Loki’s heart shook tremendously as he heard this elderly voice. In an instant, his face went terrified, his neck was stiff, and he slowly turned his head away.


King Odin, who previously dozed off, is standing behind Loki.

“Why did you get up so quickly, Father?” Loki experienced a variety of feelings in his heart as if he had just turned made some big mistake.

“If I don’t wake up again, are you going to start a war against Midgard like your brother?” Odin glared at Loki with one dirty eye and a disappointed look in his eyes.

“No, no, Father, I’m going to save my brother from the Midgardians who have taken him captive!” Loki argued.

“What about the Destroyer armor?” Odin continued to ask.

Odin exclaimed angrily, “Enough, Loki, you’ve let me down too much,” as Loki rolled his eyes and again considered an explanation.

The scepter in Loki’s hand vanished into thin air and materialized in Odin’s palm as he finished speaking and reached out his hand to him.

“Bring Loki back there, give him some time to think, and never allow him to leave without my permission.”

Odin gave the soldiers in the area a command, looked away from Loki, and then went across to the Rainbow Bridge. Two soldiers held Loki up, but he made no attempt to escape.

He should be able to see that Odin is acting, given how intelligent he is. It used to be possible for Odin to go for decades or even centuries without waking up, but this time he didn’t get up early or late; instead, he awoke just as Loki was ready to attack Asgard.

This is plainly an act of deception. Even a fool can now see why Odin feigned to be asleep. Nothing more than simply enhancing Thor’s mental faculties.

In essence, Rorschach believed he had calculated everything, but in the end, the elderly guy had played a trick on him.

“I don’t think you ever thought of me as your son. You only treat me as a pet. You won’t allow a frost giant to usurp Asgard’s throne, no matter what I do, right?” Incomparably depressingly, Loki thought in his heart.


Earth, New Mexico.

It took female Thor Jane Foster a lot of work, but she eventually reduced the Destroyer armor to a heap of broken iron.

[Ding, finish the side mission “Female Thor.” The host has assisted female Thor Jane Foster in becoming a skilled warrior and in initially mastering the power of Thor’s Hammer. Task points worth 20,000 will be awarded!]

This side quest wasn’t something Rorschach expected to be accomplished so quickly. But he must admit that Jane Foster still has a lot of skill, and after becoming a female Thor, she would also have the most fundamental fighting instinct. With a little assistance from Rorschach, Jane Foster was able to meet the system’s requirements.

Darcy joyfully moved forward to offer Jane high fives in response to her blowing up the Destroyer armor.

“Jane, you are incredible!”

Rorschach and the others were happy that the largest foe had been defeated. Rorschach and the others are joyful, but Thor is equally depressed. Asgardians have a reputation for being courageous. They never fear dying. Rather, they fear that it won’t be violent enough. However, they felt humiliated by what transpired today.

Once more, Rorschach put on a suit. Norman handled his responsibilities as an assistant on this trip with great care, and he organized all the complications that came up.

Without time to calm these Asgard visitors’ feelings, Rorschach called Peter and the others, pointed at the Destroyers strewn about, and commanded.

“Clean up these messes as soon as possible. These space-derived metals could include unidentified viruses. They need to be returned for processing!”

Since Uru metal makes up the Destroyer armor, there can obviously be no unknown virus. Rorschach only claimed this to mask his actions of picking up “trash.”

In any case, he founded the Emperor Organization and is the ruler of the world. One’s identity can be partly damaged by collecting Asgardians’ leftovers. The incredibly potent weapons produced from Uru metal are rare.

The most obvious point is that the double-edged sword Thanos is holding in Avengers Endgame is made of Uru metal. With that blade, Thanos forcedly used it as he was under siege by the Avengers. And broke the Vibranium shield of Captain America. This demonstrates the strength of Uru Metal.

When Norman heard Rorschach give the command, he understood it right away and took the initiative to ask everyone to gather the last bits of the Destroyer.

A vortex unexpectedly materialized in the sky’s clouds after yet another busy day. A bright rainbow light suddenly appeared inside the vortex and rocketed in front of everyone like a meteor. The others, including Rorschach, are no longer astonished.

How many rainbow lights have fallen in one afternoon?

A one-eyed old man riding an eight-legged horse and brandishing a golden spear materialized in front of everyone as the rainbow light faded. This elderly man radiates dazzling divine strength from head to toe, as if—no, that’s a king who defies the world.

The four Asgardian warriors all bowed to the elderly man with the utmost respect when they saw him, kneeling on one knee and placing their right fists over their hearts. Even Thor, who couldn’t help but cry, walked up, knee down, and cried out in a sorrowful voice, “Father”!

The old man with one eye caught Rorschach’s attention, and the corner of his mouth twitched. Of course, he recognized this person—who else but Odin, King of Asgard.

King Odin doesn’t appear to have visited Earth at any point in the main Thor plot. If Sif and the others take Thor away now, they will undoubtedly be able to keep him.

Since Thor didn’t care to give himself up to be nearly killed by the Destroyer armor, it follows that he hasn’t recovered the ability to raise Thor’s Hammer, making it impossible for Thor to do so even if he wanted to.

Thor had already given up the concept of ceasing to rely on Thor’s Hammer, not even under the attentive “instruction” of Rorschach. The main factor is obviously Odin’s unexpected arrival. Rorschach was still thinking when he unconsciously turned to Jane Foster, who was still wearing the female Thor’s suit.

Rorschach said that there was a good chance Odin came looking for Thor’s Hammer.

Odin said, “Whoever holds this hammer, if he be worthy, shall possess the power of Thor.”

According to the comic book storyline, Jane Foster raised Thor’s Hammer and evolved into a female Thor.

Odin, however, made life tough for Jane Foster instead of acknowledging her. In the end, Jane Foster repeatedly saved Asgard, and with Frigg’s assistance, Odin grudgingly agrees to accept Jane Foster.

At the comic’s conclusion, Jane gave Thor his hammer back and took on the role of Valkyrie. Rorschach is almost likely that Odin arrived here in order to locate a home for his son and to deliver Thor’s Hammer from this perspective.

Odin’s one-eyed gaze confirmed it, and a few Asgardians bowed to adore him. However, no one on Rorschach’s side did the same, and none of them even gave him a salute.

How could Odin, who has always wished to maintain his dignity, endure it? He raised the scepter to strike the ground and sneered icily.

The heavenly power quickly surrounded the four directions, becoming an invisible force that cut everyone short, and a storm quickly spread.

“People of Midgard, why don’t you fall on your knees?” Odin warns everyone and Rorschach.

Rorschach made an effort to assist the senior Dr. Selvig. Dr. Selvig had endured enough suffering after two days of chasing after things. He nearly bowed down in response to Odin’s demand.

Rorschach stood at the front of the crowd, looked straight at Odin, and said with a smile, “Sorry, I have a problem with my knees, and I can’t bend.”

Odin heard Rorschach’s answer, and a nameless fire suddenly arose in his heart. Imagine an emperor patrolling his territory, and when he meets a subject, instead of showing respect to the emperor, he violates the emperor’s will.

This is clearly a provocation.

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Published On: February 10, 2023

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