The gate of the Metropolis Court.

Numerous people gathered in the square in front of the court. Some held high, “Get out, Superman”, while others shouted, “Superman is a hero”. The people have two opposite attitudes towards this matter.

One and a half hours have passed since the agreed time. Just when everyone thought that Superman would not come, a black figure appeared in the sky far away.

“Look, what’s that?”

“Is it Superman?”

“No, that’s the Dark Knight! The Dark Knight is coming.”

Rorschach was wearing a black cloak, hovering in the sky of the Metropolis Court, and countless people below raised their mobile phones and frantically pressed the shutter on Rorschach.

The appearance of the Dark Knight frenzied the atmosphere in an instant, and countless people shouted the name of “The Dark Knight” to Rorschach in unison.

Rorschach slowly landed on the ground. However, his feet did not land on the ground but were always in a suspended state, a bit higher than everyone else. Therefore, Rorschach’s gaze was always looking down.

However, this move did not arouse the people’s dissatisfaction because they had long been accustomed to the posture of the Dark Knight. Compared to Superman, Rorschach has always had this attitude of not getting close to strangers.

Because Rorschach needs to collect the power of faith after coming to the DC world, Rorschach’s character design is not following the line of being close to the people but showing his “divinity” to everyone. People will only have the emotion of belief and worship the gods above.

“The Black Knight, today is Superman’s court, and it has nothing to do with you. I hope you can inform Superman or leave without hindering us.” A police officer who maintained order at the scene raised his head and said to Rorschach.

Rorschach looked at him and said in a deep voice, “Superman? He can’t come.”

As soon as they heard this, major media reporters flocked collectively.

“Dark Knight, why can’t Superman come?”

“Is Superman running away from his responsibility, or is there something he can’t get away with?”

“Dark Knight, what do you think about whether superheroes should abide by moral constraints and federal laws?”

Faced with questions from various media reporters, Rorschach raised his wrist, and the wristband projected a display. Everyone present looked at the projected display.

Superman was hung in the air, his hands tied, and black substances appeared around him. These black substances seemed to erode Superman’s flesh and blood, making him miserable and tragically wailing. Looking at him falling into such a situation, everyone fell silent.

Some people think he is a god, while others think he is a human being. What Rorschach is doing right now is making Superman humane in the eyes of people. People make mistakes. In this way, all the conflicts within Superman will be easily resolved.

“Superman feels that he has failed the Metropolis and the trust of the people. Therefore, he voluntarily accepts the Justice League’s trial and punishment. He is now exiled somewhere away, so he cannot come.”

Rorschach showed the scene of Superman being treated for the Doomsday Virus. People who didn’t know the truth really thought that Superman was being punished.

People who supported Superman felt incredibly heartbroken, and those who questioned him also had a feeling of unreality.

The reporters frantically took pictures and asked Rorschach why Superman was not tried in the court and when Superman would return to Metropolis. But Rorschach didn’t say much but retracted the display and flew towards the interior of the Metropolis Court.

In the hall.

The senators, jury, lawyers, and others were a little surprised to see that it was the Dark Knight instead of Superman. Soon, a few police officers ran in and explained Superman to everyone.

“The Dark Knight, you represent the Justice League, a group composed of superheroes, to the Metropolis Court of the United States to accept open and democratic justiceā€¦”

“Senator Finch, I didn’t come for the hearing.”

Rorschach interrupted the female senator who presided over the hearing. He looked around and finally landed on the robber in a wheelchair in the corner. The robber still had a bandage on his head and plaster casts on his arms and legs.

He immediately lowered his head in horror, not daring to look at Rorschach at all.

“Tell me, who ordered you to sue Superman?” Rorschach asked, staring at the other party kindly.

“I…I don’t know what you’re talking about. Your Honor, this man is threatening me…”

Facing Superman, he dared to fight back because he knew that Superman would not kill casually. But facing Rorschach, the robber was really scared.

The judge and others looked serious and said to Rorschach, “The Dark Knight, this is the sacred US federal court. Please don’t threaten the plaintiff.”

“Why didn’t you check under his wheelchair? Why does a big bomb was brought into what you call the ‘sacred’ US federal court?” Rorschach said with a smile on his face.

These words surprised everyone. Even the robber had an expression of disbelief on his face. The next second, Rorschach’s body moved. Rorschach appeared in front of the robber at the fastest speed, pulled him off the wheelchair, and threw him forward.

Rorschach directly raised his hand and opened the wheelchair. There was a lead box underneath, which contained a super bomb. This lead box is to prevent Superman from X-ray vision. Rorschach had already guessed that this hearing was a conspiracy against Superman, and he would pay special attention to things made of lead.

“There’s a bomb here.”

When Rorschach took out the bomb, everyone present let out a scream. This bomb is remotely controlled in order to detonate it after Superman enters the hearing, instantly killing everyone except Superman.

After that, the people on the Internet will blame Superman for not discovering the bomb and blamed for the incident.

After taking out the bomb, Rorschach soared into the sky, smashed through the ceiling of the Metropolis Court, and flew into the sky. The next moment, the bomb exploded.

Countless people surrounding the court looked up and saw Rorschach flying into the sky with a bomb, and then the flames of the explosion swept all directions. If the bomb explodes in the courthouse, everyone except Rorschach will die.

Rorschach flew back to the hearing hall, staring at the robber indifferently, “If it weren’t for me, you would have all died in the explosion of the bomb just now. Now, who ordered you?”

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Published On: June 25, 2023

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