“Bucky, huh.” Rorschach pondered for a moment.

He has recently greatly influenced Hydra members’ fates, but it has gained him enough points. He also killed Alexander Pierce, gave Sitwell control of Hydra, and changed the Captain America 2 storyline.

Although the “Insight Project” of Hydra is still in operation. But now that Hydra was no longer a danger, the Insight Project was seen by Rorschach as a surveillance system keeping an eye on the entire planet.

The new version of the Insight Project has evolved into an early warning system based on each person’s growth trajectory before assessing their potential criminal behavior.

Crime-related deaths and property losses can be significantly decreased in this way. Just as the new Insight Project was getting started, the system assigned Rorschach an assignment to award him 100,000 points.

Rorschach will receive 100,000 points from the system when the new Insight Project is successfully carried out and fly three helicarriers above the clouds.

Rorschach had to casually dismiss Bucky’s issue because he hadn’t yet figured out how to solve it, “Wash away Bucky’s memories related to the last ten years, and then find a base to freeze it.”

“Understood!” Sitwell answered right away.

Rorschach went on to say, “Later, I’m going to spend some time outside. You’re in command for Hydra to skulk on and look for an opening to impeach Nick Fury.”

“Impeach Nick Fury?”

Sitwell once more flashed an uncomfortable expression, “Leader Rorschach, I can make plans to have Nick Fury killed if he stands in your way. This could be a little challenging if he needed to be impeached.”

“Nick Fury is simply unfit to serve as a leader and does not deserve death yet. I want you to take care of everything now so that you may impeach him. Until then, you will have the chance to do so.” said Rorschach.

“Please rest assured, Leader Rorschach, I will be ready!”

Sitwell was very interested in learning more about the “opportunity” Rorschach was referring to, but he thought that Rorschach was unwilling to elaborate. As a result, Sitwell restrained his ire and dared not press the matter further. Sitwell reported on his efforts and then hurried off.

The Hydra and S.H.I.E.L.D. still have a lot of issues to resolve after suffering the recent upheaval.

After Sitwell left, Rorschach stood up from the president’s chair and said to Norman beside him, “Norman, come with me.”

“As you wish.” Norman responded and respectfully followed behind Rorschach,

The two entered the president’s office before arriving at the enormous research room directly across the hall. Here, Rorschach typically studies and conducts research. Rorschach approached a metal refrigerator leaning up against the wall, opened the door, and removed two light blue medication bottles from it.

“What is this, Mr. Rorschach?”

Norman quickly recognized his own name and that of his son Harry on the two medication bottles. Suddenly, Norman appeared to have realized something, and he regarded Rorschach with surprise and skepticism.

Rorschach gave a nod, “I previously committed to assisting you in resolving the Osborn family sickness. This is the genetic medication I created using the two of your blood samples.”

“I don’t know how to thank you, Mr. Rorschach.” Norman was ecstatic.

“Norman, you deserve it because you have demonstrated your worth and loyalty.”

Indifferently waving his hand, Rorschach continued, “I have a task to complete. I must leave for a month. Please watch out for Hydra on my behalf.”

When Norman initially discovered Sitwell and the others were the infamous Hydra organization, he was quite shocked. He shared the general belief that Hydra had vanished with the passing of Red Skull.

“You still have no faith in Sitwell?” Hydra did not leave a favorable impression on Norman.

“Sitwell is a coward. He is afraid of dying, so he won’t desert me, but Sitwell is powerless against Hydra. Additionally, Hydra is divided into numerous factions, and many of its adherents are fervent believers who have little regard for mortality. Hydra will inevitably spiral out of control over time.”

Rorschach never planned to fully accept the Hydra organization. Instead, he just wanted to control the Hydra commander and let him handle things on his own. Hydra is a city with a lot of crimes and a very open environment. Naturally, Rorschach couldn’t make such an error.

“Why not eliminate Hydra as soon as possible, Mr. Rorschach? given that it has such a hidden threat?” Norman enquired.

According to Rorschach, “Hydra is still somewhat helpful at the moment, and I need to know all the Hydra members, all the secret base information, and then catch them all at once, to ensure that we can wipe out the roots and make this organization fully disappear from this world.”

“I understand, Mr. Rorschach. Rest assured that I will keep an eye on Hydra.” Norman remarked with a courteous nod.


One month later. Somewhere in an arctic glacier.

On the icy sea, a civilian whaling ship is at it. The small ship rocked back and forth on the sea as though it would flip over at any moment as the sky grew darker and the wind became chilly and snow-flecked.

“Captain, there will shortly be a blizzard. Why don’t we turn around?”

The sailor shouted into the cabin from the deck while picking up the empty fishing net from the water and expressing some displeasure.

This whaling ship has been drifting in the ocean for the previous month. The sailors have often lamented that they can’t even see a ghost, let alone whales in the region. They are genuinely baffled as to why they would wish to direct the ship to this location.

When the captain heard the sailors’ complaints, he went to the deck. He shook his head and cast an unconscious glance up at the ship “Our client remained silent. What is the matter with your yell?”

Together, the sailors likewise turned to look at the ship’s client. A 20-year-old male was standing on top of the ship. This young man spent a lot of money a month ago to rent the whaling ship and pay the sailor to carry out his orders.

The captain initially declined, but the young man’s offer was substantial. The hard effort of the captain for a month by this man is equal to a year’s worth of work.

The young man gave orders to the ship to travel to a different sea area every day for the following month. From the time the ship sailed out to sea until it returned to port, the young man stood on the top of the ship, gazing out at the sea.

“Does our client’s story resemble the Titanic?”

“You can’t say that. Staring at the sea continuously may mess your mind, because normal people just don’t have the time to talk about that.”

“What the heck, Captain? We should return as soon as we can because the storm is approaching.”

The sky was gradually growing darker while the seamen chattered. The chilly air was too much for even the sailors wearing heavy down coats. The skipper cast his gaze above.

The dense clouds in the distance are steadily approaching this side. He sighed, motioned to the last fishing net, and said, “Put the last net away. I will go inform the client that we are ready to return.”


The sailors were immediately inspired and pulled the last net hard when they heard that they could call it a day. The fishing net appeared to catch something big. Though, this time, despite their best efforts, the crane on the ship and all of the men failed to raise it. Even the entire ship started to tilt.

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Published On: February 28, 2023

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