Pamela saw that Rorschach seemed to have powerful superpowers. If she can control Rorschach, she may be able to make him a servant under her control, and she will be able to gain a powerful underling.

“Now, you have to obey my order. Take me out of here, and find that scumbag Jason Woodrue.” She said to Rorschach in a low voice.

“I can help you find him, but only if you pay a certain amount.” Rorschach raised his hand to pinch Pamela’s chin and kissed her again.

Pamela’s face changed. She clearly felt that a large amount of poison had accumulated in Rorschach’s body, but he seemed to be out of her control at all. She didn’t have time to think about it, and once again manipulated the plants in the room, tying up Rorschach.

Even though the plant grew thick branches that tightly bound Rorschach’s limbs, no matter how hard she tried, she couldn’t stop Rorschach a single bit. It was as if what stood in front of her was not a human being but a big mountain.

“Who the hell are you?” Finally breaking free from Rorschach’s clutches, Pamela asked with a pale face.

Rorschach smiled, his body shook, and all the plant branches wrapped around him were shattered. In the next second, he took off his glasses, and a cloak appeared, covering Rorschach’s whole body.

“You are…you are…”

Pamela’s eyes trembled violently, and he looked at Rorschach in disbelief, “You are the Dark Knight. How could it be possible that I actually kissed the Dark Knight?”

Rorschach withdrew his cloak, put on his glasses again, and returned to his previous attire.

“Can you calm down and listen to me now?” Rorschach looked at Pamela again.

The fierce expression on Pamela’s face disappeared in an instant, and she suddenly became very obedient.

“Dark Knight, I am your loyal fan. No matter what you say, I will listen carefully.”

“You can just call me Rorschach. As far as I know, you were injected with a plant toxin that almost killed you. Fortunately, your DNA was fused with this plant toxin. This leaves you with the unearthly power to control plants and toxins.”

Rorschach told her what happened and then continued, “As for the professor who injected you with the toxin, I will seek justice for you. But you can use your own ability only for self-defense, do you understand?”

She thought about it, nodded, and said, “Understood. But if I use it wrongly, you will take me in?”

“I will lock you up.”

At this time, the guards from STAR Labs rushed over. Cisco and Caitlin also came together.

“Some change seems to have taken place in her body. The plant toxin made her possess some extraordinary abilities, but judging from the current situation, that toxin does not seem to be a threat to her life.”

Caitlin had another physical examination for Pamela and finally said, “If you have to say that, it has no effect. This toxin has changed your body structure, and this change is reversible. So you may not be able to recover from it for the rest of your life.”

If Rorschach wasn’t there, Pamela might lose control and run away from the spot. Rachel and Harley, who recovered from the toxin, accompanied Pamela. Rorschach knows that the best way to get a person out of pain is to release the suppressed joy in their heart.

“Come with me. I’ll take you back to Gotham.” Rorschach said to Pamela, who had lost hope in life.

“What are you doing in Gotham?”

“Get your revenge.”

Poison Ivy raised her head and looked seriously at Rorschach. She smiled, “It really is your usual style. Alright then, let’s go.”


Gotham City.

Professor Jason Woodrue was driving the car on his way to work. While passing a remote road, suddenly, a white car bumped into him, turning the vehicle it hit on its side to the ground.

A few more white cars drove up, and a few strong men in suits came up and dragged Jason up from under his car. He was taken away and brought to another car.

Then, the scene came to quiet as everyone left.


Half an hour ago. Falcone estate. Ground room.

Jason’s hands and feet were chained and hung under a steel frame. No matter how much he begged and shouted, no one answered to his call.

A small door was opened. A woman and a man walked inside.

“Pamela, is…is that you?” Jason recognized the figure.

It was the student whom he injected with plant toxins.

“From now on, this person is yours, and no matter what you want to do with him, no one will care about you.” Rorschach smiled and said to Pamela.

Pamela looked at him, “I really don’t know how to thank you. I will definitely repay you after I have dealt with other matters. Now, please give me a little private space.”

“No one will care about him. You can do whatever you want. I wish you a happy time.” Rorschach went out with a smile and closed the door.

A begging for mercy in the room instantly turned into a howling. Only a shrieking voice of pain can be heard throughout the night.

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Published On: June 27, 2023

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