people’s footfall, small talk, and even breathing in the city below…

Rorschach closed his eyes and made full use of his super intelligence. He is enabling his brain to automatically recognize and filter out irrelevant information by building a set of algorithms. When Rorschach opened his eyes once again, everything appeared to have returned to normal.

Is this a fully developed Kryptonian bloodline’s power?

Rorschach believes that the system should be at least as trustworthy as the El family, even though he is unaware of his Kryptonian ancestry and place in the Kryptonian gene pool. The system has historically proven fairly reliable.

Rorschach returned to the system interface, as expected. His list of character traits has slightly changed.

Character attributes:

Lineage: Kryptonian Bloodline

Level: 4

Additional attributes: None

Skills: Man of Steel, Bio-Force Field, Super Strength, Super Speed.

Mission Points: 259632

Strength-related qualities had vanished and been replaced by a Kryptonian lineage level. The partition of Kryptonian bloodline gene sequences in the system. There are a total of five levels. They include common people, soldiers, expert combatants, scientists, and generals.

In addition, there is the possibility of “infinite potential” that goes beyond the capabilities of Krypton’s genetic engineering. The fourth level, the level of scientists and Rorschach in the present, is where Superman’s family resides.

By the time it reaches the fifth level, Kryptonian genetic cultivation has practically attained its full potential.

One must acquire the complete sequence of Kryptonian genes, or integrate the code of life like Superman, in order to pass through the inherent fifth level of Kryptonian blood and enter the sixth level of limitless potential.

The Kryptonian bloodline cannot be upgraded merely by sunbathing. There isn’t a Kryptonian from the past who can spend a few more years in the sun and turn into a golden superman.

Rorschach inhaled deeply and raised his hands gradually as an invisible energy that was both strong and delicate gradually spread throughout his body. The biological force field is an exclusive trait for Kryptonians.

Even though Rorschach had previously been able to exhibit a biological force field, it had only a mostly Kryptonian ancestry, making it very feeble. Rorschach can naturally exhibit a true biological force field now that he possesses a full Kryptonian lineage.

Kryptonians have a special biological energy known as the “biological force field.”

The main objective is to defend those nearby from the strong Kryptonians. The most obvious point is that Lois would be instantly destroyed if Superman cannot control his strength when they are making out if there is no biological force field protecting them.

This event won’t occur because of the biological force field’s protection.


The Osborn Group’s press conference began at nine as planned.

On behalf of the Osborn Group, Norman Osborn vividly described the challenges and risks they faced while searching for Captain America. The Osborne Group, however, persisted.

The World War II superhero Captain America, Steve Rogers, was finally located in the Arctic ice on the basis of the tenet that there is no problem, but there is difficulty in solving the challenge.

There was a brief period of resounding applause. Clearly, the public holds Captain America in the highest regard. Many people were exposed to Captain America’s story as children. His brave acts have served as an inspiration to succeeding generations.

In fact, Captain America could be viewed as a religious icon.

In Marvel, Red Skull’s plan was foiled, but Captain America’s victory over it was more a result of his travels, which gave people a sense of hope for the war’s outcome and directly assisted the United States in selling off a significant amount of its debt.

To put it plainly, war brings money. The situation for winning World War II was fully set when they had an economic lead before jumping into the situation.

After more than 70 years, Captain America’s influence has once more been felt. Norman’s remarks at the press conference immediately contributed to the Osborn Group stock rising once more. The Osborn Group was valued on par with Stark Industries prior to annexing Hammer Industries, thanks in large part to the military’s staunch backing.

The Osborn Group has now surpassed Stark Industries for the first time following today’s news announcement. This momentum suggests that the Osborn Group’s growth cannot be stopped until Stark Industries delivers some positive news in the future.


Medical District Corridor, Osborn Group.

Harry used the company’s powers to take Mary Jane and Peter Parker directly to Captain America’s treatment.

“Do you anticipate that Captain America will suddenly awaken, Mr. Rorschach? How are you going to let him know that he has been asleep for more than 70 years if he suddenly wakes up?”

Peter had already inquired about Captain America a hundred times before. “The bodily functions of Captain America are now totally restored, and it is anticipated that he will shortly awaken from his sleep.”

“As for him waking up, you can rest assured that we have specially decorated an area for him on the 18th floor of the company in the style of 70 years ago, and designed the corresponding script. Let Captain America get used to it first. By the way, we are recruiting extras for this script. Are you interested?” Rorschach still patiently explained to him.

Retro architecture and decorations are needed. Even if the greatest actor in the world is invited over, there is no way to hide it from Captain America because of his alertness.

Rorschach thinks it is much preferable to give Captain America some breathing room before telling him the truth as opposed to simply saying, “Hey, Captain, welcome to the twenty-first century.”

The three indicated their interest in taking part after learning that extras were being sought for the script.

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Published On: March 2, 2023

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