Of course, it was Peter who cast this spider thread. Just before the demolition ray was unleashed, he hurriedly shot the spider thread to free Sif from the Destroyer armor’s neck.

“Peter!” Harry gave his friend a blank look.

He still doesn’t realize that his closest friend is Spider-Man, the amiable neighbor vigilante who has been featured frequently in the news lately. Mary Jane’s eyes were also wide with amazement, “I knew it!” she said.

She has already found the hints, but she has never had the chance to demonstrate her theory. After witnessing him launch the spider web, she verified Peter’s identity as Spider-Man.

“I’m sorry Harry and MJ, I didn’t tell you the truth.”

“Why are you sorry to us? Why is Mr. Rorschach not even surprised? Did Mr. Rorschach know you were Spider-Man all along?” enquired Mary Jane.

Talks about his boyfriend’s superhero status while keeping his girlfriend in the dark. Instead, should his partner feel resentful that he revealed his identity to his teacher first?

“MJ, this shouldn’t really be a concern right now.” Peter yanked Sif away from the Destroyer armor by the spider’s thread.

He was saved by the other three Asgard warriors, who kept a close eye on the Destroyer armor. Everybody focused on the Destroyer Armor. He observed the damage the four Asgardian warriors inflicted on the Destroyer armor with all of their might and instantly recovered in a few of breaths.

The Destroyer Armor is an emotionless automaton that icily carries out Loki’s commands.

“Kill Thor!”

The four Asgardian warriors had no choice but to bite the bullet and rush once more in order to save Thor after spotting the Destroyer armor, moving towards everyone with slow, heavy steps. Peter Parker joined the conflict this time.

Even so, the presence of Spider-Man is unable to change the course of the conflict. The Destroyer armor cannot be successfully caught in the spider silk. It’s simply a warrior with a magical weapon.

Thor was purposefully taken to the forest by Rorschach because he knew the Destroyer Armor would arrive soon, and he wanted to avoid lingering in the town and harming innocent people.

Spider-Man is unable to show off his true strength due to the vast wilderness’s severe mobility restrictions. The conflict between the two factions quickly turned violent.

Even though the Asgard Warriors are courageous and skilled fighters, they lack the Destroyer Armor’s might. They are still defeated by the Destroyer Armor, even with Spider-Man’s assistance.

Although he was more powerful than any Asgardian warrior, the Destroyer armor’s strength is as horrifying. Spiderman Peter Parker must momentarily sidestep the edge in order to evade the destructive energy ray.

Thor could see how hard his friends were working for him and how their lives could end at any moment. Thor believed that today would be his last. To stop Rorschach and others from leaving because he didn’t want to involve more people, he said,

“I’m sorry to have you involved in this, Rorschach. I’m Loki’s prime target. Your life is safe as long as you run away.”

Mary Jane refused to consider leaving, saying, “I won’t go. Peter is still there, I won’t leave Peter by himself and flee.”

When Jane Foster lifted her hand in silence, Thor’s Hammer instantly changed into a female Thor and flew back into her hand.

“Little girl, you should leave with Mr. Rorschach, and I will deal with that large iron lump,” she sternly said. Jane Foster was preparing to run in the direction of the Destroyer as she said that.

Rorschach abruptly extended his hand, placed it on Jane Foster’s shoulder, and uttered the following, “Dr. Foster, you seem a little hesitant to deal with the Destroyer Armor right now. I’ll assist you in slightly weakening it before returning it to you.”

Jane Foster is still unsure of the meaning of Rorschach. The four Asgardian warriors and Peter are now in the way of the Destroyer Armor, which has now materialized in front of everyone.

The flaming, menacing aura grew once more as the sinister face of the Destroyer armor was directed upon Rorschach. The destructive ray suddenly appeared after that.

“No, Rorschach!” Peter fought to stand up while ignoring his own wounds. He then raised his hands and fired two spider threads at Jane Foster and Rorschach.

However, the dreadful ray of doom had already come down before the spider silk adhered to the two of them. Rorschach pulled Jane Foster out of the way with a wave of his hand as he was engulfed in the scorching rays like magma.

“Rorschach…” Jane Foster’s eyes were crimson, her heart was broken, and she was enraged to the point that lightning arcs were bursting out all over her body.

“No!” Darcy hid her mouth in fear as well. Rorschach’s lovely face was all she could think of at the time, but sadly, she will never see it again.

Thor heavily blamed himself, saying, “I killed Rorschach. It’s all my responsibility.”

Perhaps only Norman Osborn is certain that Rorschach will be alright among the group. He had witnessed the incident in which Rorschach jumped from the top story of the Osborn Group building while remaining unharmed.

That guy was essentially God’s earthly representative. It is simply not conceivable for him to pass away so quickly.

With the gradual fading of the Destroyer armor’s scorching rays, a scruffy person suddenly materialized in front of everyone.

Everyone was shocked by this. They observed that Rorschach, who ought to have been hit by the annihilation ray, stood there unharmed despite having no remaining bones. Only an expensive outfit was burned, hole-filled, and worn out.

The frayed cloth strips covering Rorschach’s upper body were carefully taken off by his outstretched hand, exposing his pectoral muscles, eight-pack abs, and vein lines. When Darcy saw it, she nearly started crying.

Everyone could not feel Rorschach’s strength while he was dressed in a suit, but when he removed his clothes, he revealed razor-sharp muscle lines and abs that everybody yearned to touch.

The Destroyer Armor quickly raised its enormous steel fist and struck Rorschach with it after sensing that its energy rays had not completely eliminated him. Rorschach raised his palm a little in response.


The massive metal fist of the Destroyer’s armor struck Rorschach’s palm with a muted clang before becoming immobile. This punch appeared to be directed at a strong city wall rather than Rorschach’s hand.

“How is this possible?” Thor, Sif, and other visitors from Asgard were shocked.

When Rorschach repelled a punch from the Destroyer Armor with one hand, Darcy and the others were in awe of his strength because they didn’t understand the Destroyer Armor’s strength intuitively.

However, Thor and others know the Destroyer Armor’s strength. Thor questioned whether, even if he were to be fully powered, he would never be able to rely solely on strength to fend off the Destroyer armor’s attack.

But Rorschach succeeded. Does this imply that Rorschach, a Midgardian, is now more powerful than Thor? Is this really the power that the inhabitants of Midgardian ought to possess?

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Published On: February 9, 2023

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