The voice of the female teacher asked while Rorschach was in a trance, “Mr. Rorschach, what’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing, so why don’t you enter first and I’ll follow?” Rorschach apologized to the female teacher with a smile.

Uncle Ben will pass away today, but going out with a female teacher can be done any day. Rorschach has put in a lot of effort over the course of a year to complete routine daily missions, but hasn’t received at least 20,000 mission points.

Rorschach moved swiftly in Uncle Ben’s direction. “Hello, Mr. Ben. What brings you here?”

To halt the middle-aged uncle in front of him, Rorschach moved forward. After a moment, the uncle dully turned around, saw Rorschach, and remembered who Rorschach was.

“You’re Teacher Rorschach, aren’t you?”

Uncle Ben smiled when he realized it was Rorschach, “Thank you for looking after Peter at school, Mr. Rorschach. He frequently mentioned you to us and praised you as the greatest instructor he has ever had.”

“Peter is the most intelligent student I have ever encountered. Mr. Ben, are you out shopping right now?” Rorschach made a knowing remark.

Uncle Ben sighed in response to this, “Peter advised me to come to the library after school to look for information, but it was so late and he hadn’t yet come home. I went outside to check for him since I was a little concerned.

“Peter has recently taken on a peculiar air. I have no idea what he’s doing. How is Peter doing in school, Mr. Rorschach? Has he made any undesirable friends?

Uncle Ben is right to be concerned. Smoking cigarettes is a minor offense in American high schools, but joining gangs and possessing other bad things are significant offenses.

Peter Parker has always been a very submissive youngster, but the more submissive a child is, the simpler it is for terrible students to mislead them. Rorschach wasn’t sure which one of the various theories surrounding Uncle Ben’s passing it was for a time.

But that doesn’t matter; as long as he sticks with Uncle Ben, he can stop him from passing away, “Peter does a fantastic job in school. I believe that his recent change must have been motivated. I’ll speak with him. I’ll go with you, Mr. Ben, to find Peter.” said Rorschach.

The honest and friendly Uncle Ben was a little flattered, “This is too much of a waste of your time, Mr. Rorschach, I can find Peter by myself, I really dare not bother Mr. Rorschach!”

Rorschach motioned with his hand as if it didn’t matter “Anyway, I have nothing significant to say today. I simply want to talk to you about Peter’s current predicament. Let’s merely finish the recurring house visit duty.”

Home visits are not a routine activity, but teachers in American high schools are required to go to students’ homes once a month to learn about their current circumstances. Except for Rorschach, very few teachers are willing to visit Peter’s home for home visits; of course, the typical home visit targets are wealthy and influential pupils.

Rorschach then went in pursuit of Peter Parker with Uncle Ben. Along the way, Uncle Ben continuously talked about Peter like a chatterbox, the two of them discussed Peter, and even Rorschach questioned about Peter’s current predicament.

Because he could see Uncle Ben’s complete love for Peter Parker in his eyes, Rorschach felt a bit jealous. Uncle Ben is superior to a parent even though he is not Peter Parker’s biological father.

While they were conversing, there was a loud sound in the background that seemed like someone was shouting.

“What happened?” Uncle Ben quickly glanced up.

He observed a person frantically rushing in front of him. The person was rushing away swiftly while clutching a revolver in one hand and a plastic bag loaded with lovely and green knives in the other. He is being pursued by another person.

“Stop him, that individual stole my money! Stop him right away.”

One by one, the people in the area started to disperse because nobody wanted to get involved in such intrusive affairs. Given that the man is holding a gun, what if you approach him to stop him and he shoots you instead?

When Uncle Ben noticed this, his face instantly turned grave. He cast a quick glance Rorschach’s way and said, “Mr. Rorschach, hurry up and call the police.”

Uncle Ben finished his sentence and walked up to the shooter. “Being courageous in the face of justice is a virtue. You should consider your family even if you don’t consider your own safety!”

Rorschach let out a small sigh as he observed Uncle Ben moving unhesitatingly toward the direction of the shooter. He would never have been a hero if it weren’t for the benefit of “Man of Steel.” The most valuable possession a person can possess is life, and each person is only given one life.

“Get the fuck out of the way!”

In front, the gunmen saw that someone dared to stop him, so they pulled out a pistol and pulled the trigger on Uncle Ben.


After hearing a gunshot, Uncle Ben had a brief period of silence while a bullet flew straight at him.

Is this it?

He pushed Uncle Ben out with one hand just as he believed he was going to pass away.

“Damn it!” The shooter raised his weapon and fired again upon seeing the young man reappear.

Rorschach pushed Uncle Ben aside and then went towards the gunman in his face, making sure Uncle Ben wasn’t hurt.

“You have let the city down.”

Bang Bang!

The shooter then followed up with three more shots. Shaking hands caused the first two bullets to miss. When Rorschach finally charged forward, only one bullet struck Rorschach in the face.

Rorschach received the third shot to the eye. The gangster shot Rorschach in the face on purpose after seeing it plainly. When they witness it, men will remain mute but women will shout. The shooter lifted his hand while he considered this and shot Rorschach in the face.

The envisioned headshot moment did not occur. The bullet struck Rorschach’s eye, but the strong inertia immediately compressed and warped it, and it eventually went down as though striking a thick vibrating shield.

Rorschach’s eyes didn’t suffer even the slightest bit of damage.

“How is it possible? I clearly saw…” The shooter was utterly horrified since he could clearly see the young man shot by the bullet in front of him.

Rorschach immediately lifted his fist in greeting to the gangster’s face, telling him he would give him an opportunity to talk gibberish.


The offender collapsed to the ground as a muffled noise and the sound of teeth grinding followed.

[Ding! The host deserves praise for accomplishing the mission. The host’s intervention effectively stopped Ben Parker from dying. 15,000 reward base points result in double benefits. 30,000 mission points have been earned by the host, congrats!]

There have been 30,000 mission points collected. Rorschach was ecstatic since he now had 40,000 mission points in total, plus bonus points for preventing Dr. Lizard from coming in the first place.

It turns out that the fastest method to earn points is to interfere with the plot.

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Published On: February 1, 2023

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