Among the rubbles, Clark struggled to get up, scraped away a few broken concrete stones with his bare hands, and found Luthor, who was buried in the rubble.

“Clark…” Luthor coughed up a big mouthful of blood when he opened his mouth.

He stared at Clark and murmured, “Put away your hypocritical expression. You never believed me. You lied to me for so many years… you never intended to tell me the truth.”

“Stop talking, Luthor. I’ll get you out.” He pulled him out of the rubble.

When Luthor fell, Clark tried to grab him. But the height of the fall was too high. Almost all of Luthor’s chest was torn, and he was slowly losing consciousness.

“I’m sorry. I should have told you earlier.” Clark felt extremely regretful.

If he had followed Rorschach’s suggestion earlier and taken the initiative to confess his identity to Luthor, it would probably end up differently, and they wouldn’t have fought.

Hiding secrets among friends is taboo.

Rorschach treats his friends with straight words; even if some secrets cannot be said directly, he will find some way to say it indirectly. Rorschach did a good job in that; until now, he hasn’t had any trouble with his friends.

There was a weak roar again. Although Bizarro fell from the top floor, that low fall was nothing to Bizarro. He crazily launched towards Rorschach again. Contrary to Clark’s calmness and rationality, Bizarro’s way of thinking is rather crazy and chaotic. He kept waving his fist and threw it at Rorschach but ignored the strength gap between the two sides.

Rorschach blocked all of Bizarro’s attacks, flew forward with a whip kick, and hit his waist heavily.

The sound of broken ribs came out, and Rorschach kicked away Bizarro. His body smashed through the wall of the Lex Corp building like a cannonball and flew hundreds of meters backward, hitting the street below the road.

The street was empty as it was night, and there were some people around. Bizarro fell from the sky and hit the ground, scaring the surrounding people.

At first glance, everyone thought it was Superman who had fallen from the sky. At a glance, the guy who looked exactly like Superman was shining with a faint blue light. His skin was cracked every inch of his face, and his appearance was awful.

“What’s that?”

“Why does it kinda look like Superman but more disgusting?”

“That’s a fake one. Where is the real Superman?”

It is the same as the scene where the people cheered him during the day. At this moment, Bizarro felt the expressions of fear from the people around him. That made him feel extremely angry.

“Shut up… shut up, all of you!” Bizarro roared, and he looked angrily at the people behind me. Two blue freezing rays shot out from his eyes.

“Ahh! ” The people screamed and fled in fright.

However, before the freezing ray hit, a black figure blocked the freezing ray.

The freezing ray slammed into Rorschach’s chest as if it had hit an indestructible wall. There was no way for him to retreat, and the freezing ray dissipated quickly.

“Bizarro, I sympathize with you. Lex Luthor and your birth created you were destined to be a tragedy.”

Rorschach walked towards Bizarro step by step, feeling the killing intent. Bizarro felt an emotion called fear. He looked horrified and continued to release the freezing vision. But he turned around and ran, flying towards the sky.

Black lightning flashed across, and Rorschach blocked Bizarro’s movement. He stretched out his hand to grab Bizarro’s neck. He raised his head, looked at the night sky, and flew up. In an instant, he rushed out of the Earth and flew into the void of the universe.

Appearing in a vacuum for the first time, Bizarro felt suffocated.

Rorschach was keeping him up tight, and I flew towards the sun. When they were close to the sun, he raised his hand and threw Bizarro towards the sun.

Yellow sunlight can bring Kryptonians strength, but for Bizarro, the yellow sun will weaken him. The closer it is to the yellow sun, the faster Bizarro’s power will disappear. Eventually, he will be completely melted by the blazing temperature, leaving not even a speck of dust left.

After using the sun to kill Bizarro, Rorschach returned to Lex Corp.

Clark came out holding Luthor’s body. His eyes were full of sadness, “Rorschach, it’s all your fault. If you can tell Luthor the truth earlier, maybe all that will not happen.”

“Is there any way for us to change what has happened now? Also, Luthor is a bit maniacal. He would only do no good for this planet.” Rorschach told Clark casually.

Clark was confused. He hesitated when I looked at Luthor and secretly made up his mind to use his life to protect that planet until he died.

A siren sounded nearby. The police came a bit slower than usual. Rorschach’s influence has affected the way how police react to the situation now. It is also because the location of the accident is Lex Corp, which is in a remote area.

“Clark, I’ll go and clean up Lex’s biological experiments. You go deal with the police.” Rorschach turned to look at the biological laboratory on the ground of the Lex Corp building.

There are still several samples of Clark’s blood, and Rorschach must completely remove them. In addition, the Kryptonite in Lex’s warehouse also needs to be dealt with.

Clark nodded, “Okay, I’ll leave the matter of that to you.”

Before it was decided, Rorschach flew to the biological laboratory of the Lex Corp and used his thermal vision to remove all biological weapons, Clark’s blood samples, and all other things.

Immediately afterward, Rorschach scanned the entire building and rubbles. He destroyed all the Kryptonite collected by Luthor.

After doing all that, Rorschach left Lex Corp.

The city police took over the Lex Corp and issued a notice under the Internet.

Luthor researched biological weapons without permission and cloned Superman, but because the technology was still in early development and the clone of Superman ran away. Luthor was accidentally injured by the clone and died unexpectedly.

On the Internet, there is a video of the Dark Knight fighting Bizarro.

Only then did the people realize that Luthor cloned the Superman who appeared a few days ago. In addition to the conspiracy, Luthor deliberately ordered the robbers to frame Superman, which made the stock price of Lex Corp drop.

ARGUS also came after hearing the news and intervened in the investigation. Rorschach cleaned up all the unexamined biological weapons and Clark’s blood samples. Even ARGUS could not find any useless information in the pile of ruins.

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Published On: June 28, 2023

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