“Rorschach, why are you here? Are you supposed to be in Metropo-“

The moment Rachel saw Rorschach, her eyes were full of surprise, but she suddenly realized that she had almost slipped her mouth, so she immediately covered her mouth with her hand and looked around.

Harley was also very happy to see Rorschach and greeted him.

Rorschach shrugged, “The matter at the Metropolis has been dealt with. As you know, I’ve been a little busy recently, but I will often find time to accompany you these two days.”

A blush appeared on Rachel’s fair face. Of course, she knew about the recent series of events, first, the alien invasion and then the terrible monsters in the Metropolis, and then the court notified Superman to attend the hearing.

“Rorschach, you must have been exhausted recently.”

Rachel stretched out her hands, put her arms around Rorschach’s waist, and pressed her head tightly against Rorschach’s chest.

Perhaps in the eyes of others, Rorschach is the omnipotent Dark Knight and the guardian of the world. But in Rachel’s eyes, Rorschach is just a man, so Rachel heard that Rorschach was facing a powerful enemy. She was really worried.

Even watching Rorschach return triumphantly, she would feel sorry for all that Rorschach was carrying on his shoulders.

“With your words, I feel that everything I have done is worthwhile, and because of you, I will do my best to protect this world.” Rorschach gently put his arms around Rachel’s shoulders.

Harley looked like she wanted to join in. But Rorschach gave her a hard look. He won’t take it lightly if she dares to mess up at this moment.

Rorschach and Rachel stayed together for a while, and a doctor in a white coat came to the corridor and shouted loudly, “Is Pamela’s family here?”

Upon hearing the name ‘Pamela’.

Rachel immediately let go of Rorschach’s arm, exchanged glances with Harley, and went to the doctor together, “Doctor, how is Pamela?”

“I’m sorry, we have tried our best. Are you her relatives? The girl’s condition is very dangerous now. I suggest that you be transferred to a higher-level hospital, or… we can only issue a critical illness notice.” The doctor said calmly.

Hearing what the doctor said, Rachel and Harley both showed sad expressions.

Rorschach took a look at the room the doctor came out of with X-ray vision. It was the emergency room. Inside lay a girl covered with green plants. A toxin was corroding her body, and there seemed no cure.

Poison Ivy?

Seeing the girl’s appearance and the name ‘Pamela’, Rorschach instantly thought of the famous Poison Ivy or Pamela Isley.

“Prepare to transfer to STAR Labs. I will contact them for a plane immediately.” Rorschach said to the doctor.

“Transfer…to STAR Labs?”

The doctor looked at Rorschach with a puzzled look in his eyes, “May I ask who you are?”

“I am the person in charge of STAR Labs in Central City. I have the world’s top medical equipment and the best doctors in my laboratory. Now help me with the transfer procedures. ” Rorschach simply ordered.

As Rorschach is willing to bear all the consequences, the doctor is naturally very willing to throw out this difficult problem. The transfer procedures went very smoothly. At the same time, Rorschach called Bruce and borrowed a private jet from him.

Although he could take Poison Ivy there in an instant, he didn’t want to expose his identity for Poison Ivy. Bruce quickly arranged for a helicopter to come over, and the doctors in the hospital transported Poison Ivy up as quickly as possible, and said that accompanying nurses could be arranged.

“Now, can you tell me what’s going on with this girl?”

After boarding the helicopter together, Rorschach looked at Rachel and asked, “Who is this girl?”

“She is my classmate. A graduate student in the Department of Botany at Gotham University. Her professor, Dr. Jason Woodrue, deceived her into participating in human trials. According to the investigation by Gordon, It’s a chemically synthesized plant toxin.” Rachel told Rorschach about Pamela.

After hearing this, he roughly understood the reason. This plot seems to be very similar to the origin story of Poison Ivy. An evil professor injected a college student with plant toxins, and she was on the verge of death. Her body mutated, and she became a criminal who could control plants.

Of course, this Poison Ivy girl is Rachel’s junior, so he must discipline her well and not let her go out to do evil like in the original plot.

“Has that professor been arrested?” Rorschach was more concerned about the fate of that professor.

As soon as the professor was mentioned, Harley gritted her teeth angrily and cursed incoherently. Rachel covered Harley’s mouth with a slap and explained to Rorschach, “Gordon did arrest the professor, but he was released on bail.”

“He was not punished and returned to Gotham University to continue teaching?” Rorschach was not surprised at all.

Rachel nodded angrily, “But I will investigate more criminal evidence about that professor and then sue him. I must seek justice for Pamela.”

Just as Rorschach was about to speak, Harley said first, “It’s useless. That professor has connections. Instead of finding evidence to sue him, you might as well just let me kill him, chop him up, and feed him to the sharks.”

“I also agree with Harley’s point of view, or should I arrest him now?” Rorschach suggested.

“If Pamela can wake up, I’d rather let Pamela kill that professor with her own hands.”

Harley looked at Pamela lying on the stretcher. Her eyes froze suddenly, “Rachel, do you feel that Pamela seems… much prettier?”

Rorschach is not surprised by this. After Poison Ivy was injected with plant toxins, her appearance and temperament changed drastically, like a rose with thorns, beautiful and dangerous.


They had arrived at the STAR Labs in Central City.

Most of the employees in the laboratory have gone home from get off work, and only a few departments that need to rush to catch up with the project are still working overtime. Among the employees who work overtime is Cisco.

Seeing the helicopter with the Wayne Group printed on it. Cisco ran out immediately after seeing the stretcher lifted from the helicopter and saw Rorschach and two women.

Cisco asked with some doubt, “Boss, why are you here?”

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Published On: June 26, 2023

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