Rorschach was concerned about the potential negative implications of Peter Parker’s new superpower because he was aware that he had just become Spider-Man. However, this one is in front of him, so at least the movie’s plot has no unintended consequences, which Rorschach dares not do.

If there are any negative impacts, it will be because becoming Spider-Man makes it simpler to fill free time and unintentionally puts others around you in danger. Rorschach would not have said it to Peter Parker, of course.

“If the transplant of a gene from another species is truly successful, the human body will possess incredible strength. Regarding the side effects, you need to be able to detect them if there are any. Use yours with confidence if you can’t feel them. Be strong!” Rorschach gave Peter Parker a shoulder pat and gave him encouragement.

When Peter heard it, he was overjoyed and said, “I understand, thank you, Teacher Rorschach!”

Peter then eagerly ran to detention to write a self-critique, but he didn’t get very far before he recognized something was wrong. What does ‘use my strengths with confidence’ mean, Mr. Rorschach?”

Peter looked a little depressed, ” Mr. Rorschach knows my secret? No one has ever heard me say it, so how did you know? Is it too evident since I brought up the subject of cross-species gene transplantation technology?”

He shook his head, feeling that he was being overly sentimental. Mr. Rorschach was joking, and he had previously made jokes to himself.

Without giving Rorschach any more thought, Peter Parker moved on to the detention room. Peter Parker arrived in the detention room only to discover that Flash had finished his review and driven his just purchased sports vehicle, inviting Mary Jane inside.

Peter experienced an unexpected sense of blockage. Additionally, he wants to purchase a luxury vehicle for Mary Jane to ride in, but Uncle Ben’s family is not wealthy, so even if it is to purchase a Christmas present for Mary Jane, he needs to save money for a week.

If you don’t have money, how can you pursue girls?

After making an effort to comprehend this reality, Peter Parker became obsessed with accumulating wealth. He would buy a fancy automobile, asked Mary Jane along for the journey, had a candlelit dinner, declared his love, and did many other things.


Rorschach rushed back to the office to finish his study work for the day rather than continuing to supervise Peter Parker. Fill up the study period for today first. He performs physical training exercises like push-ups, squats, and other exercises while doing other things at night.

Time is not squandered. Perfect.

Every day, Rorschach finished the five-hour study task after spending two hours studying and an additional three hours in the morning.

Enter the system interface’s task list.

Exclusive task stage 1 (Super Brain): Study five hours a day for one year, and publish two papers in natural science journals. You can get the exclusive skill Kryptonian’s Super Brain.

Mission progress: 350/365.

Only 15 days remain, and it only takes a month to finish the entire calculation. He can get the two Kryptonian abilities of super strength and super brain while also completing the two objectives of the first stage of the exclusive task.

The final three unique abilities can reveal the full Kryptonian bloodline. However, Rorschach will have greater freedom in the sequel as long as he simultaneously holds the two powers of “Man of Steel” and “Super Brain”.

He might be able to exchange directly for the remaining Kryptonian-only skills by completing a few more challenging tasks, or he might just be able to exchange for Kryptonian blood.

In any event, Rorschach must quickly acquire a full Kryptonian bloodline, which he must then trade for manageable nuclear fusion technology in order to construct a nuclear fusion radiation suit for himself. The results are comparable to daily sunbathing. a Kryptonian who spends each day in the sun.

Rorschach quickly finished cleaning up and then went to the music teacher’s office to look for a date for tonight. She seemed to have been waiting for Rorschach because she hasn’t yet departed.

“Mr. Rorschach, I’m finally waiting for you. I nearly believed you had let me go. Let’s leave. On West Street, I’ve been told, there is a Chinese restaurant. I believe you’ll like it.”

The female teacher was really pleased to see Rorschach and eagerly seized his arm.

“Let’s go, let’s try that Chinese restaurant,” Naturally, Rorschach had no reservations. What to eat tonight wasn’t even a consideration. It’s okay even if he doesn’t consume anything.

Rorschach and the female teacher boarded his vehicle and headed to the Chinese eatery on West Street. They were walking together, talking and laughing the entire time.

Before entering the Chinese eatery, Rorschach noticed a middle-aged man who seemed a somewhat familiar figure passing by.

The middle-aged uncle had slightly gray hair and a vicissitude-like face, but he had a strict and traditional demeanor. He was searching frantically for someone while sporting a white coat.

“Uncle Ben?”

The middle-aged uncle was quickly recognized by Rorschach. Ben Parker was the uncle of Spider-Man Peter Parker. Rorschach got an unpleasant sensation about Uncle Ben’s appearance.

Reminds one of Peter Parker, who recently become Spider-Man and recently showed the rebellious traits peculiar to teenagers. Is it feasible that today will bring about the legendary Uncle Ben’s death Spider-Man story?

In the Spider-Man story, Peter Parker developed severe emotional difficulties, ignored his family’s sentiments, and even from Uncle Ben’s point of view, Peter frequently fights. They arrived home quite late, and they were very concerned that little Peter would grow to be bad at this age.

Peter went out at night again after a fight. Concerned over Peter’s safety, Uncle Ben spent the night searching for him. Uncle Ben, on the other hand, encountered a robber with a gun rather than Peter.

Uncle Ben was unlucky shot and killed while trying to stop the robber. Ironically, this robber was also romantically involved with Peter Parker. Peter had the opportunity to stop the robber, but he chose to disregard it. Prompted Uncle Ben’s demise.

Peter Parker can continue to save many people going forward as a superhero, but he is unable to save his beloved Uncle Ben. Spider-Man is permanently tied to Uncle Ben’s passing.

[Ding… trigger the plot mission, ‘Uncle Ben’s Death’, the host intervenes in Uncle Ben’s fate, and the task points for double points can be obtained.]

Rorschach’s mind suddenly heard the system’s voice, and he immediately felt more energized.

For double points on a task?

10,000 mission points were awarded for Dr. Lizard’s mission of “altering the course of the earth.” That is to say, he would get about 10,000 to stop Uncle Ben from dying. After all, the major plot of Uncle Ben’s demise is strongly tied to the later artistic direction of Spider-Man.

For this kind of plot, settling at least 10,000 mission points is not excessive, right?

20,000 mission points are equal to double points!

Fuck, time to become wealthy!

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