At the expo, the iron soldiers were eliminated one by one. “Ms. Potts, this place is exceedingly unsafe. Please follow me out of here,” Rorschach remarked to Pepper Potts, who was still in shock, after bringing the two super soldiers to her location.

When Pepper Potts saw the two super soldiers wielding shields, it was like clutching a life-saving straw for him to recognize Rorschach.

“Thank God, Mr. Rorschach. I nearly didn’t think I’d see the sun tomorrow because of how quickly you arrived.”

Rorschach feels odd because Black Widow, who is still acting like a small helper, seems to have vanished. He doesn’t appear to have seen Sharon Carter in a while.

Rorschach didn’t care about this matter; he only wanted the S.H.I.E.L.D. members to keep as far away from him as they could, even if it meant leaving with Pepper Potts and Black Widow acting as her tiny assistant.

“Mr. Rorschach, you seem to have foreseen this attack, because your team raced over as soon as those imitation robots made a move,” Black Widow finally had to question as she was approaching Rorschach.

Pepper Potts also responded and gave Rorschach a dubious glance after hearing that.

Rorschach has previously developed a reason to address this situation. He remarked pointing to the military officials who were still present in the audience, “Actually, the main purpose of these super troops is to keep these generals safe. I looked into Hammer Industries after these military generals attended this event, and guess what I discovered?”

“What did you find?” the two simultaneously retorted.

“Ivan Vanko, who is currently a technical consultant for Hammer Industries, attacked Tony with a weapon from the Arc Reactor some time ago, so I immediately sent personnel to come over. Something actually transpired,” stated Rorschach.

Actually, this is for Black Widow. After removing Pepper Potts from the area and realizing that Ivan Vanko was the cause of all these tragedies, Black Widow rushed straight to Hammer Industries by herself with the goal of capturing Ivan Vanko alive.

Justin Hammer was pleading with the staff behind the scenes of the expo to take back control of the Iron Soldiers. Ivan Vanko, who built the system’s fundamental program, was able to block the authority of Hammer and others because it was his creation.

“Damn it, send the guard!” Justin was enraged and helpless.

He had intended tonight to be the culmination of his life, but instead, it served as the start of a nightmare.

“You are now being detained, Justin Hammer. You have the right to keep silent, but everything you say will be used as evidence in court.”

Hammer and other staff were forced to the ground by Norman Osborn and the New York police, who then handcuffed each of them.

Hammer furiously responded, “You cannot touch me; I need my lawyer. Is this all part of your plot?”

“Hammer, you must not speak carelessly. Did you take today’s events into account when you worked with Ivan Vanko?”

“Justin Hammer, you have failed the city.” Norman said to Hammer as he put his hands behind his back and mimicked Rorschach.

The cops put Justin and the others in handcuffs and into a police car as Justin swore.

“Mr. Rorschach, Hammer has been arrested… Yes, I have made arrangements, and I understand that the company’s investment department is prepared to contact other members of Hammer Industry Shareholders. If something like this happened today, one can only imagine how the stock of Hammer Industries will fall tomorrow, and our acquisition has no difficulty,” Norman hurriedly pulled out his mobile phone before dialing Rorschach.

Norman Osborn hung up the phone while still beaming with happiness. Hammer Industries, a start-up in the arms business, was almost poised to take up the sizable blank market share that remained after Stark Industries started the arms market.

The Osborn Group, has annexed Hammer Industries, narrowly outperformed Stark Industries to emerge as the top technology and arms firm in the US Federation and possibly the entire planet. All of this was brought about by a young man by the name of Rorschach.

Every time Norman considers this, he is incredibly grateful that he made the right choice.


New York.

Tony Stark was pursued and stopped by countless Iron warriors. Only a few scratches were made in the paint of the Mark 6 steel armor due to the intense firepower attack. With one strike, Tony could detonate the Iron soldier’s hardened shell thanks to the energy pulse he could control in his palm.

After all, these iron soldiers are nothing more than hastily produced knockoffs of Mark 6, a model that Tony specially modified. Who is better and who is worse is immediately apparent.

Tony hasn’t had time to install many weapon systems in the Mark 6, though, as it’s still in the prototype stage. Tony mostly employs the palm pulse gun and close-range warfare to take out the Iron soldiers as they charge at him like locusts.

For a while, the Iron warriors outnumbered them, forcing Tony to move the scene frequently and launch guerilla warfare using both his own mobility and a sizable number of Iron solder.

Even if Tony has made every effort to stay away from the crowd, the conflict between the two sides will unavoidably have an impact on New Yorkers. The Iron soldiers were all escorted to a park by Tony.

The audience here has long since been cleared out. Tony controlled the Mark 6 and increased the energy to its maximum as the Iron soldiers swarmed up. At the same time, red cutting beams were fired from both wrists. All the Iron soldiers pursuing him were split in half by the rotation of both arms.

“It’s unfortunate that this can only be used once.”

Tony has only utilized his huge move to eliminate all of his opponents simultaneously. But it didn’t take him long to start feeling content. From the skies, a second steel armor plummeted.

“Hello, Tony. Nice to meet you.”

Ivan Vanko slammed two large, long whips from his hands while donning a silver steel armor. These two whips can effortlessly cut through regular steel thanks to the Arc reactor on his chest.

“It’s my turn.”

He swung his arms, and Tony became securely entwined in the two energy whips like a python with its mouth open. They battled back and forth for more than a dozen rounds, but they were unable to determine a winner due to the extraordinarily strong protective abilities of the iron suits on both sides.

Again, dozens of sparks illuminated the night sky. When Tony first noticed it, he thought that dozens of Iron soldiers were suddenly swooping overhead. He didn’t realize they were super soldiers of the Osborn Group wearing individual military backpacks until he drew closer.

“Bazooka ready, engage!”

They all ran to the ground below in preparation for a bazooka strike before he made another move.


Violent explosions suddenly started to sound all over the night sky. Tony felt alone in the ferocious blasts, able to do nothing but drift with the current.

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