The sound of Rorschach’s voice echoed like thunder. Agent Sitwell knelt on the ground the moment his feet stopped moving. Rumlow carefully bowed his knees and squatted down toward Rorschach after taking a glance at the blood and flesh on the ground.

Only Alexander Pierce remains of the three Hydra members that are still alive. Pierce tried to take a deep breath while repressing the instinctive fear, despite the fact that he was also incredibly terrified in his heart.

He even spoke while gazing at Rorschach, “I won’t bow down to you, whether you’re a real God or not. Two heads will grow if you cut off one. Long live Hydra!”

Pierce is Hydra’s current leader, and he is the most fearless among them all because he is the organization’s leader. He is adamant that Hydra will never be defeated and that someone else will carry out Hydra’s noble mission even after he passes away.

Pierce was ready to take the poison when Rorschach suddenly appeared in front of him. He reached out and took hold of Pierce’s neck.

“I admire your courage, but I detest it when someone goes against my wishes. I will let you die if you want, but it must be done another way.”

Pierce’s mouth was forced open by Rorschach, who then let his fangs fly. When the palms finally release, Pierce is free to land again.

“You have let the world down, Alexander Pierce.”

Pierce’s legs were gradually burned and melted by two flaming rays of light that emerged from Rorschach’s eyes the next instant, leaving a cloud of dust afterward. Rorschach seized Pierce’s neck and crushed his larynx. Although going through unfathomable suffering, Pierce was still unable to speak.

Alexander Pierce, the current Hydra leader, the previous S.H.I.E.L.D. director, and the head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security has totally disintegrated into dust. Rumlow, who was accustomed to dealing with life and death, couldn’t stop shaking uncontrollably all over his body as well. Agent Sitwell was so terrified that he nearly lost control of his own body.

Rorschach brutally murdered Pierce in an effort to set a bad example for others.

He turned to face Agent Sitwell and Rumlow, his eyes still burning, and continued, “You guys are brilliant. Hydra will now submit to my commands, do you understand?”

Rorschach employs fear to force others to submit, as if using their own weapon against them. Hydra is best at creating fear and compelling people to comply.

“Understood, you will now be our leader,” said Agent Sitwell, nodding his head.

Rumlow is merely a soldier and is not as articulate as Sitwell. He also remarked, “I am willing to obey your directions,” as he nodded this time.

“Pierce is dead. I will give you a week. Can you succeed Alexander Pierce and become the new head of Hydra?” said Rorschach as he gradually released the heat in his eyes.

Sitwell is not Hydra’s highest-ranked personnel, but he is the most prominent one. Rorschach desires to assist him in leading Hydra since doing so will help him carry out his future plan.

Agent Sitwell shook his head in fear and said, “I personally can’t compare to Pierce, he has a lot of influence, and a lot of other personnel have a higher level than I am.”

“Even though they are higher than you, it makes no difference. I can even give you a batch of physical enhancement potions. Isn’t Hydra the master of coercion, intimidation, and brainwashing? Many personnel are unable to accomplish it. I want you to do it.”

Rorschach was a little bit impatient. For Rorschach, defeating the Hydra is a game. He considered employing Hydra to resolve the S.H.I.E.L.D. problem because he didn’t want to be revealed to the public before obtaining the full amount of Kryptonian blood.

It would be wasteful if Sitwell couldn’t even maintain his position as Hydra’s leader with his own backing. Sitwell instantly said in a panic that he would unquestionably succeed Alexander Pierce as the new leader of Hydra within a week after sensing Rorschach’s aura.

“Good. Obtain 20 physical enhancement drugs from the Osborn Group tomorrow. In addition, clean up my yard. I want everything associated with the Winter Soldier destroyed from this earth. Except for the one in my yard, do you understand?” Rorschach re-asked.

“Please be certain that I will do that,” Sitwell quickly nodded.


Rorschach gave a satisfied nod before indicating the disorderly home “I’ll let you take care of the cleaning. I expect that everything will go back to as it was when I arrived here tomorrow morning.”

The previous shooting did not draw much attention because Hydra’s commandos’ weapons were all silenced. Additionally, this made Sitwell’s cleaning tasks much simpler. Rorschach can’t possibly stay at home tonight; he must go back to the Osborn Group.

Rorschach intended to cure the Osborn family’s genetic sickness before leaving because the third portion of the mission would only involve traveling to the North Pole.

Rorschach swapped the Kryptonian genetic engineering data after returning to the Osborn Group.

Krypton has some of the most advanced genetic engineering technology in the entire Marvel/DC world. Even before a Kryptonian is born, they can arrange the gene sequence for the baby’s future existence.

Offspring of scientists will also become the best scientists, while children of generals and soldiers are all incredibly brave. Children of artisans are also the best artisans.

However, both success and failure are also the results of genetic engineering. Although Krypton’s genetic engineering appears to be effective, in this way, it prevents every child from having a dream.

Under this societal structure, the entire globe resembles a body of still water, and everyone serves as a cog in the wheel of society like mindless automatons. The downfall of Krypton is more complicated than just environmental destruction.

After a few days.

After obtaining the potion for physical improvement, Agent Sitwell started a thorough purge within Hydra. Hydra excels at coercing people into becoming puppets by using threats and coercion to take away their freedom and even their ability to think for themselves.

He compelled a number of senators who were higher than him to submit to him in just five days. The Hydra that Alexander Pierce had spent decades constructing fell to pieces in a matter of seconds. Sitwell rose to be Hydra’s leader among the rubble of the previous hierarchical system.

President’s Office of the Osborn Group.

Norman Osborn stepped back in deference as Rorschach sat back on the president’s chair. Sitwell arrived below alone in order to avoid drawing further attention and informed Rorschach of the most current work.

“I have deleted all information regarding the “Winter Soldier,” leader Rorschach. Many of the participants have vanished into this reality, and some of the survivors have also been indoctrinated to forget the pertinent details.”

As he rubbed his hands together and glared adoringly at Rorschach, Sitwell continued, “As for that Winter Soldier named Bucky, What are you going to do with it?”

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