The third day after Superman left.

The crime rate in the Metropolis has skyrocketed, and the Metropolis Police suddenly feel a lot of pressure because they have long been accustomed to having Superman solve all their troubles for them. Now that Superman has left, the police in Metropolis finally realize that a world without Superman is terrible.

Three days ago, women dared to walk alone in dark alleys late at night. Even if they encountered gangsters, they only needed to shout “Help me” to the sky, and within a minute, Superman would come from the sky. But now, let alone women walking in dark alleys, even a few adult men walking together on the street may be robbed by criminals.

“There was a bank robbery this morning. Without Superman, the robbers robbed the bank of tens of millions of dollars.”

“The ‘zero-dollar purchase’ activity started again in the poor community. A friend of mine opened a small store in the poor community but was ransacked by a mob and shot because he tried to stop them.”

“When will Superman come back? I missed when Superman was around. Starting tomorrow, I won’t have classes every Friday afternoon. I’m going to protest at the gate of the city hall until Superman returns to Metropolis.”

On the fifth day, the crime rate in Metropolis broke the record high in Gotham City.

It has become the city with the highest crime rate in the United States. This is only the fifth day after Superman left. The Metropolis Police even applied for the army to suppress the mobs and criminals who had gone completely uncontrolled.

On the seventh day.

The army has not yet arrived in Metropolis. A dark figure is suspended in the sky of the Metropolis. When all the people saw this figure, they seemed to see the savior.

The crime rate in Metropolis returned to zero in an instant. All criminals who committed crimes received corresponding punishments. Those with minor circumstances were just hung in place, and the police who came later would deal with the aftermath.

For those gangsters who seriously endanger social stability and threaten the safety of others were melted into ashes by a thermal vision in just a moment.

On the eighth day.

After seeing the black cloak in the sky, those honest people put down their pistols, and finally, they don’t have to worry about being robbed when they go out. The shops in the community are open again, and they don’t have to worry about someone coming to rob them.

Perhaps only after seeing the darkness can one understand the meaning of light.

Rorschach obviously felt that the people in the Metropolis had more than ten times more faith in him. Some people would even subconsciously shout, “Dark Knight, help me” when encountering these situations.

There was even a popular saying among the people at some point. In Metropolis, when you encounter robbers or criminals, you just need to shout “Dark Knight” directly to the sky, and they will run as fast as possible on the spot.

When they meet Superman, they will be ignorant and act tough to Superman. Because Superman never kills, so they have nothing to be feared.

But when they met the Dark Knight, they immediately called the police and surrendered if they wanted to survive. But even the police cannot save you.

After a long period of time, the crime rate in Metropolis was dynamically reset to zero. Even the surrounding cities were affected, showing the influence that the Dark Knight can have.


“I’m really tired these days…” Rorschach habitually patrolled Metropolis, fighting criminals for several days, which made him feel a little tired inside.

It is a kind of mental fatigue after doing one thing many times. Fortunately, the power of faith harvested is enough, and Rorschach gains a lot from it. So it’s not a waste.

Rorschach looked in three directions. Where should he go tonight?

Does he want to go to Diana, Faora or Rachel?

“Children make choices. I want them all.” Now Gotham time is eleven o’clock at night, and it is four o’clock in the morning in London, where Diana is taking a beauty sleep.

The correct way of thinking is that he should go to Rachel’s house first and spend time with her for five hours. Go to London to have breakfast with Diana and take her to work. After that, select some love movies and learn emotional culture with Faora and the others.


Gotham City.

Criminals in the dark hear a familiar roar in the sky.

Immediately, a group message was sent, “The Dark Knight is coming to Gotham. Hurry up and retreat.”

After this news was sent out, all criminal activities in Gotham City were terminated, and all criminals who received this news fled the crime scene as quickly as possible.

Over an abandoned factory building, Batman has been tracking a criminal gang for almost a week.

In the end, for some unknown reason, the group of criminals suddenly evacuated as quickly as possible. A box of contraband was spilled on the ground, and before they could pick it up, they started running away.

Batman is hiding in the night sky. He cursed as he looked at the fleeing criminals.


Rorschach came to Rachel’s house but found that Rachel and Harley were not at home.

“Where are they? The two of them are not even here. Where did they go?”

Rorschach’s first reaction was that Harley is a crazy person, which may bring Rachel away. He flew into the sky, closed his eyes, and listened quietly to the sound of the entire Gotham City.

In an instant, countless voices and messages flooded into Rorschach’s ears. Rorschach’s super brain automatically eliminated irrelevant information, concentrating on finding Rachel and Harley’s voices.

“Rachel, how’s Pamela?”

“The doctor said her condition is concerning…”

Two familiar voices entered Rorschach’s ears, and he suddenly opened his eyes, looking towards a hospital in Gotham City. Rachel and Harley are both in the hospital, and Harley also mentions another person named ‘Pamela’.

Immediately, Rorschach turned into a flash of black lightning and disappeared into the night. By the time his figure reappeared, he had already arrived at the gate of the hospital.

Rorschach wore the same glasses as Superman, wore an expensive suit, and walked toward the hospital. He saw Rachel and Harley, who were looking anxious in the corridor.

“Rachel, Harley, what are you two doing here?” Rorschach asked them.

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Published On: June 26, 2023

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