New York.

For more than a month, the Stark Industries Expo has been accessible. As popular technology has come to an end, the initial fervor has gradually faded.

Hammer Industries released a blockbuster today. That is the Iron Soldier who says he will be a stand-in for Iron Man and keep the world peace.

“Ladies and gentlemen, it’s wrong that our nation sends our heroic troops, and when Iron Man appeared, we all assumed there would never be another death because he wouldn’t share the technology.”

Hammer Industries stated, “Until we successfully develop unmanned iron soldiers, they will replace our courageous soldiers and go to the battlefield to fight the enemy. Our soldiers need to go far beyond the control of these robots.”

Justin Hammer was addressing the audience from the platform in the center of the exhibition stage. Rows of Iron troops outfitted with Arc reactors and armed with various weapons slowly began to emerge into the public spotlight, accompanied by Hammer’s exaggerated body language.

The energy of the entire site reached a peak when Hammer led the Iron soldiers in a salute to the spectators. As more military generals and colonels sat at the front of the stage, Justin Hammer grew more stern in his delivery.

Not only shadowing Tony Stark secretly but also along with covertly following Tony Stark to get revenge for the humiliation he had previously suffered at the conference, he also demonstrated the prowess of his Iron soldier. This is done to lower the number of soldier casualties.

If you can make an Iron soldier cheaper to buy than it would be to train a trained human soldier, that would be a good selling point. At that point, Iron soldiers will totally take the place of human soldiers.

Hammer won’t take such a long topic into consideration. Right now, all he wants is to quickly fill the market gap left by Stark Industries’ exit from the arms market.

Three military generals were conversing in whispers beneath the stage. They must admit that these steel iron quite underwhelmed them from Hammer Industries.

They are less oblivious than the majority. This isn’t any different than a doll made out of wood. Before fully assessing this, they need to have all of the test data or observe the Iron Soldiers’ battlefield combat prowess.

When Justin Hammer thought the company’s stock price was set to soar and he was about to live the life of a young model, something unexpected happened.

A figure descended from the sky in the distance and approached the top of the expo stage from a great distance away. Tony Stark, in his Mark 6 steel suit, is the individual in question.

When Iron Man came, the audience cheered wildly. Tony maneuvered the Mark 6 steel suit to land on the stage, waved to the audience below, and simultaneously asked Hammer, “Where is he now? I am aware that you work with Ivan Vanko. Where is he right now?”

Hammer was contemplating his collaboration with Ivan Vanko when an unforeseen incident took place. At the same time, every Iron soldier present on the scene shifted into combat mode, raised their weapons, and directed their dark barrels at Tony Stark.

“Stop them!” Tony yelled at Hammer, standing next to him.

Although Tony is more frightened than Justin Hammer, “I didn’t control them. It’s Vanko!”

Hammer was still unaware that Ivan Vanko had duped him at this moment. After recognizing the dire circumstances, Tony swiftly took control of the Mark 6 steel suit and flew directly upward to avoid harming the bystanders.

The Iron soldiers simultaneously turned on their weapons at this time.

Bang bang bang!

Innumerable bullets flew from dozens of steel troops firing at the sky, shattering the exhibition hall’s glass ceiling as they did so, which then dropped like rain upon the throng below.

“General, watch out!”

As soon as those steel warriors began to strike, Colonel Rhodes opened his personal tactical rucksack with him, and a super alloy shield materialized in his left palm, shielding numerous generals from the falling glass.

Suddenly, the scene descended into chaos. You know, the Green Goblin just blew up the previous expo, and the location hasn’t been fixed yet.

There was also Rorschach present. He ordered Norman Osborn to send out a hundred reinforced soldiers when the Iron Soldiers commenced their assault. As Iron Man walked away from the platform, a significant number of Iron Soldiers turned on flight mode and flew into the air to pursue him.

However, there were still a lot of Iron soldiers present. Ivan Vanko, who is positioned far away at the Hammer Industry headquarters, alters the target lock on the main control computer through the cams of these steel troops. He is in charge of this section of the steel soldiers and randomly targets civilians.

The barrel faces the people standing below. Everyone regarded this situation with hopelessness. Many people even make heartfelt promises that if they are still alive, they must avoid Stark Industries and refrain from participating in any events the company sponsors.

Boom, boom, boom!

A team of hundreds of soldiers that materialized in the skies launched a barrage of loud gunshots instead of those iron soldiers. These individuals were dressed in conventional bulletproof uniforms that featured a large Osborn Group insignia on the back.

All of the participants were holding firearms at the same moment, and the backpacks on their backs were spewing flame clusters, making them fly like little fighter aircraft and shooting at the steel troops as they raced toward the scene. like a heavenly soldier coming down from above.

“The first team, cover the retreat of the civilians, the second team, protect the military friends, the third team, kill all the Iron soldiers!”

Rorschach was in the throng and using a walkie-talkie to issue commands. The 100-person squad was soon split into three groups. Despite the second squad utilizing one-handed shields and light machine guns while being besieged by numerous generals, the first squad used its anti-explosion shields to cover the evacuation of civilians.

The third team is made up of the most players, and they all work together to form an attacking formation and charge the Iron Soldiers.

Even with just their bare hands, they can defeat these steel troops twice since everyone has received physical improvement drugs via injection. Dealing with these steel troops, who still have poor artificial intelligence and are armed with cutting-edge weapons, is a completely dimension-reducing blow.

“General, it’s time to leave.”

Colonel Rhodes has now received physical-enhancer injections as well, but he refrained from offering to assist because it is his responsibility to protect the generals present. Colonel Rhodes’ proposal was rejected by the military generals, led by General Ross.

“No, we are not departing. The performance is at its best. Isn’t it a pity to go now?” General Ross said with a smile.

More than a dozen were heavily armed super troops guarding the area. While General Ross and the others watched the super soldiers battle the Iron soldiers with keen interest, they had zero concern for their own safety.

This major scenario was simultaneously streamed live in real-time to the entire United States and even the entire world over the Internet.

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Published On: February 23, 2023

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