“This girl has been injected with a deadly plant toxin, and her life is in danger at any time. The doctors in the hospital are helpless. I can only transfer her to STAR Labs.” Rorschach explained.

Cisco glanced at the stretcher. Her appearance immediately made Cisco feel distressed.

“Quickly bring her in. I will treat her immediately.”

“No need. I have notified Caitlin and the top medical team. They will probably be here soon.” Rorschach gave Cisco a look.

Cisco is better at inventing weapons, while biomedicine is Caitlin’s specialty. Rorschach took Rachel and Harley to the interior of the STAR Labs to do basic treatment for Pamela.

Soon after, Caitlin and the top medical team arrived one after another. After a preliminary understanding of Pamela’s situation, they quickly set up their equipment and studied how to cure Pamela’s condition.

Looking at the posture, Rorschach once wondered whether the laboratory would really cure Pamela. After several hours, Caitlin found Rorschach, Rachel, and Harley, who had been worried about Pamela.

“The girl’s condition has stabilized, but the plant toxins in her body have been unable to be removed. It seems that the plant toxins have changed the girl’s DNA. This needs to be observed continuously, but the good news is that she will not have any symptoms for the time being.” Caitlin said wearily.

“Great, thank you, cutie.” Harley hugged Caitlin and took the opportunity to kiss her.

Caitlin looked at Rorschach in embarrassment for help.

Rorschach grabbed Harley by the collar, lifting her up, “Get out if you want to make trouble.”

Pamela has a doctor on duty to take full care of her. Rorschach arranged for Rachel and Harley to live in STAR Labs.

The lab is huge with a total of five floors. The lower four floors are workshops for research groups and equipment, and the fifth floor is a room for staff and guests. Rorschach arranged two rooms, one for him and Rachel and one for Harley.

“Boss, are you free now? I want to talk to you about something.” Just when Rorschach was taking Rachel, Cisco found Rorschach.

“Is it about Barry Allen?” Rorschach saw Cisco’s thoughts at a glance.

Not long ago, Barry was discharged from the hospital. Rorschach originally wanted to meet Barry in person, but there were too many things during this time, and he never found the opportunity. Now Barry must have discovered the abnormality in his body and sought help from STAR Labs.

“How’d you know?” Cisco asked in disbelief.

Rorschach smiled, “The day after Barry woke up, a speed vigilante appeared in Central City, isn’t that obvious enough? Let him come to me tomorrow. I need to talk to him in person. You should go home. Often staying up late is unhealthy, and you will not be able to find a girlfriend in the future.” While speaking, Rorschach patted Cisco on the shoulder.

Cisco trembled when he heard it, “Okay, I’ll go home right away.”


The next morning.

Pamela wakes up from her hospital bed because a plant toxin has altered her DNA, which floods Pamela’s blood with dangerous toxins.

“What happened to my face?”

Standing in front of the mirror in the bathroom, Pamela saw that her hair color had turned bright red like flames, her skin was delicate and shiny with a light green color, and her facial features were even more like a finely crafted handicraft.

“Ma’am, your body hasn’t recovered yet. Please lie back on the bed immediately.” The doctor who entered the room suddenly saw Pamela leave the bed and tried to persuade her to lie back.

With some vigilance, Pamela looked at the doctor and said with a cold face, “No, I feel fine now. Where am I? Has the professor who hurt me been arrested by the police?”

The plant toxins have changed Pamela’s appearance, and now she has only one thought: to take revenge on the professor who hurt her.

The doctor called the guards and then tried to get close to Pamela, “Ma’am, you are in STAR Labs. We are treating you. Please calm down. You are infected with a terrible plant toxin. We need to check you further.”

“I said I’m fine!” Pamela yelled angrily, and at the same time, the potted plants placed in the room suddenly began to grow wildly, and a branch as thick as an adult’s wrist stretched rapidly, wrapping around the doctor’s neck and limbs.

The doctor made a hoarse choking sound and wanted to break free from the branches that entangled him, but the more the doctor struggled, the tighter the thick branches entangled.

Rorschach, Rachel, and Harley appeared at the door.

“Pamela, what’s wrong with you?” Rachel saw this scene with a shocked expression on her face.

“It was the plant toxin that changed Pamela that did it.” Rorschach explained and then appeared in front of the male doctor in a flash, tearing the branches of the plant to pieces.

The male doctor fell to the ground, looking at Pamela in horror.

“Monster, she’s a monster…”

“I’m not a monster!” Pamela seemed to lose control of her emotions when she heard the word ‘monster’, and plants spread out from her body.

Whether it was the male doctor or Rachel and Harley, their eyes were in a trance for a while and their breathing became uncontrollable.

Pamela’s body can secrete strong toxins, the most famous of which is this poison. Even Superman has been controlled by this toxin.

“Pamela, you can’t control yourself well now. Please calm down now. Otherwise, I’ll have to make a move on you.”

Rorschach is extremely resistant to toxins, and the Speed ​​Force can also speed up the body’s metabolism of any toxins, so Pamela’s toxins can’t control it.

Rachel and Harley were sent to their respective rooms by Rorschach. The poison the two of them inhaled is not too much, and they should be fine after a while. After the two of them settled down, Rorschach returned to the room again.

“You seem to have extraordinary abilities, but compared to your abilities, I am more curious about whether you are a real man and why you are so different than the others.” Pamela completely ignored Rorschach’s threats. She took two steps forward, put her arms around Rorschach’s neck, and kissed Rorschach’s lips.

At the moment when the lips met, an extremely strong toxin invaded Rorschach’s body. Pamela looked at Rorschach with great interest. She found that she could control the toxins in her body. If enough toxins were injected into other people’s bodies, it would be able to control others.

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