Seeing that Barry’s training plan was progressing steadily, Rorschach planned to go back.

In the past few days, Pamela has moved into Rachel’s house, and the house can no longer accommodate three women. Today, Rorschach made an appointment with Rachel to see the new house because he plans to buy a villa in Gotham City.

“Please keep an eye on it. I’m off work first.” Rorschach got up and took his suit from the hanger.

Cisco asked, “Boss, do you have anything to do today? Why did you go back so early?”

Rorschach looked at him and asked back, “Well, not everyone is like you. That spends the whole day staying in the office overnight. I have someone to meet tonight.”

Caitlin, on the side, glanced at Rorschach secretly and pretended to ask casually, “Boss, which of the two girls you brought that day is your girlfriend?”

At that time, Rorschach, Rachel, and Harley basically went in and out together. In addition, the three of them seemed to be very close, so Caitlin was not sure which one was Rorschach’s real girlfriend.

With a slight smile on his face, he said, “Guess.”

After finishing speaking, Rorschach walked out of the room.

Cisco looked at Rorschach’s back in a hurry and couldn’t help saying, “Caitlin, do you think it’s possible…those two are the boss’ girlfriends?”

Caitlin nodded in agreement, “I think so too, but there is no evidence.”

These words made Cisco even more frustrated.


Mars, Kryptonian spaceship.

Clark has received treatment for some time and finally has completely eradicated the Doomsday Virus. The Os-Mon asked Clark to stay for a while. After confirming that there were no signs of the virus activity, he asked Rorschach if he could return Clark to Earth.

Now that he has been cured, Rorschach will certainly not force Clark to stay on Mars.

Because the virus infected most of Clark’s body cells, Rorschach also caused great trauma to Clark when he used the Necrosword to kill the cells that the virus had infected.

This caused Clark to lose his superhuman strength for a short period of time. Of course, as long as Clark gets more exposure to the sun, his strength will recover little by little.

Clark returned to Earth in a small aircraft.

In Metropolis.

Clark returned to his job, and Perry saw that Clark was recovering from a serious illness, so he didn’t want to mess with him.

“Clark, are you sure you’re okay? If you still feel unwell, I can give you a few more days off.” Perry looked at the pale Clark with a little worry.

“It’s okay. I can continue.” Clark should be okay with minor setbacks like this and insist on working.

Seeing that Clark insisted, Perry had no choice but to give up, “Then you should follow Lois to run the news recently. I don’t know where Superman has gone recently. The sales of our newspaper have dropped sharply. You have to dig out some valuable news.”

“Alright.” Clark showed a bright smile.

Clark returned to his desk, and Lois ran to him.

“Clark, are you sure you have recovered?” Lois asked with concern.

Clark shrugged, “Don’t look at me as if I’m very weak now. I can still bend a steel pipe easily.”

Hearing what he just said, Lois felt more relieved, and she asked in a low voice, “Can you still fly?”

“I can’t for the time being. I’m not fully recovered, you know.” Clark said regretfully.

If Clark can’t fly, it means that he can’t appear in Metropolis as Superman.

Fortunately, the influence of the Dark Knight is still there, and the crime rate in the Metropolis is still very low. However, since the Dark Knight has not appeared for a long time, the criminal in Metropolis is on the verge of making trouble again.

“Don’t worry about it. Even if there is no Superman, we can punish criminals for this city in another way.”

Lois encouraged, “Clark, I’ve been tracking the smuggling transactions recently. You can act with me today.”

Clark agreed without thinking about it. In the past, when his strength was still there, no matter what kind of danger Lois encountered, Clark would rush over there immediately. But now that he has temporarily lost his strength, he can only choose to protect Lois personally.

After the decision was made, Lois took Clark and went out together to visit several informants. Based on the intelligence of the informant, Lois did investigate some clues.

“The current transactions seem to use a lot of high-tech means. According to the clues provided by the informant, I think the criminal in Metropolis may have established a trading network. We have to find a way to enter the network.”

On the elevated road, Lois was eloquently analyzing the clues, but Clark looked backward from time to time.

After noticing Clark’s strangeness, Lois asked, “Clark, what’s wrong?”

“We are being followed. The second black Hummer behind you may be a member of that criminal gang.” Clark said with a serious expression.

“Then I’ll get rid of them and sit still.”

After Lois finished speaking, she stepped on the accelerator to the bottom. The speed of the car suddenly soared, driving at high speed on the elevated road.

The black Hummer behind saw Lois speeding up and realized they had spotted him, so he stopped hiding and accelerated crazily.

After a few paces, the black Hummer gradually caught up with Lois’ car. A semi-automatic rifle was raised in the passenger cab of the Hummer and fired toward Lois’ car.

Bullets poured out, Clark had quick eyesight and quick hands, and he held Lois in his arms. The bullet penetrated the car and landed on Clark’s body. He felt a bit of pain.

“Clark, are you okay?” Lois asked worriedly.

Clark smiled, “Yeah, I’m glad they didn’t use Kryptonite bullets.”

“Be careful!” Lois screamed, and the black Hummer rushed over at full speed and slammed into her car.

A red and blue light flashed. The car that fell seemed to be caught by something, and it paused suddenly in mid-air.

“Look, it’s Superman!”

“Superman is back!”

“Woohoo! Superman is back. I need to tweet this!”

When the people below saw the familiar figure, they immediately cheered. Even the members of the criminals had serious expressions on their faces.


When Lois heard this ‘Superman’, she subconsciously looked at Clark sitting next to her and asked in confusion, “Clark, is he your friend in disguise? Is that the Martian who can transform?”

Clark squinted his eyes, his X-ray vision had not fully recovered, but at first glance, this Superman really looked like him, “I don’t know, I will go down and say hello to this Superman later.”

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