“I, I…” The robber hesitated.

The incident of the bomb under the wheelchair made the robber lose his trust in the person who ordered him because he didn’t know about the bomb at all because that person wanted to kill him too.

“It’s Lex Luthor. He ordered me to reveal Superman’s true face so that everyone can see that Superman is a hypocrite.” The robber spoke the truth.

However, the robber knew limited information and only said that Luthor wanted to reveal the true face of Superman, but he knew nothing about other things.

“Superman is full of justice in his heart, but there are always people who want to persecute him. If Superman is really that, then you’re going to say, ‘Look, I knew he was a hypocrite. He was pretending to be a good guy,’ and that’s what you want?”

Rorschach looked around the crowd. No matter whether it was a senator, a judge, a jury, etc., they dared not look directly at Rorschach. The audience went silent, and Rorschach’s eyes finally fell on the robber wrapped in bandages and plaster casts on his hands and feet.

Two fiery rays shot out suddenly. In front of everyone, he wiped out the robber on the spot. The robber was erased to the molecular level, leaving only scorched marks all over the place.

“Oh God…”

This move by Rorschach frightened the senators and judges present. The reporters on the side almost couldn’t even hold the camera in their hands. Everyone took a few steps back and looked at Rorschach with horror in their eyes.

Rorschach ignored their eyes, “No one can judge Superman, not even the laws of the United States. Only the Justice League can judge all superheroes including Superman.”

Senator Finch mustered up the courage to question Rorschach, “Then who can judge you? You just killed someone…”

“Do you want to say that I am a murderer? I have killed many people, but everyone I killed was a heinous criminal.”

Rorschach looked at Senator Finch, “You don’t need to restrain me with human morality, because what I guard is this planet, and what I guard is the billions of creatures living on this planet, not only the United States.”

“Therefore, once someone threatens the safety of the order of this world, I will kill him without hesitation. Just like this robber, who robbed a bank and threatened the lives of the people. Because he is guilty.”

“I represent absolute justice, I am justice!”

After speaking, Rorschach looked around, waiting for someone to refute his words. But unfortunately, no one dared to say a word, and some people even dared not speak out. The reporters at the scene broadcast this scene live, although the public already knew what the Dark Knight did.

But they never thought the Dark Knight would kill people in court in Metropolis one day.

“I don’t think the Dark Knight is wrong. The U.S. federal court doesn’t do the robber a trial, but Superman does. Should good people be pointed at guns?”

“Bullshit laws, fairness, and justice. Who doesn’t know that justice is for the rich? I bet ten fried chicken, Lex Luthor, who planned all this, won’t be punished at all.”

“Did you hear what the Dark Knight said? He never protects a specific person. What he protects is this planet and the creatures living on it. That’s fair and just.”

“You don’t have to believe in Superman, but you must believe in the Dark Knight.”

On the Internet, Rorschach’s murder in court not only did not cause panic among the people. Countless people at the bottom saw true fairness and justice in Rorschach. At least when the disaster strikes, the Dark Knight has always been guarding the world and the people, not the so-called social elites.

In the court, it was not until Rorschach left for a long time that the senators gasped for breath. The sense of oppression Rorschach brought to them was too strong.

“So we Just let him go?” After Senator Finch confirmed that Rorschach had left, he looked at the police officers.

The Police officer shrugged, “Even the military is trembling to maintain a good relationship with the Dark Knight. Do you think we dare to let him stay and continue the hearing?”

“But the Dark Knight is trampling on the laws of the United States!” Senator Finch shouted.

He shrugged and said, “Who says he doesn’t? But can you stop him?”

Senator Finch was at a loss for words. Everyone knows what The Dark Knight did is illegal, but what can he do? Even the military and the top leaders of the United States have acquiesced to the behavior of the Dark Knight.


Lex Corp.

Luthor is watching the Metropolis Court news broadcast on TV, Superman is being tried by the Justice League, and the Dark Knight is coming to the hearing to kill the robber in public.

“Whether it’s a Dark Knight or a Superman, they are not people from Earth after all.”

Luthor seems to firmly believe that the alien race must have a different heart. No matter how righteous and great Superman pretends to be, Luthor will not continue to trust each other.

As for the Black Knight, he is a complete murderer, a criminal who defies human laws.

On the TV screen, after Rorschach took the bomb, the robber admitted that the mastermind was Luthor, which greatly affected the stock of Lex Corp, but Lex didn’t care about it. In contrast, he cares more about how to deal with the Dark Knight and Superman.

The door of the office was knocked, and a female secretary with short black hair came in, “Mr. Luthor, someone from the Metropolis Police Department said that they wanted to come for an investigation.”

“Just say I’m not here, and leave this matter to my lawyer.” Luthor said indifferently.

The Metropolis Police will at most come to question and make a record. Luthor doesn’t even need to do it for himself because a private lawyer will take care of everything for him.

“Understood, Mr. Luthor.”

The female secretary was about to leave when Luthor suddenly stopped her, “How is the progress in the laboratory?”

“All the cultivated test subjects died, and the last blood sample is left. Now the laboratory is trying to replicate more blood samples.” The secretary reported.

Luthor got up immediately and said, “The experimental subjects are all dead? Maybe you can try combining my blood. Come on, follow me to the laboratory.”

The female secretary first called Luthor’s personal lawyer and told him that he needed to deal with the Metropolis Police.

After finishing the treatment, the female secretary took Luthor to the secret biological laboratory on the fourth basement floor of the Lex Corp.

A few days ago, Lex Luthor instructed the criminal to use Kryptonite weapons against Superman. He collected Superman’s blood and wanted to use it to develop powerful biological weapons.

However, the experiments in the past few days have all failed.

Luthor has always been pretentious, thinking that he is the savior who saved the world, a great leader like Alexander the Great. After hearing about the death of the experimental subject, he immediately thought that maybe he should combine his blood for tests.

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