It was 1:30 in the morning.

A message was formally released by Osborn Group. declared that the battle hero Captain America, also known as Steve Rogers, had been discovered in the glacier by the Osborn Group Arctic expedition team and attached pictures and high-definition footage of Rogers being treated in the medical facility bearing the Osborn Group logo.

The moment this revelation broke, the entire US population as a whole was blown by this information.

“Live videos can’t be faked. As we all know, they used special effects. The video must have had special effects added by The Osborn Group!”

“Is there any possibility? I mean, is it feasible that the person there is genuinely a Captain America-like actor?”

“Unless you let me touch it, I have reason to believe that such a massive pectoral muscle is made of silicone.”

The Osborn Group stated that it would host a press conference at nine in the morning and invited certain media to enter the Osborn Group to observe Captain America’s treatment procedure just as everyone on the internet was being forced to stay up late to watch it. But everyone on staff is required to follow the regulations and respect the captain’s sleep.



After a hectic day, Nick Fury just drifted off to sleep. When Tony was near death from palladium poisoning, Nick Fury was unable to gain Rorschach’s trust to carry out his plan because Rorschach had already established the link of new components.

Tony Stark responded immediately to S.H.I.E.L.D’s request by saying, “You can’t afford me.”

He hadn’t anticipated how challenging it would be to create the Avengers Alliance. None of the other people on the list—aside from Hawkeye and Black Widow—could be enlisted. The third name on the list is Tony.

Spider-Man, a benevolent vigilante who has recently been active in Queens, New York, is the fourth contender. He was recently identified by S.H.I.E.L.D.

Peter Parker expressed his excitement by asking numerous questions. Nick Fury suspected something was going on when Peter viciously declined his invitation once more.

“I’m sorry, but I can’t join your Avengers because I’m only a high school student.”

Nick Fury was furious because he kept running into barriers. The frequency of rejection has increased significantly during the last few days compared to earlier.

He wanted to focus on his objectives and enlist more Avengers members because Black Widow and Hawkeye won’t be able to manage all of their problems on their own in the future.

Bruce Banner is the fifth candidate on the list. Since the battle between the Hulk and the monster in New York, SHIELD has been keeping track of Banner’s location and will send recruiters to find him if required.

Steve Rogers, Captain America, who crashed the Hydra plane into the Arctic ice seventy years ago, is the final and sixth candidate. There aren’t many reliable detection methods available since Arctic glaciers endure such extreme circumstances.

Thus, locating Captain America came last. Nick Fury still didn’t want to give up on Iron Man Tony Stark. He would utilize his acquaintance with Howard Stark if he was unable to. This big nephew ought to put up a show for Tony.

After all, Nick Fury is still relying on Iron Man’s technology to discover Captain America’s whereabouts. Agent Phil Coulson then pounded on Nick Fury’s door.

“Director, Director, there’s a problem!” Outside the door, Coulson shouted loudly.

Nick Fury appeared as though he desired to murder someone. He hurriedly got out of bed, put a nightcap on his head, and walked to the door.

“Coulson, you better have something very important, or the repercussions will be quite severe,” Nick Fury addressed Coulson after opening the door.

“It’s really important! Captain America was dug out of the glacier!” Coulson concisely stated the news.

Nick Fury was up and alert when he realized it was Captain America.

The once-decadent elderly face became suddenly radiant, and both eyes gleamed with joy at the sight of a stunning woman like ravenous wolves “Captain America has been located? My God, who found him, and where is he now?”

“The Osborn Group is involved. At this moment, Captain America is in the Osborn Group’s medical facility.” Coulson gave an honest response.

Nick Fury’s smile became more constricted. After being in shock for a while, he began to flinch, his skin darkened, and he couldn’t help but scream, “The Osborn Group, motherfucker. It has to be Rorschach’s doing.”

Nick Fury was forced to come to the conclusion that Rorschach must always be involved whenever S.H.I.E.L.D. looks into a noteworthy occurrence. It might be viewed as a coincidence once or twice. But what’s odd is that he appears to be involved in every situation.

Nick Fury took a minute to collect himself before turning to face Coulson with piercing eyes, “Bring a group for me and go introduce yourself to them. I’m heading to the Osborn group to request that they hand Captain America.”

It makes sense to intervene in such events using the FBI’s identities. Coulson, though, seemed powerless, “Are you serious, director? Shouldn’t you bring in an army if you’re certain you want to harm the Osborn Group in that way?”

Since during the Stark Industries Technology Expo, the Osborn Group’s super troops battled Hammer Industries’ robotic iron soldiers. People now perceive the Osborn Group as a superhuman training facility rather than a biotechnology corporation.

Are you confident that a team of fully armed mortal agents can pose a threat to a squad of super soldiers who have had individual tactical backpacks, have had physical enhancement injections, and have defeated iron robots like a father would do to their son?

Again, Nick Fury ceased speaking. In truth, Nick Fury had already bought a batch of potions for physical improvement and individual tactical packs for the S.H.I.E.L.D. agents. The Osborn Group simply failed to deliver the items despite the contract being signed and the deposit is paid.

The production line is overworked, and there are too many orders, which causes the delay. The delivery schedule is contingent upon the Osborn Group’s production line’s operational status, according to the contract. The buyer has the right to end the contract if he is dissatisfied unilaterally.

“Yes, the army! Coulson, you are so smart!”

Nick Fury had the idea that since Captain America had formerly served in the military, he could contact certain generals to discuss this issue with the Osborn Group. Nick Fury still has some relationships and a good reputation because he oversaw S.H.I.E.L.D. for such a long time.

At the same time. Tony Stark, who is currently developing the Mark 7 armor, saw the news that Captain America had been discovered. He simply paused for a brief moment, closed the news nonchalantly, and returned to work to modify the Mark 7 blueprints.

Queens, New York.

Peter Parker, having recently prevented a robbery, is moving across the densely populated neighborhood of New York City with its many high-rise structures while swaying his spider silk. The phone in the pocket was now vibrating constantly.

He unlocked the phone while simultaneously switching to swinging the spider silk with one hand while removing it from the spider costume with the other. It is jam-packed with Captain America news.

“What? Captain America was discovered by The Osborn Group on an Arctic glacier. I mentioned that Mr. Rorschach vanished out of nowhere for a month. He apparently traveled to the North Pole!”

Peter was about to call it a day and go home, but when he saw the news, he immediately turned around and headed straight for the Osborn Building.

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Published On: March 1, 2023

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