The Osborn Group directly delivered 10 sets of individual tactical backpacks and ten physical enhancement drugs to the military after making a sizable order. James Rhodes was a Marine Corps colonel who was relatively new. General Ross gave him a personal tactical backpack and instructed him to use it immediately.

“Even if the steel battle suit is more potent than the individual tactical backpack, if I combine it with the upper physical strength enhancement potion, I might be able to exert combat force equal to Tony’s. The fact that the individual tactical backpack is more portable than the steel combat armor, in my opinion, is the most crucial factor.” Colonel Rhodes donned his personal tactical pack.

Although the individual tactical backpack resembles a standard military bag in appearance, one should not underestimate its weight. People who have not had physical enhancement drugs injected find it nearly impossible to carry them.

Fortunately, Colonel Rhodes was already stronger than the average person and could barely lift a tactical bag. The entire individual feels at ease the moment the function for helping flight is activated.

General Ross arrived at the same time and grinned as he shook hands with Rorschach “Greetings, Mr. Rorschach I understand from Norman that with your assistance, he was able to do successful research into the ideal physical enhancement potion, and I can tell you are a very gifted young guy.”

“Thank you for the compliment, General Ross. If you have anything to add, please do.” Rorschach asked direct questions.

General Ross grinned as he leaned into Rorschach, “I’m not sure how much information you have about the Hulk. In actuality, the Super Soldier Serum Project’s redesign contributed to the creation of that monster as well. At the time, I was in charge of that project.”

Rorschach nodded. Of course, he knows this.

In reality, the Strategic Science Reserve Foundation’s quest to manufacture the well-known “Super Soldier Serum” during World War II is where the Hulk first appeared in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

General Ross was given the go-ahead in the Incredible Hulk narrative to resume the experiment and seize full control of the Army Biochemical Power Enhancement Project in order to replicate the super soldier serum and produce batches of super warriors like Captain America.

Unsurprisingly, the experimental research ended up having a mishap. As a result, Bruce Banner, the project’s lead researcher at the time, received an injection of the serum’s original formulation and was subsequently exposed to excessive gamma radiation, which caused him to transform into the Hulk.

“I get what you’re saying, General Ross; do you want me to create formidable war weapons in large quantities that follow commands like the Hulk?” Rorschach responded with a question.

General Ross nodded, “Talking to intelligent people is enjoyable. In actuality, the study is practically finished. The best illustration is Abomination. Simply put, the Abomination is incredibly unstable. It cannot be used in battle as a conventional weapon. We won’t be able to stop the Hulk even if he escapes control again the next time.”

General Ross even remarked at the conclusion that their goal is to stop the Hulk from spiraling out of control once more to elevate the dignity of his mission. Rorschach grinned without eavesdropping on General Ross’s fleeting thoughts.

If a Hulk can be properly controlled, he can easily rule the entire globe as long as the remarkable being does not appear. They also seek to mass-produce a manageable Hulk army, according to General Ross or the highest-ranking military. Indeed, capitalism’s wolfish aims are made quite obvious.

“Actually, I don’t think existences like the Hulk will be the path of future human fights,” Rorschach replied after reflecting for a moment.

“Don’t you realize how strong the Hulk is, Mr. Rorschach? The Hulk is difficult to beat, not even with a whole division, outfitted with specialized backpacks and physical enhancement drugs!”

General Ross foolishly believed that the Hulk was the ultimate weapon available to mankind because of his clear fear of the Hulk’s power.

However, the Marvel Cinematic Universe’s version of the Hulk is manageable. Without relying on the Infinity Stone’s power, even the sub-celestial Thanos can defeat the Hulk. Try using the Uru metal weapon against the Hulk’s ostensibly impenetrable defenses.

“The Hulk is not as difficult to handle as you may believe. Have you met Dr. Pym? He discovered that the Pym particles could shrink individuals dramatically. Find a window of opportunity before Dr. Banner turns into the Hulk. Shot Dr. Banner in the heart, and after waiting for him to transform into the Hulk, the magnifying particles were used to enlarge the Hulk’s heart.”

The Hulk will then erupt into a puddle of mud because the heart expands beyond the body’s capacity, Rorschach remarked, making a hand explosion gesture.

The plot of “What If” is as follows. This method was employed by Dr. Pym to eliminate the Hulk during his massacre of the Avengers.

Under General Ross’s surprised eyes, Rorschach continued to add, “Actually, there are many ways to kill the Hulk. General Ross, you don’t need to regard the Hulk as a threat. A thing that can get out of control at any time must not be killed. Become the mainstream weapon of future warfare.”

General Ross did not expect Rorschach knew a lot about the Hulk, especially Dr. Pym’s research. Dr. Pym had worked with Howard Stark, and General Ross also knew a little bit, but Dr. Pym never agreed to share his research for military use.

“I’d like to hear your opinions, Mr. Rorschach. What do you anticipate to be the dominant form of conflict in the future?” General Ross developed a passing interest in Rorschach’s ideas.

“I believe that humans who can remotely command the onslaught of steel and join the battle will dictate how war is fought in the future. General Ross, you ought to be aware that while it takes a long time to train a capable soldier and general, it only takes a short time to produce a steel soldier who is easy to govern. As long as the resources and technology can keep up, you can fight numerous battles without ever losing a great combatant if you have a fully functional industrial chain.”

The Sovereign technology from Guardians of the Galaxy 2 is portrayed by Rorschach. The Sovereigns sent out a vast number of drone fighters to pursue and intercept the Guardians of the Galaxy, who were the main characters of Guardian of the Galaxy 2.

Despite the fact that the protagonist group showed their own skills and downed numerous unmanned fighter jets, the Sovereigns were able to defeat the protagonist without losing a single elite soldier because all of the drones were under their remote control. The second round of drone attacks was initiated by the regiment.

The Guardians of the Galaxy would not have survived if Star- Lord’s father hadn’t arrived in time and instantly destroyed all the drones.

According to Rorschach, “king against king” actually refers to “general against general.” Superheroes must create a military machine that can advance mankind as a whole while dealing with the abilities of the alien culture that poses a danger.

Therefore, mass-produced and remote-controllable combat weapons like the Sovereigns will undoubtedly become the norm in future conflicts fought outside of the arena of superpowers. General Ross carefully considered what was being said, and he was still unsure of the Iron Soldiers Legion’s ability to subdue the Hulk.

On the side, a different general unexpectedly showed interest, “Rorschach, are you referring to the recently created unmanned iron soldiers of Hammer Industries? He invited us all to the Stark Industries Expo, where the autonomous steel troops of Hammer Industries Soldiers will be on exhibit, which will come in about 3 days.”

Rorschach nodded and replied with a smile, “Yes, I also received his invitation.”

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