After traveling from New Mexico to New York. With the school, Rorschach went on an extended holiday. In reality, his first intention was to resign from there.

He made a commitment to Peter that he wouldn’t leave until Peter received his high school diploma. However, the school board convinced him again and again to stay, saying that whether or not Rorschach attended the school was irrelevant as long his name was associated with it. However, the salary is still paid in full.

Rorschach has developed into the shining emblem of New York Science and Technology High School due to his present position and influence. Rorschach naturally objected to the pay that came with teaching high school, but because Peter still had two years to finish his degree, he decided to stay.

Even though Rorschach prevailed over Odin in their combat, he was still concerned about the Heavenly Father-level might. Consequently, acquiring a full Kryptonian bloodline as soon as possible is still vital. then swiftly become stronger with the use of regulated nuclear fusion technology.

Darcy and Jane Foster did not travel to New York together, to be specific. She says it appears that they are for additional investigation into the unusual energy magnetic field produced when the nine realms collide.

The narrative of Thor 2 states that there will be a unique space-overlapping phenomenon once the nine realms converge into a straight line. The dark elves will reappear in the meantime, attempting to spread darkness throughout the cosmos by harnessing the power of ether particles.

Of course, these things will happen after two years.


Osborn Group.

Norman Osborn and Rorschach were in front of a large furnace. They could still feel the heat wave in the furnace despite being separated by layers of sophisticated fire-resistant and heat-insulating glass.

“Mr. Rorschach, I’m still unable to melt the Destroyer armor shards.” Norman apologized, he said.

Despite their best efforts, they have been unable to melt the Ulu metal due to the Osborn Group’s technological superiority. This didn’t concern Rorschach.

Thor, the thunder God, visited the dwarven kingdom in the storyline of Avengers Infinity War, and the king of the dwarves requested that before Thor could amass enough energy to totally melt the Uru metal, he must activate the core of a dying star.

Rorschach waved his hand indifferently and said, “This is expected. The Destroyer armor is made of Uru metal. This metal needs the energy of a dying star to melt it.”

“A dying star…”

Norman said as he stood next to Rorschach, “Speaking of that, I suddenly thought of a project invested by our company.”

“The Project of Dr. Otto Octavius?” Rorschach understood what Norman was referring to.

Norman initially expressed amazement when hearing Rorschach discuss controllable nuclear fusion, but soon adopted a look of habit. Rorschach, in his opinion, appeared to be both omniscient and omnipotent.

“Yes, as stated in the introduction by Dr. Octavius, after the controlled nuclear fusion research is finished, people will be able to harness the power of the sun. Human energy technologies will have advanced by then.” Norman His eyes light up when he talks about this idea.

With the Arc Reactor, Stark Industries has virtually taken over the new energy sector. The Osborn Group will soar into the skies, competing with Stark Industries and even surpassing each other if Dr. Otto Octavius succeeds in his research on a controllable fusion reactor.

Uru metal can be melted with a controllable fusion reactor. However, this technology is currently being studied. Rorschach might as well start using the Kryptonian’s “Thermal Vision” ability right away rather than relying on regulated nuclear fusion technology. He has been putting daily effort into the project.

[Exclusive mission stage 2 (Thermal Vision): Gain access to Kryptonian’s unique skill thermal vision, acquire advanced welding techniques, and assemble 10,000 objects by yourself.]

[Mission progress: 2333/10000]

Rorschach needs to weld 10,000 objects by himself in order to unlock thermal vision. Because of this, Rorschach recently paid a visit to the Osborn Group, the facility that produces each tactical bag individually, and finished some welding by hand.

Only 2,000 pieces were welded after working day and night for several days. There are still around 7,000 components that need to be welded. Rorschach has just finished a conversation with Norman regarding Octavius’s controllable nuclear fusion technology and is getting ready to head back to the workshop.

Rorschach was ready to depart when Norman noticed it. He continued, raising his wrist to check the time. “Mr. Rorschach, the military representative is almost here, and a general indicated he wanted to see you.”

“Tell him I’m not free, please.” Rorschach has zero interest in members of the armed forces.

Wouldn’t it be good to get the thermal vision out earlier while I still have this time and can weld a few more things?

Norman paused briefly before asking, “Mr. Rorschach, do you know the Hulk?” It appeared as though he had anticipated Rorschach’s response for a very long time.

Rorschach froze in place as he heard the Hulk and turned to face Norman.

When Norman saw this, he quickly explained, “General Ross wanted to know whether there was a way to use Hulk’s blood to create a batch of…perfect military weapons that could obey commands after the success of our physical enhancement potion.”

Rorschach chuckled openly, “Why? Is General Ross still determined to turn you into a monster?”

Hulk’s blood was used to create the monster known as Abomination. However, everyone can see how strong Abomination is and they appear to have some illusions about this endeavor.

Humans are like this, their aspirations and goals can never be fully satiated.

Norman made himself laugh. The Hulk and the Abomination engaged in a battle on the streets of New York many years ago. The monstrosity was ultimately defeated by the Hulk, who then resumed his escape journey. However, the abomination vanished from view, as though it had been captured by the military and was now out of sight.

“I’ll run into you later there.” Rorschach helplessly shaking his head.

Although it is claimed that scientists are insane, their insanity is far more subdued than that of these careerists. Following that, Rorschach and Norman walked to the lobby to meet with military officials.

The acquisition of specific tactical bags and medications for physical improvement worries the military a lot. They are accompanied by General Ross, two additional generals, and three colonels.

Rorschach surprisingly even knew one of the colonels. Colonel Rhodes of the War Machine is the one seated in the middle with dark skin and a bit of short hair.

Tony Stark was poisoned with palladium, but owing to Rorschach’s intervention in the plot, he did not begin to lose hope in himself. Colonel Rhodes therefore missed the chance to visit Tony’s home and seize the Mark 2 Iron Armor.

Although Tony might have purposefully ordered Colonel Rhodes to take the Mark 2 away in the story, how could Jarvis, the AI, have let a stranger to swaggeringly drive away in the Mark 2 Iron Suit?

The procurement process begins with negotiations between the two parties. But this connection was short-lived. After all, the military had invested in the initiative early on, so there was already a foundation for cooperation. A sizable order was eventually signed after considerable haggling and profit sharing.

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Published On: February 15, 2023

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