Rorschach was unaware of how horrified the Asgard visitors had been by his actions. Rorschach has been meticulously managing and restraining this power because he possesses the overly powerful Kryptonian “Super Strength.”

Rorschach was ecstatic to face the Destroyer Armor, which is thought to be Asgard’s strongest weapon. finally had an opportunity to use his Super Strength!

“Let’s start with 20% of the power and gauge the results.”

Rorschach’s hand instantly shrank as he considered this, and his five fingers clasped the Destroyer armor fist and slowly closed it. Rorschach grasped the metal with one hand, causing the unbreakable material to dent and distort.

The Destroyer Armor didn’t feel pain. Despite exerting great effort, it was unable to remove Rorschach’s palm. It could only swing the opposite hand and slam it in Rorschach’s direction.

“It’s too weak even for me.”

Rorschach’s hand’s strength abruptly rose, and he discharged 30% of his own strength. He then raised his other hand and struck the Destroyer armor with a fist.


The metal fist of the Destroyer armor that Rorschach had just slammed straight collapsed, and there was a loud explosion in the air. His massive frame stumbled backward uncontrollably as if struck by a fast-moving freight vehicle.

“My God, Mr. Rorschach!”

“Is there anything else you want to share with us about this, Peter?”

Mary Jane, Harry, and the others all gave Peter Parker a duplicitous look as Rorschach defeated the highly potent alien weapon in front of their eyes. They believed there was a secret between them, knowing that Peter Parker was Spider-Man.

Because of this, a “surprise” that is considerably more explosive is concealed beneath it. The typically kind and reserved science teacher gave the alien’s steel humanoid weapon a punch as it flew in their direction. Is this logical?

“You might not believe me, but I’m as startled as you are,” Peter shrugged hopelessly. I am aware that Mr. Rorschach is a superhero, but neither he nor I am aware of any particular powers he possesses.”

The tops of Thor and Sif’s heads went numb. These days, every Midgardian they encounter is abnormal.

A woman was the first to pick up Thor’s Hammer, followed by a child who was more powerful than an Asgardian warrior, and finally, a man who used only his hands to blast the Destroyer’s armor. How did people in Midgard develop in this way?

The impact of the Destroyer’s armor on the earth was thunderous and muted. Rorschach had severely damaged both arms, but the Destroyer armor was back to normal in a matter of breaths.

Instead of becoming upset when viewing this scene, Rorschach had a cheerful smile. “You don’t seem to be easily defeated despite your relatively low strength, so I’ll increase it to 50%.”

Rorschach was able to walk on the ground after finishing his sentence, and his figure sprang out like a cannonball. He also gave the Destroyer armor’s massive chest a punch while clenching his fist.


Bang bang!

Bang bang bang!

The Destroyer Armor was repeatedly struck by Rorschach’s massive, muscular fists, which made it appear as if it were a puppet on a string that could only be trodden by Rorschach at will and helplessly.

The four Asgardian warriors are starting to question life. According to them, the Asgardians are the most powerful people on earth, and the Midgardians—that is, the inhabitants of Earth—are a race of feeble mortals who require their protection. But today’s events severely undermined all three of their points of view.

Rorschach’s indiscriminate bombardment damaged the Destroyer’s armor, but it was rebuilt much more slowly than it was destroyed.

A short while afterward, the Immortal Asgardian weapon—which had previously been unstoppable—knelt on the ground like a dead dog and repeatedly tried to stand up but was unable to.

All eyes were focused on the Destroyer, which had no undamaged armor, pitted chest, abruptly severed left arm, and bent legs that appeared to have been repeatedly crushed by a tank. several times!

“That is all that Asgard’s strongest weapon is.” Rorschach felt a twinge of disappointment in his heart as he observed the Destroyer armor laboring on the ground.

He hasn’t yet relished his explosion because it has only been at 50% of his full power. Is this insufficient? Is that it?

Rorschach dragged the Destroyer armor toward Jane Foster like a dead dog as he talked, lifting the mask with one hand.

“Dr. Foster, the present Destroyer armor is just suitable for you to practice,” Rorschach remarked as he raised his hand and threw the worn-out Destroyer armor in front of Jane Foster.

Jane Foster asked, a little perplexed, “Can this iron lump still stand up?”

“It should be able to recover a little bit if you just wait a little while longer. After that, you can fight with assurance. I will take care of any emergencies you may have.” said Rorschach.

Jane Foster nodded softly while blushing a little.

“What is this feeling of unease?”



On the throne, Loki had a sour expression. Loki didn’t think twice about luring the Frost Giants into Asgard in order to get rid of his brother Thor and gain the confidence of God King Odin. He then contrived a scene in which an obedient son was watching over his sleeping father.

Up to this point, everything has gone pretty smoothly, but there has been a significant error on the earth’s side.

“Why is that bug so strong? He is too strong for even the Destroyer Armor.”

Loki is able to control the Destroyer Armor, and as a result, he has a deeper understanding of Rorschach’s power than anyone else.

“It is inconceivable that Midgard could possess such strength.”

Loki gave this a lot of thinking, but Rorschach still appeared to be on his brother’s side.

“I vehemently forbid anything from succeeding me as king of Asgard. Both Thor and these tiny bugs are unable to do so.”

With a ferocious murderous intent in his gaze, Loki headed towards the main hall entrance while holding his scepter in his hand, “Let’s go! Call the troops right away since my brother has been kidnapped and seized by Midgardians. Come with me into Midgard!”

Rorschach and the others were carelessly accused of a crime by Loki, who also made plans to assemble an army and invade Earth. Asgard’s soldiers descended, kill Rorschach and the others first, then used the commotion to slay Thor.

As long as Thor isn’t alive, Loki will rule Asgard.

Loki gave the order, and Asgard’s army came together immediately. Even Asgard’s battleship was dispatched by Loki to ensure they could kill Rorschach. Just as Loki thought his life was about to reach its apex. Suddenly, he was followed by an elderly voice.

“Loki, what do you want to do with the Asgardian army?”

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Published On: February 10, 2023

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