The second week after Superman left, a red-suit superhero appeared in Central City. The media called it, The Flash.

In a short period of time, The Flash fought criminals everywhere in Central City, helped old people, prevented pedestrians from being hit by cars, and did other acts of righteousness.

Rorschach made a training plan for Barry so that he could familiarize himself with his power faster and customized a set of red suits for him with nanotechnology in it. With the red suit, Barry no longer has to worry about burning his clothes and shoes while running.

The nano suit can also give feedback on Barry’s condition to the laboratory in real-time, so that the members of the team can monitor Barry’s physical condition at any time.

In STAR Labs, Cisco is the person who cares most about Barry besides Rorschach. Because Cisco has loved superhero comics crazily since he was a child. In today’s world, many cities have their own superheroes, but Central City has never had its own exclusive heroes.

This gave Cisco the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčliving in another city. Now Central City has its own superhero, and this hero was born under Cisco’s hand.

Thus, Cisco consciously served as the logistics of the Flash team and the equipment repairer and cooperated with Barry to fight against the criminals in Central City.

“I have never been able to understand why there are so many robbers and criminals when there are so many superheroes?” Rorschach sat on the seat of the laboratory command center and complained.

Cisco was immersed in assisting The Flash in solving a jewelry robbery case. Caitlin heard Rorschach’s question and replied, “Maybe those criminals are taking chances, thinking that as long as there are enough people committing crimes, superheroes will have no time to stop them.”

“It’s probably because superheroes always like to capture criminals alive instead of killing them. If they were killed, then no one would dare to commit a crime.” Rorschach shrugged and said.

Rorschach can’t force Batman and Superman to kill criminals at will.

As long as the Dark Knight doesn’t make a move, many criminals will take a chance and take a gamble to see who is flying over to stop them. If a hero insists on not killing, such as Superman or Batman, they can still resist for a while. But if it is The Dark Knight, then they can directly report themselves to the police and surrender.

“Criminals can never be killed, and there will always be people who choose to take risks for various reasons.” Caitlin said.

Rorschach was chatting with Caitlin when a flash of lightning flashed, and Barry appeared in the command center.

“Hey, I found that my speed has increased a lot. Have you seen it?” As soon as Barry came in, he enthusiastically gave Cisco a high-five to celebrate, as if it was such a great feat to stop a few small robbers.

“Barry, your current attack method is too simple, and your physical strength limits your combat effectiveness. Let me give you a simple example. At the speed of Mach 10, your punch is the same as the Dark Knight’s.” Rorschach used himself as an example for Barry.

But Rorschach hasn’t told Barry that he is The Dark Knight. It’s not that Rorschach won’t tell him. It’s just that it’s not the right time yet.

Barry seriously thought about Rorschach’s words, “Indeed, but I’m not a strength type. After wearing the nano suit, my physical strength has actually improved.”

“Have you ever thought that a strong current will be generated when you run at full speed? After our rough calculation, the current energy when you run can reach hundreds of millions of joules. This can become your trump card if you can control this current.” Rorschach instructed Barry.

Before Barry said anything, Cisco had already started typing on the computer, “This is so cool, Barry, according to my calculations, as long as your speed can be maintained at Mach 8. You can form a stable current. You can shake your arm and shoot out the lightning current in your body.”

As he spoke, Cisco held up his right hand to demonstrate to Barry, “Just like this, one up and one down to cut the magnetic induction line.”

Cisco didn’t think there was anything wrong with this gesture, but Barry blushed, “No, I refuse.”

“Why? You can throw lightning like Zeus. Isn’t that cool?”

Rorschach tried not to laugh, “Go and try it, Barry. Didn’t you say that you want to follow the example of the Dark Knight? Run in the particle accelerator for an hour, then train your lightning-throwing for two hours. Now go!”

“But I asked Iris to have dinner with me tonight.” Barry wanted to reject Rorschach’s increased training programs.

When he heard this, he was puzzled and said, “I remember that your childhood sweetheart has a boyfriend.”

“Yes, Iris’ boyfriend is also there, and the three of us will have dinner together.”

“Barry, Iris already has a boyfriend. Come on now. You’re better than that.”

“No, Rorschach, you misunderstood. I just wanted to…”

“You just want to look at each other silently and guard her? There is a kind of love called letting go. With all due respect, Iris is not suitable for you at all. Look at us, bystanders. We can all see it. You have always secretly loved Iris, but Iris himself has never known it. Haven’t you thought about whether she really doesn’t know or is she pretending not to know about it?”

Rorschach spared no effort to persuade because he felt that Barry deserved a better person.

Barry looked at Cisco and Caitlin, “You can see it too?”

Cisco and Caitlin nodded in unison and said, “I mean, yeah. Your father should know it too.”

“Joe knows too?” Barry was in a bad mood.

For a while, Barry fell into self-doubt.

“Barry, listen to my advice. Women will only affect your running speed. Now immediately, go to the basement for training.” Rorschach urged again.

Barry gradually clenched his hands, and the nano-robots around him quickly expanded to form a red lightning suit, which was changed around Barry. The next moment, there was a flash of lightning. Barry appeared in the huge particle accelerator room and began to run.

Cisco looked at the electronic monitoring screen, “Unbelievable, Barry’s speed has increased by another two percentage points. Boss, you are really amazing.”

“That’s natural. As I said, women will only affect Barry’s speed. His speed will exceed your imagination if this is improved.” Rorschach said with satisfaction.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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