Rorschach attempted to use “X-ray Vision,” but it had no meaningful impact. Unfortunately, X-ray vision imaging’s colors are not as vibrant and aesthetically beautiful as they are in reality.

After experimenting with “X-ray vision” for a while, it was becoming late, the front desk clerk had already left for the day, and there weren’t many attractive women walking down the street. He plans to take a vacation today, return home to relax for a couple of days, and then resume the third stage task.

Rorschach made his way back to his New York villa in his large Benz. Rorschach has been living at the Osborn Group at this period and hasn’t returned for a while. Thankfully, Norman has provided Rorschach with a professional maid. The maid will clean every day even if he doesn’t stay for a long time.

He opened the gate after parking the car and picked up his key. Rorschach’s senses were heightened to the maximum the instant he walked through the door.

There are a few people here, and someone broke into my house.

Even though Rorschach hasn’t yet developed all of his Kryptonian blood abilities, he nevertheless has superior senses than most humans. Rorschach’s nerves were stimulated by the air’s mild aroma, the lurker’s hazy gaze, and his ominous murdering purpose.

“The big fish appears to have taken the bait.”

The look on Rorschach’s face did not change. He previously saw two Hydra members at the Osborn Group and purposefully chose not to murder them in order to get the notice of Hydra’s high management. Anyone who poses a threat will undoubtedly be terminated in accordance with Hydra’s conduct style.

Rorschach patiently awaited their arrival at the door. He crossed the courtyard and made his way step by step toward the room while continuing to walk with calm steps and hum a small song.

A mechanical fist pushed an intangible air current and slammed from Rorschach’s right as soon as he entered the room. Recognizing that the punch was about to strike Rorschach in the head.

Rorschach moved at that precise time. He gently raised his hand, like catching a ping pong ball tossed from a friend’s side, and firmly stopped the metal fist in midair.


The metal fist violently struck Rorschach’s palm, but it was unaffected by it at all because it struck a thick steel plate. It was evident that the person who waved the metal fist was surprised, and even the others who were lurking in the shadows were surprised.

Rorschach waited until that moment, slowly turning his gaze to look at the figure on the right, his eyes mocking.

“Having unkempt hair, metal arms, and donning a black mask. I recognize you.”

It’s Captain America’s close friend, Bucky Barnes, aka The Winter Soldier.

Rorschach shook his hand, causing the metal arm to spin erratically as he gazed up and down at his assailant.

The man attempted to shake off the metal arm with all of his strength as he sensed its horrifying force, but he was completely unsuccessful.

“Stop, don’t move!”

Rorschach’s home was suddenly invaded by a group of heavily armed commandos. They all raised their weapons and pointed them toward him. A number of figures were now moving slowly in Rorschach’s direction.

“After receiving his MIT degree and being 24 years old, Rorschach began working at the New York Science and Technology High School. All of your personal data, dating back to when you were born, has been looked at, Mr. Rorschach.”

An elderly man with gray hair who was leading the way approached Rorschach step by step while keeping his hands behind his back. Rorschach noticed the person approaching and recognized him right away.

Alexander Pierce, the current head of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security and a former director of S.H.I.E.L.D., is here. Agent Sitwell and Agent Rumlow, whom Rorschach had previously seen in the Osborn Group, were standing next to Minister Pierce.

It appears that Hydra is home to a sizable number of people. Rorschach caught Minister Pierce’s icy, patronizing glare. Even so, he poured himself a bottle of whisky from Rorschach’s wine cabinet and continued,

“You are not one of us. How did you discover our identities, I wonder? I want to know who sent you because so many people have recently been looking into you.”

Evidently, Minister Pierce and the others think Rorschach was commissioned by someone, possibly for a reason. Nevertheless, Hydra is by no means a good guy organization, regardless of Rorschach’s purpose. Any threat that it finds will be instantly eliminated.

This time, Minister Pierce brought a well-prepared commando and even used his trump card, the Winter Soldier. The Winter Soldier has been brainwashed by Hydra and given super soldier serum enhancements. Each one of them is a merciless killing machine.

“Nobody sent me. Everything has been carried out in accordance with my wishes. Regarding how I am aware of your identities, I am a God here on earth, and I know everything!”

Rorschach broke the metal arm of the Winter Soldier. The palm lightly brushed the Winter Soldier’s chest as it was softly extended. The Winter Soldier’s chest made a muffled sound as they made contact. His body burst through the wall flew out of control and rolled all the way to the back of the villa.

A normal person would be crushed to pieces by even a modest push from Rorschach if the Winter Soldier hadn’t already received a strengthening injection. The Winter Soldier was critically hurt, but his life was not in immediate danger.

“Kill him!”

Pearce experienced the threat that Rorschach posed. His prior assessment had Rorschach as no more than a super soldier who had used physical enhancement drugs, giving him comparable combat prowess to the Winter Soldier.

But with a simple palm strike, the enemy quickly pinched the Winter Soldier’s metal arm and propelled it into the air. Pierce became aware of his error in estimating Rorschach’s power as a result of this. As the remainder of the team fired one by one, many rounds fell on Rorschach as Rumlow swiftly shielded Pierce and Agent Sitwell, who was standing behind him.

Since Rorschach’s villa is located in an urban area, everyone’s rifles are fitted with silencers in order to avoid drawing the notice of the neighborhood. Numerous bullets poured down on Rorschach, yet they did not inflict any blood or even damage to the outfit he was wearing.

Rorschach did not evade them and instead stood still. Despite not having fully unlocked the Kryptonian blood, the Man of Steel has a robust biological makeup. Although it is currently insufficient to repel attacks by superhuman forces, it is still more than sufficient to repel a few gunshots.

“I said I’m a God, how can a god be killed by a mortal?”

As Rorschach spoke, his form began to float into the air, and his eyes abruptly became red. Two blazing rays emerged from Rorschach’s eyes and passed in front of him, drawing the fearful looks of everyone around him.

The attack squad members, including persons and weapons, were instantly split in half when these two flaming rays came in contact with them. The two destroying lasers instantly melted every last bit of those people, who didn’t even scream.

Everywhere he looks, everything has been destroyed.

As Pierce, Sitwell, and Crossbones already fell to the ground, Rorschach stood in the sky, his eyes still crimson. All three members of the assault team survived, with the exception of the Winter Soldier, who was knocked out in the courtyard.

Pierce and Sitwell’s feet began to shake violently as they peered into Rorschach’s eyes after a quick exchange. Rumlow tried to appear calm, but his shaking hands while gripping the rifle revealed his true terror.

“Kneel down!” Rorschach said while glaring at the Hydra agents.

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Published On: February 26, 2023

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