“Norman Osborn!”

The explosion had an effect on Tony, and he was very upset. He unintentionally started mentioning Norman Osborn, the head of the Osborn Group, because he was unaware that Rorschach was the organization’s true leader.

The Osborn Group’s super soldiers have organized themselves into a fighting formation while the explosion below has not yet subsided.

“The mission target is locked and loaded. Launch an attack!”

Armed with superalloy shields, the soldiers in the first row assaulted the grieving whip. The mourning whip’s firepower was suppressed by a barrage of bullets that fell on it like a rain of crimson fire, followed by a group of super soldiers brandishing gatling guns.

Each of the final five super soldiers was equipped with a powerful anti-tank weapon. For accurate sniping, aim at the injured Vanko’s vital points.

Although the individual tactical backpack is not designed to carry heavy weapons, it only has to be fitted with a supply point for such weapons. Then, you may use the backpack’s mobility to carry out various tasks.

You could think of this conflict as Rorschach’s doing. It is the type where others pay Rorschach to train the soldiers. Unexpectedly, there is a person in a heavy suit who organizes a group to restore sight to the entire scene.

It took thirty seconds to complete the battle. In just thirty seconds, Vanko’s invincible steel battle suit collapsed into a heap of scrap metal. While watching all of this, Tony Stark gulped hard and strained to get to his feet.

“Ivan Vanko has been captured alive by the third team. Please provide instructions.”

The team leader dragged Ivan Vanko out of the battered steel suit. He quickly pulled out the walkie-talkie and asked for directions after making sure the man was still alive.

Their primary directive from Rorschach is to be captured. They may be directly killed if the situation calls for it. Everyone was saved after the rocket launcher initially destroyed Vanko, and the ensuing fire suppression instantly dispersed resistance.

“Kill him instantly.” On the other end of the walkie-talkie, Rorschach gave the instruction.

Rorschach’s first motivations for wanting to capture Vanko alive were the autonomous Iron soldier and the fake Arc reactor that Vanko had created. Vanko really destroyed the two’s design blueprints when it was being produced, but he has his own ideas, and Hammer also has little ideas of his own.

Hammer requested the technicians back up a design blueprint in advance because he had wanted to remove Ivan for quite some time. Now that Rorschach has both sets of blueprints, Ivan Vanko is useless because he is consumed by retaliation.

“Roger that.”

The team leader instantly drew his gun and shot Ivan Vanke in the head after receiving Rorschach’s command.


A tiny bullet killed Ivan Vanko’s life. Ivan didn’t understand what happened until after he passed away, and his eyes were filled with reluctance. After his passing, things did not end altogether.

Each iron soldier that is unmanned is fitted with a self-detonation device. They will all explode once the whip’s strategy of retaliation is unsuccessful. Rorschach has already planned for this.

The self-explosive device will be destroyed by those capable of doing so, and those who cannot do so will be gathered in an area that is not populated and protected by a safety cordon to prevent harm to innocent bystanders.


The following day, the steel robot ripoff made by Hammer Industries went berserk, wounded people, and made the news. In a split second, the stock market crashed like a flood. Stark Industries itself is considered innocent in this problem.

Because two heinous acts took place in just one month, directly contributing to the steep decline in the value of Stark Industries’ stock. The only company to gain the most was the Osborn Group.

Aside from the general increase in stock, orders for specific tactical bags and potions for physical enhancement also came in like snowflakes. Several military officials, including General Ross. After viewing Hammer Industries’ Iron Soldiers show, he returned and placed a second order.

Former Hammer Industrial Building.

On the Iron Soldiers production line, Rorschach and Norman Osborn stroll by.

Now that the Osborn Group has successfully bought Hammer Industries, everything here, including all of Hammer Industries’ technological equipment and production lines for weapons and equipment, is also branded with the Osborn Group.

“I’ve seen the unmanned iron soldier’s concept sketches. To be entirely honest, this design is rather sloppy and was created in a hurry.”

Rorschach took hold of an iron soldier’s arm and gave it a little squeeze. The steel arm was formed into a ball and kneaded as though it were paper.

“I have several improvement plans. Of course, they are just general directions. The specific implementation still needs professional talents to do it.”

“Tell me, Mr. Rorschach.” Norman seemed like he was listening intently as he pulled a little notebook out of his pocket.

Rorschach continued to advance while simultaneously stating, “Iron soldiers that are left here can still be preserved. The subsequent improvement strategy is mostly concerned with defense, battery life, firepower, and other tactical features. I’ll work out the details and email your address to you.”

“Additionally, we classify the steel soldiers into five grades: private, soldier, lieutenant, major, and general, the higher the combat prowess they have.”

“The iron soldiers produced are collectively referred to as “Terminators,” and the research and development plan for Iron Soldiers is known as the “Terminator Project.” Norman, Hammer Industries still has too few production lines. I want you to do it in two years and expand it by five times. Can this be done?”

“Five times expansion in just two years…”

“It can be done, but Mr. Rorschach, I always felt that you were misleading those military generals earlier. You truly wanted to employ iron solider, er, Terminator, to deal with foreign soldiers. Like Invasion from extraterrestrial civilization?” Norman added.

“Of course, law enforcement officials must be replaced by robots in my ideal nation, as well as soldiers.”

Rorschach flashed a grin, “Humans have weaknesses. Human law enforcement is not always perfect. Additionally, there are police officers that violate the law to benefit themselves. Robots are not corrupted by money, but judges are. Robots can only carry out commands. Of course, robots could attack people, but you shouldn’t be concerned about that.”

In reality, the creation of the “Terminator Legion” is simply the first step in Rorschach’s plan. Planning a collection of super artificial intelligence is the second strategy.

The super artificial intelligence that Rorschach plans to construct is similar to Jarvis from Iron Man, except it is more intelligent than Jarvis—at least on par with the Kree’s life computer.

Despite having acquired knowledge about the most cutting-edge artificial intelligence system ever created. The creation of artificial intelligence on the “Supreme Intelligence” level is still too far off. It just costs between 10,000 and 20,000 system points for Rorschach to swap for comparable data and study papers that he can use to learn on his own.

To directly exchange powerful artificial intelligence like “Supreme Intelligence” it will cost close to a million points. Rorschach intends to learn and develop super artificial intelligence on his own once the operation involving Kryptonian blood is finished.

“Riverie” was the super artificial intelligence’s name given by Rorschach.

It was originally going to be called Skynet, but when that name was dropped, there was some concern that it might turn into a rebellion against humans in the future and steer this universe’s development in another direction.

Rorschach changed its name to “Riverie artificial intelligence” as a result. All the “Terminator” iron soldiers will have this system after Riverie’s artificial intelligence is developed. Rorschach will have complete control over the Iron Soldiers no matter where they are purchased.

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Published On: February 25, 2023

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