The appearance of ‘Superman’ aroused cheers from the people. The criminals in the black Hummer exchanged glances with each other. The man in the passenger seat raised his gun, pointed at ‘Superman’ and pulled the trigger. At the same time, the other criminal in the car slammed on the accelerator to escape from there as quickly as possible.

“You can’t escape.” ‘Superman”s eyes turned blue, and two extremely cold eyes shot out, hitting the black Hummer and freezing the Hummer into ice in an instant.

The next moment, the figure of ‘Superman’ rushed to the front of the Hummer. He waved his fist high and slammed down on the front of the car.

The Hummer that was frozen into ice shattered, and even the ground under the feet of ‘Superman’ trembled violently. The criminals in the Hummer looked at ‘Superman’ in horror. From the eyes of ‘Superman’, these criminals clearly understood that this ‘Superman’ was going to kill them all.

They saw that ‘Superman’ took a deep breath, and a hot temperature rose from his body. Clark no longer cared that his ability had not recovered. He ran over quickly and raised his hand to block him.

“Stop. These people have surrendered. You don’t have to kill them.”

Clark took a deep breath and continued to say to him, “Superman never kills.”

No matter what, the person in front of him is wearing his own appearance. If he kills someone, he must bear the crime himself. Clark didn’t want this man to ruin his own reputation.

‘Superman’ immediately dissipated the hot flames in his mouth and then stopped paying attention to these criminals but opened his hands to enjoy the admiration and enthusiastic cheers of the surrounding people.

Clark originally wanted to get some useful information from this ‘Superman’, but this ‘Superman’ has been enjoying the popularity of the people around him, and he ignored him.


“What was that all about?” Back to the Daily Planet, Clark still couldn’t figure out why another Superman suddenly appeared.

From the strange ability of that Superman, the possibility of the Martian Manhunter’s disguise can be directly ruled out.

Lois took out the photo she had taken, “Clark, have you noticed that Superman’s ability seems to be the opposite of yours? You have a thermal vision. He has frozen vision. You have frozen breath. He has fire breath.”

“Yes, I just don’t know if only these two abilities are opposite or if all of them are opposite to me.” Clark glanced at the sun in the sky outside the window.

If that ‘Superman’ is the opposite of himself. Then, will the yellow sun of this planet weaken his ability?

Lois agreed with Clark’s thoughts, “Anyway, there must be something wrong with that Superman.”

Clark understands what Lois means. He is the genuine Superman here, and there must be something wrong with the fake that appears outside. The two picked up the photos of the scene and analyzed them for a while.

Perry came over and yelled at them, “Lois, Clark, look at the news. The Lex Corp has released an announcement, and a press conference will be held tonight. Announcing that Superman and Lex Corp cooperate. Hurry up and prepare to follow up the report, Superman has always been the top topic of our Planet Daily, and we must not let others take the lead.”

The first half of the sentence was nothing, but the second half of the sentence directly shocked Lois and Clark.

They quickly turned on Twitter, and Lex Corp released a new announcement, “Superman is back and has an in-depth cooperation with the Lex Corp”, and “Superman may become the spokesperson of Lex Corp”.

On the Internet, a photo of Superman and Lex Luthor was attached.

“What the fuck…” Even Lois couldn’t help but swear.

Clark also frowned, “Okay, all of this must have been done by Luthor.”

“What are you going to do now?” Lois asked.

Once something got mixed up with Luthor, Lois felt a bad feeling.

Clark thought awhile, “This incident must have happened because of me. I will have a good talk with Luthor.”

“But your ability has not recovered yet. Why don’t you discuss it with Rorschach first? I feel that this matter may not be that simple.” Lois suggested.

“Fine.” Clark got up and left the office, found an empty corner, took out his cell phone, and called Rorschach.

The phone rang for a while before being connected. Before Clark could speak, three women’s excited and noisy voices came from the other end of the phone. They are shopping for clothes.

“Hey, Clark, do you have anything to do with me?” Rorschach asked, holding a large bag in both hands and holding the phone between his shoulders.

Clark said, “Yeah, another Superman has appeared in Metropolis, and it seems to be related to Luthor. That Superman’s ability is the opposite of mine.”

After hearing about the fake Superman’s ability and the name Lex Luthor, Clark briefly told Rorschach what happened today. Rorschach immediately thought of Superman’s clone or Bizarro.

“I probably understand what’s going on, Clark. That monster is a clone made by Luthor using your blood.”

Rorschach continued angrily, “I’ve told you many times, whether it’s all Kryptonian corpses, body tissues, or blood, you must be very careful about it. In the future, Luthor and all kinds of villains will search and use this kind of stuff for their devious plan.”

“Rorschach, I’m sorry, I was careless. I will take care of this matter.” Clark said apologetically.

“You haven’t recovered your abilities. How do you think you want to take care of it?” Rorschach asked angrily.

“In any case, I have to talk to Luthor. This matter must be settled.” Clark said firmly.

“Okay, I’ll go find you when I’m done here.” After Rorschach finished speaking, he hung up the phone.


At night. Before the Lex Corp press conference.

Rorschach and Clark arrived at the Lex Corp, and Clark wanted to meet Luthor in advance. In the past, Luthor had ordered the security at the gate of the group to let Clark pass, but today Clark was stopped.

“Sorry, Mr. Clark, Mr. Luthor doesn’t want to see guests right now. If you want to see Mr. Luthor, you can wait until the evening press conference.” The security guard stopped Clark.

Clark’s face changed, and he tried to persuade the security guard, “I have something very important to talk to him. Please let him know.”

But no matter how Clark persuaded, the security guard remained unmoved.

Rorschach couldn’t stand it anymore and said loudly, “I have sufficient evidence to prove that Lex Luthor is illegally researching biological weapons and that Superman is Lex Luthor’s specimen. If you still hold us, then when the press conference begins, I will publish all the evidence.”

Rorschach planned to go to Lex Corp and then kill Bizarro immediately. But Clark had to have a face-to-face talk with Luthor. As for the evidence, Rorschach said he doesn’t even have one.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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