The sky was punched by Rorschach, and the impact is clearly visible. Thor lacked the conviction to carry on battling. Not because I fall short of expectations but rather because the opposition is too great.

Feeling a little hesitant to part ways, Thor sighed, raised his hand, and touched the Hammer. He is a big fan of this hammer.

“Why not try this? Thor, just give Jane Foster the Hammer for ten or twenty years. Ten or twenty years is just a matter of second for you.” Rorschach suggested a reasonable middle ground.

He is only interested in finishing his tasks, he has no actual desire to win people over.

Thor shook his head when he heard this, “In accordance with the bargain we made, if you defeat me, I’ll give that woman Mjolnir. I won’t go back on what I said, and you’re right. I’ll just use this as an opportunity to motivate me to work harder to get stronger because I’m still not strong enough.”

Like an elderly father sending his daughter off to wed, Thor carefully handed Jane Foster his Hammer as he spoke. Odin had icy eyes as he observed everything, but he eventually stopped speaking.

[Ding, finished the side mission “Female Thor,” which awards 50,000 mission points and allows Jane Foster to obtain Thor’s Hammer and become a true female Thor!]

As Thor’s Hammer really belongs to Jane Foster, the name of the female Thor has also been recognized by Asgard.

[Ding! Congratulations to the host for completing the daily task, ‘Change the course of the world’, because of the intervention of the host, the fate of Jane Foster, Thor Odinson, Odin and others has been changed, and the reward task points are 40,000.]

The side mission points of “Female Thor” arrived in the account, plus the points for changing the plot line came, Rorschach earned 90,000 points in an instant.

System interface, character attributes:

Strength: SSS

Spirit: SS

Physical resistance: SSS+

Magic resistance: S

Skills: Man of Steel, Super Strength, Super Brain, Overspeed ​​Flight (After obtaining seven Kryptonian abilities, you can upgrade to Kryptonian blood, upgrade progress 4/7, Note: The default Kryptonian bloodline template: El family.)

Mission Points: 198237

Mission Board:

Exclusive mission stage 2 (Thermal Vision): Learn advanced welding techniques, assemble 10,000 objects by yourself, and acquire heat vision, a special Kryptonian ability.

Task progress: 0/10000.

Nearly 200,000 mission points have been accumulated. Rorschach does not want to trade the present points immediately, even though they already match the standards for exchanging for a regulated fusion reactor.

Technology advances will be the primary source of power in the future era if the new fusion reactor is the energy technology that transformed the planet. The ability for people to control the sun, in the words of Dr. Octopus, is controllable by the fusion reactor.

Rorschach has a concept for getting a manageable fusion reactor. He only needs to trade a few technological items, study the necessary knowledge on his own, and then complete it on the basis of Dr. Otto Octavius to become similar to the new element Arc Reactor.

After all, Doctor Otto Octavius has put in a lot of effort and has come close to success in the primary plot. However, it appears that some algorithms include a flaw, which eventually causes fusion energy to spiral out of control.

Peter Parker even brought up this issue during the events of Spider-Man 2, but the arrogant Doctor Octavius paid no attention. This shouldn’t come as a surprise as Dr. Octavius was a renowned nuclear fusion scientist, and Peter Parker was only an unknown college student. Peter Parker’s query was not taken seriously by Dr. Octavius at all.

But in this universe, Rorschach is the true leader of the Osborn Group, not to mention that he has established himself as a renowned scientist after discovering new elements. The Osborn Group invested in Dr. Octavius’ project, and Rorschach, who also invested in Dr. Octavius, has the legal right to speak.

In this approach, many points might be saved if adjustments can be made based on Dr. Octavius’ findings.

Rorschach is also still dragging his feet on this issue. On the one hand, he hasn’t discovered the entire Kryptonian bloodline, and on the other, Dr. Octavius’ research on controllable nuclear fusion is still in the early stages and several key problems remain unresolved.


