In relation to the “Terminator Project” and the “Riverie Project.” The Osborn Group’s current financial resources can help Rorschach carry out the first two of these proposals, but the third plan requires the participation of the whole US government and possibly several other strong nations.

The goal is to create a strong space fleet. Of course, building a space fleet is far from being possible with the earth’s current technological level.

Since the dark elves will send their mythical side technology battleships in a few years and the Chitauri will send a batch of biological battleship technology in the near future, Rorschach is not in a rush right now.

They have space battleship technology that is vastly superior to that of Earth, just like the Sovereigns and Krees throughout the galaxy, and they are all points of friendly communication. Allowing them to donate their technology in exchange for aiding the planet, which might prevent technological delays for hundreds of years.


While Norman and Rorschach examined the Iron Soldiers’ manufacturing process.

As he looked through her report, Nick Fury questioned the Black Widow, “So, what is your final assessment of enlisting Tony Stark into the Avengers?”

“I support Iron Man joining us, but I oppose Tony Stark.” Nick Fury was taken aback by the response Black Widow gave.

“I think I get what you mean. Natasha, set aside Tony. What kind of part do you think the Osborn Group is playing in this incident?”

Nick Fury has already set his sights on Rorschach and the Osborn Group. He worked as Rorschach’s personal assistant before sending Sharon Carter to Stark Industries as an undercover agent. Sharon was a stunning personal assistant, and most people wouldn’t turn her down, but Rorschach didn’t seem to take her seriously at all.

Later, Phil Coulson and Sharon Carter were sent to New Mexico to look into the cosmic energy anomaly and what Rorschach was up to there, but they still had no clue. Even Nick Fury’s spies from the city’s high school for science and technology and the Osborn Group failed to succeed when they tried again.

“Director Fury, you should be extremely clear that Rorschach can be seen in all of the occurrences.”

Black Widow’s eyes were filled with intense attention as she spoke Rorschach, “Coincidence occurs only once in a while or twice. If it’s more than that, it is not a coincidence. Rather, it is a form of pattern. There must be some unknown secrets regarding Rorschach.”

“Yes, Natasha, we do need to learn more about this person. If you are allowed to speak with him, could you learn his secrets?” Nick Fury asked seriously.

Black Widow did not openly respond but instead remained silent for a minute before adding slowly, “He seems to know me. We did interact with each other at Stark Industries, but something about that is off. Director, perhaps you could invite Tony Stark to speak with him if he joins us.” Black Widow gave a bit of advice.

“Try not to expose our existence to too many people, but I will consider your suggestion seriously.” Nick Fury retorted.


Osborn Group, the first-generation “Terminator’s” production floor.

The original Hammer Industries iron soldier production line was mostly turned into the Terminator production facility. Rorschach improved the Iron Soldier’s design drawings. He enhanced the Iron Soldier’s power unit while keeping the price flat and used the best material choices.

As a result, the Terminator has superior fighting abilities, including defense and mobility, over Hammer Industries’ iron soldiers. After more than a month, Rorschach was modifying numerous Terminator parameters at the production facility.

Rorschach set down the welding torch in his hand after a flare of sparks. There was a third Terminator arm welded. Even the Man of Steel will certainly feel mentally worn out after such a long period of intense welding effort.

An instantly recognizable electronic sound sprang from his mind at this very time.

[Ding! congrats to the host for finishing the second level of the special mission, “Thermal Vision.” The host may utilize both eyes to project an adjustable red, high-temperature beam using the body’s stored solar energy. The temperature of thermal vision can even be higher than the sun’s core temperature as the host’s power increases.]

Hearing the system’s notification tone, Rorschach was extremely excited. In order to do this task, Rorschach welded a total of 10,000 items. Fortunately, the system can judge a single item in a wide range. As long as Rorschach welds a complete weld, it will be regarded as an item.

System interface, character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Overspeed Flight, Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain, and Thermal Vision (You can upgrade to Kryptonian blood after acquiring seven Kryptonian talents; upgrade progress 5/7. Note: The El family is the standard Kryptonian bloodline template.)

Mission Points: 202217

There were once fewer than 190,000 points. Rorschach’s total points reached 210,000 at its peak point after taking care of Vanko. However, Rorschach later traded certain super artificial intelligence-related books and materials.

There is nothing like these books anywhere on Earth. They fall within the category of forbidden knowledge for Earth. Therefore, even exchanging comparable books and supplies costs Rorschach more than 10,000 points.

However, it is still quite cost-effective. After all, you would need roughly one million to exchange for supreme artificial intelligence directly. Rorschach has Super Brain, therefore, he can create one himself.

Observing the taskbar. The third-stage task has been added to the taskbar, but the two tasks continue to coexist. Now that Rorschach has unlocked five Kryptonian skills, as long as he completes the third phase of the mission, he can merge into a complete Kryptonian.

Mission Board:

Exclusive Mission Stage 3 (Frozen Breath): The host must spend a month living at the North Pole to experience the subzero temperatures and breathe the icy air in order to understand the Kryptonian’s frozen breath.

Mission progress: 0/30

Exclusive Mission Stage 3 (X-Ray Vision): The Kryptonian’s eyes can see through the majority of objects, according to exclusive mission stage 3 (X-Ray vision). The host will briefly be able to see things from several perspectives if he stares at something for longer than ten minutes. He can acquire permanent X-ray vision after 5,000 times of using his see-through ability. (Note: The X-ray vision effect is not activated by lead or magical barriers.)

Mission progress: 0/5000

“What do the North Pole and X-ray vision mean by these two missions? That suggests that I… No, it’s already obvious enough. The systems wanted me to search for Captain America at the North Pole. You just sent me a mission, right?”

Rorschach was a bit tongue-tied. But even if there isn’t a separate task, it doesn’t matter. It is anticipated that Captain America will still be found within a year, going by the typical timeframe.

Rorschach quickly decided to complete the task before heading to the North Pole to conclude the third phase of the task and locate Captain America. After that, Rorschach wants to practice using his “X-ray vision.”

“You can temporarily obtain the ability to see if you stare at something for more than ten minutes.”

Rorschach glanced unconsciously in the direction of the production base’s reception desk. Two fresh, youthful, and attractive women with excellent physiques have just taken over the front desk.

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