Thor displayed incredibly strong resolve in his fight with Jane Foster, the Female version of Thor. He could stand up again and ask Jane Foster to electrocute him even though he had already passed away from the shock.

How on earth could Jane Foster decline such a request? Then, with another wave of the hammer, many lightning strikes fell to the ground.

“Will Thor die as a result of this, Mr. Rorschach?” Peter was so concerned that Jane Foster would unintentionally kill Thor that he could no longer take it.

You know, they recently beat Loki nearly to death. They will gather all of Asgard’s forces and launch a direct attack on Earth if they miss defeating Thor once again, at which point Odin will undoubtedly be unable to hold.

“Don’t worry, Dr. Foster might electrify him with the power of Thor, and it might stimulate the power in Thor instead. Thor may not be able to withstand a big physical shock.”

Rorschach is certain that using the electric shock device on Thor will, at the very least, have an effect. At midday, when Norman and Harry got back, Daisy and the others helped them make lunch. Then, Rorschach scheduled a lunchtime for Jane Foster, himself, and Thor.

When Jane Foster sets down Thor’s Hammer, the female Thor’s status is instantly liberated, and she reverts to wearing the attire of an Earthly female scientist. Thor also walked tremblingly, twitching all over his body like a Parkinson’s patient.

“Don’t you dare mock me, Midgardian; do you realize what is coursing through my veins right now?” Thor’s self-esteem was severely damaged when he realized that Darcy and the others were suppressing their laughing, seemingly out of agony.

“Do you have beer in your veins? I believe you enjoy consuming that substance. Last night, you drank three cases of it! What type of family, if not us investors, could afford you to drink like this?” Daisy reversed without looking foolish.

“Thunder, that’s what’s in my blood right now,” he said.

“I am the prince of Asgard, my father is Odin, my family has an Odin treasure house full of treasures.” Thor said other such things as he scowled and gnawed on a piece of steak. There is excitement in words.

Thor adamantly requested to continue sparring after lunch since he appeared to sense the slumbering power within his awakening. Jane Foster is experiencing an intense moment of curiosity because she has acquired the abilities of the female Thor. She won’t naturally turn down such a request.

Afternoon training for Thor was resumed. One is ready to battle, while the other is ready to endure pain. They enjoy themselves together. However, the joyous period is never lasts. Before the afternoon practice for dueling had even begun, a bright rainbow light from the sky suddenly descended in front of them.

At this moment, everyone is accustomed to the brightness that resembles a rainbow. That is the Rainbow Bridge of Asgard. Citizens of Asgard appeared once more. Everyone watched the direction where the rainbow light fell, expecting the Asgardian army and Loki to reappear, but this time only four people did.

This Valkyrie group consisted of Sif, Hogun, a man with an oriental face, Fandral, a gentleman, and Volstagg, a Viking warrior with a bushy beard. They are Thor’s closest friends and most trustworthy comrades.

The landing site was selected immediately outside Rorschach’s camp in the bush because Heimdall purposefully left his post to give them a chance to land on Earth. As soon as they touched down, Sif and the others spotted a woman using lightning to strike Thor while donning Thor’s armor and brandishing Thor’s hammer.

Heimdall withheld information about Thor’s predicament on Earth from Sif and the others prior to their arrival. Sif and the others initially thought they had fallen victim to Loki’s deception when they witnessed this scene.

“What did I just see, God? A female version of Thor beating up Thor?”

“Stop her. That’s a fucking woman, not Thor in a dress!”

Sif had an affair with Thor. Even if this romance is finished, Sif still has Thor in her heart. As soon as she saw Thor surprised by a lady who was not less attractive than her, Sif took her sword and charged.

Following closely behind, the Viking warrior Volstagg brandished two hatchets while yelling, “For the glory of the gods of the north,” and then he charged.

In favor of Rorschach. Peter adopted a fighting stance right away. He hastily shielded Harry and Mary Jane, who was behind him, while keeping a wary eye on the four charging Valkryie.

Thor abruptly put an end to the conflict at this point, gestured at Sif and the others, and said, “Stop! This is a misunderstanding!”

Sif eventually came to the conclusion that Rorschach, the others, and Thor were not rivals and that because he had lost his divine might, Thor was also preparing for his own strength to awaken.

Thor requires an electric shock to reawaken his might. That is reasonable.

Sif gave Thor an odd-looking glance. It appears that Thor enjoys this activity. A storm vortex reappeared in the faraway sky before Thor and Sif had a chance to speak with one another, and another rainbow light then hit the ground.

A tall, silver-white steel monster suddenly materialized in front of everyone as the light faded away. The Destroyer Armor is Asgard’s most potent weapon.

Uru metal is used to make the Destroyer armor. It has the potential to be almost indestructible when blessed by divine power. According to legend, Odin’s ultimate defense against the Celestial Group invasion is the Destroyer armor.

“The Destroyer Armor has actually been used by Loki, damn it. Rorschach, please leave right away, you can’t handle that.”

Thor, who was aware of the Destroyer armor’s strength, instantly sent a warning to everyone in Rorschach. Thor would undoubtedly be able to defeat the Destroyer’s armor with ease if he were still in his prime, but since he has lost all of his abilities, he is no longer able to do so.

In Thor’s opinion, only Jane Foster, the female version of Thor, is capable of defeating the Destroyer Armor.

The contemporary Jane Foster hasn’t fully embraced Thor’s might, though. It would be like to arming a young child with a submachine gun and sending her into combat to slay the enemy to let her go up now.

The four Asgardian warriors charged confidently forward while they were speaking and were about to hit the Destroyer armor right away. The Destroyer armor’s mask briefly opened, letting out a scary flaming ray that sped over the forest.

The four Asgardian warriors have been engaged in a number of rounds of combat with the Destroyer Armor thanks to their covert cooperation with one another.

Under cover of her companions, Sif leaped up onto the Destroyer armor’s shoulder and stabbed it in the neck with the sharp sword she was holding.

The Destroyer armor’s neck was seriously damaged, but instead of collapsing, its entire head curiously spun 180 degrees, aiming its black visage at Sif behind him, and an abrupt rise in temperature occurred.

“Get out of there, Sif!” Thor yelled.

A spider thread that stretched over 100 meters clung to Sif’s back just as the destruction ray was about to fire.

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Published On: February 9, 2023

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