Odin then took his leave of Thor’s Hammer and the four Asgardian soldiers before departing. Everyone in Jane Foster stared at Rorschach indescribably as he collapsed to the ground.

First to speak, a silenced Darcy asked, “Investor—er, I mean, Mr. Rorschach—should I kneel down and bow to you?”

“Why do you desire to bow before me?” Rorschach answered her question since he had heard of Darcy’s upbeat disposition before.

“I’m hoping to meet a boyfriend that is as attractive as you, so please pray for me.” Daisy truly said.

Rorschach answered, shrugging his shoulders in embarrassment, “I’m sorry, but I’m powerless to assist you. I advise you to compromise on the criteria you use to select a partner. If not, get ready to spend the rest of your life single.”

Thor’s Hammer was in his grasp as Jane Foster waved it, “What about the Hammer? You don’t want this hammer, Thor and the others just left?”

Rorschach smiled and said, “Yes, now that this Thor’s Hammer belongs to you, Dr. Foster, from today on, you are the Thor on Earth.”

Jane Foster said, “Mr. Rorschach… I don’t know how to thank you,” feeling flattered.

“Then make a pledge, Jane. You are now the God of Thunder on Earth, and Mr. Rorschach is the God of the Earth. It is really unfair for you two not to marry in place,” Darcy chimed in at the perfect moment.

Jane Foster was so embarrassed and enraged that she grabbed out and forced Daisy’s mouth shut in order to mask her own internal embarrassment, “Darcy, if you utter gibberish again, I’ll tear your mouth!” she said.

The crowd’s energy increased as a result of the two women’s commotion. Rorschach advised going back to the town first because it was becoming late. Along the way, everyone continued to discuss Rorschach’s identity and skills as Peter and Harry discussed what had happened today.

I was merely a common person.

Rorschach was forced to reveal the source of his talent in order to allay everyone’s suspicions “However, I insist on performing 10 kilometers of running, 100 sit-ups, 100 squats, and 100 push-ups each day. After persevering for a year, I discovered that I was suddenly stronger and transformed into what you see now.”

Hearing this news left everyone in a state of utter silence.


New York, S.H.I.E.L.D. headquarters.

The energy anomaly was found in New Mexico by an agent, who immediately reported it. office of the director arrived two hours later. Agent 13 Sharon Carter received a call from Nick Fury, the current S.H.I.E.L.D. director. Nick Fury threw a bundle of papers in front of Agent Sharon as soon as she walked in.

“Look at this document, please.”


Agent Sharon took it up and began leafing through it right away, “Director, a gas explosion happened in a motel in New Mexico as a result of astronomical and meteorological irregularities… Why would you like me to look at this?”

“You are in charge of contacting Rorschach. Have you made any fresh discoveries?” Nick Fury said as he tapped his index finger on the table.

Agent Sharon unconsciously shook her head, “No, lately, Rorschach either stays at home or attends classes at school. Researching, of course. It appears that Rorschach traveled to New Mexico yesterday with his students.”

Agent Sharon’s eyes went wide when she brought up New Mexico. Nick Fury asked as she stared at him with startled eyes. He nodded slightly. “Guess who stayed where the motel exploded?”



“So, what exactly is the issue here?” Agent Sharon asked in confusion.

Nick Fury felt a tad worn out, “What exactly is the issue? Shouldn’t you be the one to work it out? Perhaps it’s just a coincidental occurrence, but it’s our responsibility to consider every possibility. I want you to head right over to New Mexico to look into things. Natasha can stay with Tony, and you and Coulson can leave right away because Tony has already found a solution to the palladium poisoning issue.”

“Understood!” The order was immediately accepted by Agent Sharon.

Nick Fury once more picked up the Rorschach file after Agent Sharon had left. Despite being a stockholder in Stark Industries, Rorschach doesn’t seem to be concerned with the company. He ought to consider sending an investigator to his place of employment as well as the Osborn Group.

Nick Fury picked up the phone again and phoned out after pausing to reflect.

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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