“We’ve got a massive one in the net!”

The sailors turned the crane’s power all the way up, but they were unable to raise the fishing net as they had hoped. Additionally, this caused a severe tilt throughout the entire ship.

“No, we have to swiftly cut the fishing net or otherwise, the boat will tip, and we’ll drown in the ocean.” The first mate pulled out a little knife and prepared to cut the fishing net’s cord.

A man suddenly materialized amid the sailors. The man extended his other hand, seized the fishing net’s rope, and gently raised it upward while placing one hand in his pocket.

The young man raised the fishing net with one hand because a crane couldn’t lift it. The enormous fishing net appeared to be propelled out of the water by a strong force before drawing an arc in the sky and landed on the fishing boat.

The hull of the fishing boat suddenly sank due to its weight. Before clearly observing what was inside the fishing net, they waited until everyone had stopped moving. It was an extremely large iron mass that resembled an airplane wing.

“What is this?”

“You…how did you hold it up?”

Everyone on the boat was now focusing on Rorschach. He shrugged, did not respond to the crew’s inquiries, and kept his gaze fixed on the water.

Nearby, numerous aircraft wrecks were dispersed. Rorschach thoroughly examined the object and was essentially certain that it was the Hydra fighter with whom Captain America had struck the glacier seventy years prior.

“Captain, you go back first. The storm is approaching!” Rorschach was fully aware that the discovery of the plane’s components implied the presence of Captain America in the area’s waterways.

At this time, Rorschach subconsciously glanced at the system interface.

Character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain, Super Speed ​​Flight, Thermal Vision, Freezing Breath (After obtaining seven Kryptonian abilities, you can upgrade to Kryptonian bloodline, upgrade progress 6/7. Note: The default Kryptonian bloodline template: El family.)

Mission Points: 251632

Mission Board:

Exclusive mission Phase 3 (Frozen Breath): The host needs to spend a month in the North Pole so they may experience the subzero temperatures and frigid air necessary to master the Kryptonian’s frozen breath.

Mission progress: 30/30

Exclusive mission stage 3 (X-Ray vision): The eyes of a Kryptonian can see right through most things. The host will briefly be able to see things from several perspectives if he stares at something for longer than ten minutes. The host can acquire permanent vision by using his power to see through 5,000 times. (Note: Lead and magic barriers do not cause the X-ray vision effect to work on Kryptonians.)

Mission progress: 4909/5000

The mission of freezing breath in the third stage has been completed. After all, this mission is the simplest, and it only needs to stay in the North Pole for a month.

It takes a little longer to use the “X-ray vision,” but there is still some left over for Rorschach to work during the day and night. He can finish the “x-ray vision” task as long as he uses his ability 91 times.

Rorschach hadn’t realized he was so close to having pure Kryptonian blood until now. Rorschach abruptly leaped onto the ship’s fence, startling the captain.

“What are you doing, Mr. Rorschach? Don’t you think we should go back?”

“Don’t worry about me. You should go first.” He said.

Rorschach waved at them and plunged into the ocean, despite what the crew might have believed. Rorschach’s eyes reactivated their capacity to perceive his x-ray vision in the chilly seawater. The other half of the plane was eventually discovered in a seabed river after an x-ray survey of the surrounding water area.

“I’ve finally found you, Captain America.”

Rorschach immediately began to accelerate, using his flight to approach the glacier’s front, then fiercely shut his eyes. When he opened them again, his eyes were completely red.

Rorschach launched two red lasers from his eyes straight through the glacier in front of him, completely cutting out the plane inside, and the seawater around him suddenly began to boil.

A phone call tonight roused Norman Osborn from his sleep. As he was about to lose his temper, he picked up the phone and noticed that Rorschach was listed as the caller.

Twenty minutes later, Norman Osborn and the best private medical staff in New York arrived at the Osborn Group Building.

Norman Osborn regarded the patient in the intensive care unit lying on the hospital bed in the hallway of the medical area with confused eyes.

When he saw the man, his well-built muscles nearly tore through the Star-Spangled Banner combat outfit that he was wearing. The man had a distinguishable face, clearly, it was Steve Rogers or Captain America.

Only a thin layer of ice was left to shield Captain America after Rorschach had pulled him out of the glacier. After spending the night on a flight from the North Pole to New York, Rorschach instructed Norman to call in a top medical team to help Captain America.

In the medical field, freezing resuscitation has long been challenging, and there are very few successful cases. However, Captain America’s body is significantly superior to regular humans thanks to the super soldier serum that has fortified him. His vital signs steadily improved after numerous thawing treatments, even after 70 years of frozen beneath the glacier.

He merely requires ongoing monitoring and care because he hasn’t yet regained consciousness.

“So, you traveled to the North Pole and discovered Captain America, Mr. Rorschach?” When Norman once wondered what Rorschach did when he went out, he realized that ‘going to find Captain America’ was the only thing that could not possibly be true.

“We can’t leave a hero in the glacier to doze off forever.” Rorschach spoke a lofty-sounding phrase.

For a moment, he stared at Captain America, who was still asleep, and he asked, “Can we share Captain America’s information with the public, Mr. Rorschach? Or should we keep it secret?”

“There’s no need to keep it a secret unless you want to lock him up.” Rorschach answered.

“Mr. Rorschach, I have an idea. Captain America’s symbolic significance today is greater than his actual value. Unquestionably, if we can make him the Osborn Group’s spokesperson, it will expand our market.” Norman spoke in an expectant manner.

Consider a period when the U.S. used Captain America’s performances to raise money for government bonds. Even if there are some historical quirks, Captain America’s effect is still felt widely today.

The Osborn Group has now created the ideal physical enhancement medication with the help of Rorschach. Super soldiers can already be produced in large quantities.

As a result, Captain America’s strategic importance has substantially diminished, and even a non-commissioned officer-level Terminator robot has far outperformed Captain America in terms of fighting power.

After all, Norman is a businessman, and he appreciates the financial benefits Captain America may provide to the organization or to Rorschach.

“I have no objection to allowing Captain America to become our spokesperson, but is he willing to be part of our company?” Rorschach said when asked about this.

“Mr. Rorschach, you saved him, and we will provide him with the best psychiatric care and conditions. I’ll do everything I can to help him fit in with this society.” Norman asserted himself.

“Norman, you can decide for yourself.”

Rorschach sent Captain America to Norman Osborn to care for, then returned to practice his “X-ray vision.”

The seven Kryptonian bloodlines’ unique skills can be acquired in just a few hours. Rorschach will be able to integrate the whole Kryptonian bloodline once the seventh ability is attained. He is about to collect the entire Kryptonian bloodline.

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Published On: March 1, 2023

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