Rorschach couldn’t help shaking his head helplessly as he observed Thor’s vigor.

Is it possible that my recent strike wasn’t strong enough? Or are you losing focus?

Rorschach remained silent but clenched his hands firmly as he faced Thor’s Hammer that was rushing toward him. Then, with an explosive burst of strength, he punched out again.


Thor’s Hammer and the front of Rorschach’s fist made immediate contact, causing thunder and lightning to strike the area in the vicinity of the encounter. Unstoppable, Thor’s Hammer soared back upside down before being re-captured by Thor. Odin was equally as somewhat surprised as Thor was.

He actually knocked Thor’s Hammer with a single blow!

Thor’s Hammer weighed as much as a small planet and was constructed using the death star’s core.

How in the world can one take a blow like that?

That’s obviously not the case. Hela, the goddess of death, destroyed Thor’s Hammer in Thor 3 using only her bare hands. There is no denying that gives Hela the ability to smash the entire globe with her bare hands, but her level of strength has surpassed even that of the heavenly father.

Odin’s jaw twitched slightly. He was certain that Rorschach lacked god values. He would not have considered Rorschach a mortal if it weren’t for a mortal devoid of a godhead who possessed the power of a celestial being.

Other folks who were present for the combat were astounded as well. Peter and the others, in particular, had eyes that were filled with strangeness and shock, as if they had just encountered Rorschach.

With Thor’s Hammer back in hand, he did so with a reluctant expression on his face. He unexpectedly unleashed all of the thunder’s energy from his body once more, pouring it into Thor’s Hammer, before stepping with his right foot.

Thor raised his hammer at the same time and struck Rorschach with it with the fury of a thunderbolt while the long tail of Thunder trailed after him. Everyone’s hearts leaped into their throats upon seeing this scene.

Rorschach remained rooted to the spot, ignoring Thor as he raised Thor’s Hammer. His right fist was gently pulled behind him as he grinned abruptly and bent his legs slightly. Suddenly, there was a minor trembling of the ground.

Around Rorschach, the small stones appeared to be slowly floating in midair, defying gravity. His legs slammed into force, he yelled violently, and his body shot up into the air like a cannonball. His power erupted simultaneously, and his right hand slammed out with a thunderous roar.


Thor was overcome with fear of dying even though Rorschach’s fist had not yet touched the ground. He even forgot to run at this point and kept waving Thor’s Hammer around.

Because everything in Thor’s field of vision was slowly devoured by one enormous fist as his universe briefly appeared to be plunged into darkness.

A feeling of dread. Thor’s head began to fill with countless thoughts, creating a flimsy consciousness.

“Am I dying?”

But just as it was about to engulf the entire planet, the fist that had been covering the sky and the sun halted. Thor needed some time to get over his fear of dying.

At one point, less than one centimeter from Thor’s head, he noticed Rorschach’s fist hovering in front of his eyes. Thor’s head is just a little bit ahead, and it can be destroyed. As for the force of hundreds of thunders on Thor’s Hammer, it lost all motion like a candle that had been blown out by a powerful wind.

Everyone was fixated on the sky in silence.

Unconsciously, Thor turned his head back and noticed that beginning with him, a force split the clouds in half, moving forward steadily until they reached the limit of the sky, where they stopped.

With only one blow, the sky was destroyed.

Thor gulped unconsciously and struggled to get out, “Ror…Rorschach, is this your power?” before finishing.

With a smile remaining on his face, Rorschach withdrew his fist, gave Thor a kind slap on the shoulder, and said, “Thor, if you work hard, you can do it too!”

Can I also do it? Is it actually possible?

Thor took another look up at the sky. What a terrifying figure.

Peter and Harry likewise dropped their jaws in disbelief, along with Odin and other Asgardians. With one punch, the teacher at our school can grade the planet Earth in the middle.

Harry had no choice but to grip Peter’s sleeve and inquire, “Peter, among all of us, you are the one who knows Mr. Rorschach the best. What was his secret?”

Even just the idea that Peter is Spider-Man is unbelievable. As a result, the high school teacher in his school is able to defeat Thor without having the ability to fight back, in addition to flying into the air and escaping from the earth.

Since mortals have a finite imagination, there is no way to naturally compare phenomena like combing the center of the earth. Rorschach didn’t boast about defeating Thor. Since the divine power has not been taken away from him, this is actually the real Thor.

Every Asgardian turned up their ears to Harry’s query because they were interested in finding out the answer.

Peter shrugged his shoulders in humiliation, “To be completely honest, I have no idea. I just know that Professor Rorschach is a superb scientist.”

This response disappointed everyone.

But at this point, Norman continued, “I may be more knowledgeable than you. Only another God is capable of defeating a God. The Earth’s God is Mr. Rorschach!”

“The Earth’s God. You’re saying that Mr. Rorschach is a saint in Midgard?” Sif wore an enlightened expression.

Norman thought about the “Emperor Organization” Rorschach created it.

Norman nodded in agreement and remarked, “That’s right, Mr. Rorschach is the saint of the planet,” when Rorschach informed him that the “Emperor Organization’s” mission is to protect the Earth.

Odin was a little offended by this speech. After all, it is obvious to Odin that Rorschach lacks divine authority. He cannot be referred to as a God without divine authority. Odin did not refute Norman’s assertions.

They will feel much better if it is claimed that Rorschach defeated Thor by impersonating the native of Midgard. Even if the mortal is extremely powerful, they will at least refrain from claiming that Thor was defeated by them.

With the body of a mortal, defeating the Gods is a shameful thing that can happen to anyone. Odin thought of this in his heart and instantly felt much better. Odin’s silence seemed to confirm the identity of Rorschach, and nothing shocked Peter and Harry the most.

The teacher who usually teaches them is actually a God. The key is that this Godlike teacher is a scientist. Did the gods start to study science these days? Is the world of gods so different than now?

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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