Under the effects of the red sun lamp and Kryptonite, Clark was powerless to struggle.

“That’s enough. Put away your Kryptonite sword.” Rorschach collected some of Clark’s blood samples.

Although Kryptonite has little effect on Rorschach, Kryptonite still makes Rorschach uncomfortable. Diana quickly retracted the Kryptonite sword into its sheath.

“Bruce, I’m going to borrow your equipment here.” Rorschach took a sample of Clark’s blood and walked towards the inside of the Batcave.

There are various high-tech devices in the Batcave. Although these high-tech devices are nothing more than tools used by primitive people, in Rorschach’s view, it is still no problem to test Clark’s blood composition.

Everyone followed Rorschach to the inside of the Batcave. Soon after, Rorschach projected the test results on the huge screen in the Batcave.

“Unfortunately, Clark was indeed infected with Doomsday Virus. Now the virus is attacking Clark’s cells and changing Clark’s DNA.”

“You can understand this phenomenon as Clark turning into Doomsday because he can’t control his anger. Fortunately, we have detected this earlier. If it were a few days later, Clark would be completely turned into Doomsday.”

Louis covered her mouth. Tears almost came out of her eyes. She asked tremblingly, “Rorschach, can you cure Clark?”

“Let me think about it.” Rorschach was thinking hard about all the information about the Doomsday Virus.

Regarding the virus, there have been several versions in movies and comics. But almost all of them have not given a specific solution to the virus. Judging from Rorschach’s test just now, the virus is like a super parasitic virus. It will invade the host’s cells, change the host’s DNA, and ultimately turn the host into a monster like Doomsday.

Rorschach’s Necrosword has just been reforged with Doomsday’s blood. Thanks to Doomsday’s robust resilience and rebirth ability, the Necrosword has also inherited this ability to a certain extent.

However, the Necrosword has recognized Rorschach, which is relatively controllable.

“In order to treat Clark’s illness, it is necessary to develop a targeted drug against the virus. However, you also know that the Doomsday Virus is not an ordinary virus. It is the scariest virus ever.”

Rorschach looked at the black cloak on his body, “Maybe I can split the Necrosword into a symbiote similar to Doomsday Virus and then parasitize it on Clark to target it. Let Letting the Symbiote swallow and absorb the virus.”

They can only trust Rorschach.

“Okay, Rorschach, do it. I don’t want to become Doomsday.” Clark forced a smile on Rorschach.

Lois asked nervously, “Rorschach, according to you, how long will it take to cure Clark?”

“I don’t know. No one has tried this method before. The virus is extremely powerful. This is a war that took place in Clark’s body. Even if Clark is finally cured successfully, it will greatly impact Clark’s body. Even for a Kryptonian, it will take some time to heal” Rorschach explained.

“When can we start the treatment?” Clark’s expression became more ferocious, his forehead was covered with sweat, and he seemed to be unable to suppress his inner anger.

“I’ll take you to the Kryptonian spaceship on Mars right now. There are red sunlights everywhere, and there is also a group of Kryptonian to prevent you from going wild and hurting people.” Rorschach said.

Bruce suddenly remembered what happened today, “The Metropolis Court will notify Superman to attend the hearing next Monday. Judging from the situation, I can’t go, or should we let Martian Manhunter pretend to be Superman?”

“Hearing? What happened during the two days I was away from Earth?” Rorschach asked rhetorically.

Lois told Rorschach that Superman almost killed a robber today, and then the robber took Superman to court.

Rorschach shook his head and sighed, “You have always appeared as a righteous and great image, but when you lost control a little bit, some people began to question you. Do you know why no one has ever questioned me? Because everyone has known me from the beginning that I will kill them if they do so, no one dares to question me.”

As soon as he appeared on the stage, he slaughtered gangsters, threatened the US military, and killed all kinds of people without blinking an eye. No one questioned the Dark Knight’s morals. Even the robbers dare to sue Superman in court when it comes to Superman.

Bruce sighed helplessly and didn’t want to continue the topic, “Let’s talk about how to deal with this matter. I’ll inform the Martian Manhunter.”

“Because of what happened in Central Park, I guess Martian Manhunter would not agree to pretend to be Superman. He has a serious psychological trauma on this matter and probably won’t pretend to be Superman in his life.”

Rorschach patted Bruce on the shoulder, “Leave the matter of the hearing to me.”

Clark seemed to understand Rorschach’s thoughts, “You won’t make any big disturbances again, will you?”

“Believe me, I’ll take care of this matter, and you can go to Mars for treatment.” Rorschach gave me a very reliable expression.

Afterward, Clark was transported to Mars in a Kryptonian spacecraft. In order to prevent Clark from going out of control, Rorschach tied Clark up with a special rope, then locked him in a room with strong red sunlights and prepared some Kryptonite weapons around him, just in case.

After dealing with all this, Rorschach started the first stage of treatment. A Symbiote similar to the Doomsday Virus was split from the Necrosword. It began to enter Clark’s body, looking for and devouring the virus.

A war between the Symbiotes and the Doomsday Virus started silently in Clark’s body.


On Monday.

The entire United States news media are reporting today’s historic event.

“The hearing of the Metropolitan Court can start at any time. Everyone has arrived: the judge, the senator, the jury, the plaintiff, and it is uncertain whether Superman will appear.”

“Half an hour has passed since the agreed schedule, but Superman still hasn’t appeared. Maybe this alien is a hypocrite, after all. The justice and the spirit of the United States he represents are just a joke.”

“I don’t know if I have ever thought about a question. Do we really need Superman? Maybe without Superman, the world will be a better place. There will be no alien invasion. There will be no monsters. At least before he appeared, we had never been attacked like this. I put forward a bold hypothesis, maybe… I mean, maybe, the appearance of Superman brought a terrible crisis to our world.”

Countless news media are covering this topic. Almost all journalists and so-called experts express their views on the Superman incident in front of the camera. Some people even extended the problem of Superman to superheroes such as the Dark Knight, Wonder Woman, and Batman.

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Published On: June 25, 2023

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