Jane Foster was involved, who gave Rorschach a guilty look before crooning softly into his ear, “Mr. Rorschach, why don’t you return the Hammer to Thor?”

Bring back Thor’s Hammer?

Rorschach exhibited some reluctance. You only lost a Thor’s Hammer, while I lost 50,000 points in total! Do you realize how challenging it is for me these days to save a few points?

Rorschach turned to look at Thor and said, “I’ve got an idea, Thor. Why don’t you go up against me? If you succeed in defeating me, it will demonstrate that you have attained the status of God and no longer require it. Only by using Thor’s Hammer to unleash your might can the hammer exert its full power in your hands.”

“Rorschach…” Thor looked intently at Rorschach, a fighting spirit in his eyes.

Thor can obviously feel that his godly power has significantly increased now that Odin has reclaimed it. I wasn’t expecting to actually progress a lot under Rorschach’s leadership in just a few days here on earth. Thor’s self-assurance has now significantly improved, and I no longer resemble the old me.

Thor did not dare to disregard Rorschach. Rorschach can still clearly recall the event where he used his bare hands to blast the Destroyer armor. Thor’s fists were squeezed shut, and there was a thin arc flickering between them.

“I beg you, Father, let me battle Rorschach. Mjolnir will be taken away from me if I triumph. Mjolnir will remain on Earth and serve as my growth’s catalyst even if I fail.” Thor spoke to Odin while joking around.

Odin took another look at Rorschach. Odin had always believed that Jane Foster, who raised Thor’s Hammer, had vanquished the Destroyer Armor. Odin, however, had the strange impression that Rorschach was not as straightforward as it appeared after hearing Thor and Rorschach speak.

Could it be that the Destroyer Armor was destroyed by a man by the name of Rorschach? Odin’s thoughts began to consider this, and he immediately felt uneasy.

But at this juncture, Odin can only trust his son. Odin nodded and told Thor, “Thor, you have grown up, and this matter is up to you to decide!”

Odin nodded, and Thor moved closer to Rorschach. Rorschach asked jokingly, “Are you sure you don’t want to use Thor’s Hammer?” as he observed the unarmed Thor.

Thor responded with a smile, “I’m not God of Hammer, but I am Thor. What you taught me is this.”

Thor suddenly appeared in front of Rorschach, waving his fist and aiming it at the punch out before the words could be spoken. His figure was extraordinarily swift, and a whirlwind was launched on the place, traveling tens of meters in an instant.

Thor’s momentum was like a truck, and his blow had the force of thunder. However, the punch was so strong that Rorschach only lightly raised his palm to deflect it.


Jane Foster and others were startled by a series of blasts. Odin and the other Asgardian citizens’ eyes shone brightly, indicating that they believed Thor was now more powerful than before.

Thor’s strength would have unexpectedly increased significantly after he regained his divine power in just a few days on Earth. When Odin saw this, he grinned with satisfaction as if nothing more was to come.

Thor and Rorschach were a little disappointed after their fight compared to what Odin and other Asgardian citizens expected, as Thor clearly thought that Rorschach didn’t employ his full strength.

“Is this your only power, Rorschach? Let me witness your full power!” Rorschach first intended to paddle the river; when he was unable to do so, he would spar with Thor.

Thor won’t lose too badly in this manner. Rorschach is still unable to perform actions like violently hitting a toddler in front of his parents while his elderly father is watching from the sidelines. However, Thor was not happy.

Well, these fighters believe that going all out shows the utmost respect for an opponent. Thor, who respects the brilliance of warriors, is greatly insulted by Rorschach’s behavior in unleashing water.

Thor was given a friendly smile by Rorschach “Right now, it was merely a warm-up. You’re ready to experience it now that the warm-up is complete. Know what suffering feels like?”

He did not wait for the voice to end. Suddenly clenching his fist, Rorschach struck Thor in the midsection. Even with Thor’s quick reflexes, it was too late to dodge this punch because it came at him so quickly.


Thor’s chest was struck by Rorschach. Thor felt as if he had been struck by a small asteroid, but his chest was struck by a dreadful force that was overwhelming and overwhelming. Thor’s figure flew out unrestrained in a circle of white shock waves.

Odin’s grin vanished from his face. Rorschach then took a step forward and swiftly flew behind Thor, as if preparing a bow and setting an arrow before raising his fist and punching Thor once again before Odin regained consciousness.

This time, Thor’s visage changed noticeably. His entire body was covered in a layer of thunder, his body was contorted into an unbelievable angle, and his hands were folded in front of him as he made a valiant effort to deflect Rorschach’s punch.


When the blow actually landed, Thor’s form abruptly shrank, his hands went cold, and the power of thunder coating his arms instantly dissipated. This scary pressure feels more like a mountain pressing down than a fist.

In a last-ditch effort to call forth Thor’s Hammer, Thor stumbled back a few paces and unconsciously reached out his hand toward Jane Foster.

However, Thor’s Hammer is in the hands of Jane Foster, not moving at all. Odin’s one-eyed peered at Thor’s Hammer while silently muttering the lifting spell as Rorschach’s fist was raised once more.

Thor’s Hammer originally held the magic of “only the worthy can lift it,” as Rorschach surmised. Odin later chanted to Thor’s Hammer after robbing him of his almighty strength.

On the surface, it appears to be a repetition of the previous spell, which stated that “only the worthy can lift it,” but in reality, it places a restriction on it, stating that “Thor’s Power will be unlocked when he learns to be humble, get rid of his arrogance, and is willing to devote his life to others.”

Odin had just restored Thor’s divine power, but he had forgotten to take away the extra spell. Thor has learned to be humble and to put his ego aside, but what matters most is that he is willing to give his life to helping others. Therefore, the triggering criteria for this spell have not yet been met.

This additional spell for Thor had to be manually removed by Odin. Thor called forth his Hammer, but when it failed to respond, his mood plummeted, and he even experienced severe self-doubt.

Fortunately, the Hammer answered Thor’s call in the next instant, swiftly departed Jane Foster, and flew in the direction of Thor.

“I’m still worthy! Hahaha, I’m still worthy!”

The moment Thor summoned his Hammer once more, it seemed as though he had reverted to the way he had been when battling the Nine Realms. Thor smiled and tossed the approaching Thor’s Hammer at Rorschach while turning to face him. His right hand had already captured it.

“Rorschach, I’ll show you the actual might of the Hammer of Thor!”

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Published On: February 11, 2023

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